How to scan Document into Editable Word Document

There’s always that time when you would love to Convert that already printed Document or magazine post into an editable document for future use.

Documents are sometimes tedious to carry about and you know that when it is on your mobile device or Laptop computer, it becomes more convenient.

 If you Scan an already printed Document, there will be no need for you to re-type that document unto your Laptop Computer or Smartphone. I can tell you that there are ways you can Convert a Document into an editable Word document that you can either make changes to or make duplicates using Microsoft Word Document suite; WPS Writer or any other word editing tool out there.

Do you know that your Microsoft Word document installed on your Desktop or Laptop computer can edit and convert Documents in PDF format easily? Just try it out.

Also, you can make use of a Scanner Device or any other capturing device like your smartphone camera or an external PC Camera to capture the document be it a printed document or a web page.

How to scan Document into editable Word Document

To perform this operation, what you need is a capturing device like your camera, be it your smartphone camera or your desktop camera having proper megapixels.

Note that you’ll need to install Microsoft Word 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 to perform this operation because they all have support to convert PDF into editable Word document. Of course, you know that PDF Documents are in the reading format.

The likes of Office Word 2007 and 2010 also support such conversion but the process is kind of tedious and time-consuming.

How to Scan Document into Editable Word Document

Scan document into editable

You can perform this operation smoothly if you follow the instructions I will show you. To scan printed documents into an editable format, please follow these steps below;

Step 1. Connect your Scanner Device to your Laptop or Desktop Computer. On your Scanner, follow the onscreen procedures to scan your Document into a file in PDF format. Remember to save it in a location that can be accessed easily.

[Quick one:] If you don’t know how to use your scanner follow my instructions below

* Connect your scanner device to your Laptop or Desktop Computer

* Place that printed document face-down in your scanner.

* Click on Start icon on the Windows Menu, you can easily tap on the Windows Logo on your Computer Keyboard.

* Now type [Fax and Scan] as a search query into your Windows Search Menu. Once it pops up, click on it.

* Click on [New Scan]

* Select the type document. Just click on Profile and select the type document e.g Photo.

* The next preferences include document colour, file type (PDF or Jpg). Preview your document and Click on [Scan]

How to Find Scanned Documents

To find that Document you just scanned, Simply Click on Windows Explorer and Navigate to Documents.

Windows Explorer>>Documents>>Scanned Documents.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word

Step 3: Now Click on [File]>>[Open] now Navigate to that folder you saved the previous scan you made.

Step 4: Select the Document you saved whether it was saved in JPG or PDF Format during the scan process.

Method two: How to Scan a Document into an Editable Word Document using a Mobile App.

You can convert Documents you captured into an editable format. You can do this by Installing Office Lens App on your Android or iOS device. You will need to install Microsoft Word mobile App.

How to Scan Document into an Editable Format with your Mobile Phone.

Mobile scanner

Once installed, you can now proceed with your conversion.

Step 1: On your App screen, Tap on Office Lens App

Step 2: Now slide to the bottom of the Office Lens App, slide to the documents section. You will be with several options like [Whiteboard, Document, Photo or Business. You should select the file format suitable for you.

Step 3: Now Open your Camera on your device, then position it properly so that you get a clear view of the Printed document. Then Capture it by Tapping on the button.

Step 4: once you’ve captured the image, you can add special effects to it before proceeding to scan the image.

Note: You can capture as many as you want by repeating the same process mentioned above. If you have multiple pages to scan, simply do that and you are done.

Now Tap Done Icon and the App will automatically display an option asking you to export the images. Simply Tap on Word and hit save. This will convert all captured images to Word.

Be patient while the Office Lens App recognizes the images you just converted to text. Once it is complete, the App will pop out a notification with a complete message.

Step 5: The next step, Tap on the document, and your recently converted Text files will open in Microsoft Word file format. It also includes the image you captured.

Step 6: The final step is to review your converted text, make some modifications and click save.

There’s it, with these steps mentioned above, you can easily convert the printed document into Microsoft Word Document.

Converting a Document in PDF File Format into an Editable Word Document.

PDF files are available to you in read-only mode because they are encrypted most at times for Copyright infringements. Note that Microsoft Word 2013 and above provide support for PDF to Word Conversion.


Documents already printed are useful at all times. But converting them unto your device or editing them is always the problem Faced. However, you can still convert them into an editable file.

This article shows you How to Convert Word Document into Editable Format and if you follow the above instructions carefully, you can easily convert any Document to Editable format.

Retyping a Document is time-consuming, if you convert them, you can easily have access to them whenever the need comes.

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