ShowBox APK Download Source and Installation Guide

Are you a movie ardent? Do you love Hollywood and Bollywood movies? Have been wasting your money paying for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other online TV services? It’s time to drop them and go free with Showbox APK app.

If there is a single app you should have installed on your Android phone, it should be the Show Box APK app. The Showbox APK app can’t be downloaded from play store but the app is available on APK download websites.

The Showbox APK provides an uninterrupted access to all movies in top streaming websites online such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others.

The only free app you need to unlock all the premium Netflix and Hulu TV shows, events, videos, movies, and outreach is the show box APK. The app unlocks blocked access to movies with premium login information.

To search and stream online movies using this application doesn’t require a registration or taken a survey to complete a download or streaming.

No Root Access to Install Showbox APK

Most apps require a root access to work. Since rooting a smartphone makes it handier even when it breaks the warrant of the phone. However, Showbox app does not require a root access to complete installation and work with the app.

It’s will gladden your heart to know that there is no signup required to use the app. No survey or interrupted popup when streaming movies on the app.

With a fast internet connection, you can stream unlimited movies using the app without paying for a TV cable provider or an online service.

This is actually the right source to have access to the latest and popular movies. However, the free version of the app is enough to convince you of the feature before you go for the Pro version without a popup or ads running in the background of the app.

How to Enable Install from Unkown Source

Apps that are not downloaded from play store cannot be installed directly on Android phone. All Android OS version requires a further step to authorized the open source OS to install from a source different from Google store, and, this is called unknown sources on Android OS devices.

To install Showbox APK to go phone settings and click on security. In the security, interface scroll down the page and enable install from unknown source.

Once this is done you will be able to install show box APK without hindrance. Do not forget to disable install from unknown source once you have installed the show box app.

Showbox APK download Source

APK apps are not available on app stores like play store, Apple store, and Windows store. The best place to download them is APK website such as APK mirror websites. The list of complete Showbox APK, both old and new version are available for download below.

Choose your choice of the app version to download and install the app on your device. Note that the number of users on each app downloaded by a user is not restricted. You can download the app and send it to your friend. It’ll work perfectly. The app doesn’t store IPs.

In some cases, your phone may popup the file you are downloading is harmful or a related message. You should ignore the warning to proceed.

Install Showbox APK app on Windows

Showbox APK app can also be installed on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 using a third-party tool called Parallel space or Bluestacks. The popular one among the list of tools to run phone apps on a computer is Bluestack. There are other emulators, in this guide, I will use the Bluestack emulator to install Show Box APK app on Windows.

The purpose to install Showbox app on PC is to allows you to watch your favorite movies on a larger screen compared to a smartphone screen. However, if you own a Tablet device, you can boycott this procedure and install the show box APK app on your Tablet smartphone.

Firstly, go to Bluestack website to download the latest emulator for your PC OS. You may want to do this using WiFi. The emulator consumes at least 200MB of my data when I tried to download it.

Now, installed the PC emulator and launch it. Go back to Show Box APK download sources above and download one of them. Now, go to your download folder and search for Showbox app and right click on it. Select “Install with Bluestacks APK Installer”. You should see the screen below once you selected “Install with Bluestacks APK Installer”.

Showbox APK

Next, the installation process will begin using Bluestack as the APK installer. Now, you will see the screen below.

Showbox APK

Once the installation is completed. Go to Bluestack emulator and click on All Apps and Showbox APK app will be among the list of Android apps already installed.

Showbox APK not Installed

It’s possible to find it difficult to install Show Box APK on PC using the above error when it starts showing Package File Invalid Issue Resolver complete guide. This is a minor error though and you should be able to tackle it reading this on how to remove it.


Showbox APK app is a must app for all Android users who are ardent about foreign movies and would love to watch their favorite actors without paying for a subscription. The Showbox app provides unrestricted access to all movies on popular online streaming site with a require a signup or taken a survey.

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