How to Fix Samsung TV Not Turning On

At some point gadgets and appliances wear out, they have a lifespan that is determined by certain factors. Some preventive measures need to be followed to ensure the proper working condition of all our home appliances and your Samsung TV is no different. Therefore, if you encounter issues that say your Samsung TV not turning on do not panic as this post will be a life safer to check the causes and probably restore your TV to a working state.

If you are currently faced with the issue of your Samsung TV not turning on, we have you covered in this article. As we would be discussing steps on how to fix Samsung Tv not turning on issues.

Why is My Samsung TV Not Turning On

The reasons why your Samsung TV will not turn on could be due to the following reasons:

Samsung TV Not Turning On

If you have difficulty trying to turn on your Samsung TV, you should follow these DIY steps to help you fix these problems.

Samsung TV not turning on

Check Power Outlet

Ensure your Samsung TV is connected to an outlet that electric current flows through.  If your Samsung TV is not receiving power, it won’t switch ON. You can test the power outlet with a multimeter to test for continuity. If the multimeter doesn’t read then the outlet is faulty.

You can call an electrician, to repair the power outlet if you have no technical know-how. Or you can simply connect your Samsung TV to another power source. Then Power ON your Samsung TV to check if this helps to fix the issue.

Check Surge Protector

Surge protectors often wear out and this could cause the protector to stop providing enough voltage to power ON your Samsung TV. Therefore it is important to check the surge protector in case you are using it with your TV. You can test the Surge protector or simply change it. But it is better not to have the surge protector connected with your TV. Now check if after removing the surge protector, your Samsung TV powers ON.

Check Power Cable Plug

The electric current coming from the power wall outlet goes through the power cord of our Samsung TV. When there is a power surge the electric fuse inside the power cable plug protects your Samsung TV from damage.

The small fuse gets burned instead of your Samsung TV, you need to check the electric fuse and have it replaced. Also, ensure the wires (Earth and live) terminals in the power cable plug are not loosened. Loosen the plug using a star head or Philips screwdriver and ensure the wires are positioned correctly.

Check External Devices

In case your Samsung TV is plugged into external devices, ensure to turn ON, such an external device and ensure the power cable of the external device is properly connected to your Samsung TV and wall outlet. Make sure the cables between your Samsung TV and the external device are properly connected and ensure to select the correct source on the menu screen. If after trying these steps and the problem continues.

Using a faulty external device could lead to this issue, Therefore ensure you remove the cables of connected external devices and unplug their power cord. Then power On your Samsung TV to see if this helps to solve this problem.

Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

At times if the launch configurations on your Samsung TV are corrupted, it can lead to a situation where your Samsung tv will not turn on. You should consider power cycling your Samsung TV as this can fix this issue.

  • Unplug your Samsung TV power cable from a power source for 30 seconds.
  • Then press the Power ON button and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Plug your Samsung TV into a power outlet that works perfectly well.
  • Power On your Samsung TV.

Samsung TV not turning on

Check Samsung Remote Control

If your remote control is faulty then the power ON button would fail to turn ON your Samsung TV. A faulty remote control is often related to battery problems, a TV remote unable to pair with your Samsung TV, and a defective remote control sensor.

You should consider replacing your Samsung remote control. They are cheap and can be ordered from Samsung stores and various online stores. To learn more on “How to Fix Samsung Remote Not Working” click this link.

Check Standby Light

If your Samsung TV is plugged in and receiving power, it is normal for the standby red light to turn on, even after you must have turned OFF your Samsung TV.

If you have Samsung TV red light on:

Then press the power button on the remote control. If your Samsung Tv won’t respond to your remote control, click here “How to Fix Samsung Remote Not Working”. Or you should press the power button located on your Samsung TV. Now if the TV powers ON, then the issue is with your remote control.

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If you have Samsung TV red light blinking:

A flashing or blinking red light is often caused by a power surge or internal component problem of your Samsung TV. If you use a surge protector ensure it provides your TV with enough voltage.

  • Unplug your Samsung TV for 30 seconds.
  • Plug back your Samsung TV into a power outlet.

Ensure you use a power outlet that works well and plug it directly. Unplug the surge protector and try to connect other devices to the power outlet to make sure it works properly. Click here to read how to fix Samsung TV’s red light blinking problems.

If you have your Samsung red light off:

If the standby red light is off, then your Samsung TV does not have power. Normally the red light should be off when your Tv is powered ON while you are watching your TV.

  • Without Using a remote control, press any button on your TV except the Power button.
  • Unplug the TV for 30 seconds.
  • Plug the TV into a working outlet.

Replace Internal Component

If the internal components of your Samsung Tv are damaged or burned, then your TV can fail to power ON. When there is an issue with the power board or main board of your Samsung TV, it would need to be replaced. However, replacing these components might be as expensive as purchasing a new Samsung TV.

 Request Service

You should request service, if your “Samsung TV red light is ON, Off, or blinking while your Samsung TV not turning on. You can contact Samsung Support to request a service if these issues persist and are not resolved by the listed steps. Use the Samsung service locator to find the nearest service point or simply return to the store where you purchased your Samsung Tv.

You also need to know that the warranty covers Your Samsung Tv within the first 12 months to 24 months of purchase. You will be required to provide general information including Name, Contact number, Serial no, Model no, and Proof of purchase.

How do I Force my Samsung TV to Start

To force start your Samsung Tv, follow this process that we listed below:

  • Turn on your Samsung TV. If it fails try to…
  • Press and hold down the power button simultaneously for 1 minute.
  • Your Samsung TV will automatically reset, then wait till it finalizes.
  • Press and hold the power button again.
  • Wait for your Samsung TV to turn back on.

In conclusion, your “Samsung TV not turning on” problems can be fixed by changing the power outlet, replacing the power cable plug, removing connected external devices, power cycling your TV, and changing the remote control. Lastly, make sure you check the status of the standby red light and Request service or claim a warranty.

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