Best Apps to Watch TV For Free on Android

Amazing apps to stream live TV for free on Android without a subscription and registration. Nothing is impossible, so forget the fact that you cannot watch TV on Android for free without subscription and credit card.

There absolutely 10s of popular Android apps that offer premium channel on Android phone. alas, no credit card or debit card is required.

And here we are going to share with you few of Android apps we have been enjoying over time to watch TV programs such as live football matches, free movies, free event, free award programs and the like.

Best Apps to Watch TV on Android Phone for Free

Here are some free apps to Watch TV on Android phones for free…


Watch free TV on Android phone without subscription

This is the number one choice of best Android app to watch TV channels for free without subscription or credit card when you download the app.

What makes this app the favorite is the featuring of shows like The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Elementary, The Good Wife and Two and a Half Men live on the app.

It is also comes featuring some other popular episodes like the game of Thrones. To start with, CBS is the best and most used Android app to watch TV for free on Android phones

2. CW Network

Watch Movies for free on Android

Another of the popular free TV app for Android is the CW Network app to stream live events on Android phone.

This app doesn’t require any subscription to start loading different movies and live events.

All though you may have to perform some ads function before you can start watching an episode on this app but trust me, it’s one of the best apps you can always refer to stream live program, movies, football matches, etc on Android phone.

3. History

Watch TV on Android Phone

I don’t know why this app is called history channel when it offers quality TV shows for free on Android phones without a subscription.

While you may want to choose this app as your favorite app to watch TV on Android phone without a subscription, few of the amazing shows you will enjoy on this app include American Pickers, Gangland, Mountain Men, Ice Road Trucker and old episodes of Top Gear.

The quality of this app allows users to use the search box to search for searches like Ancient History and others.

However, the only limitation of this app is that for each episode you have ads to deal with which in turn serve as a payback for the free TV app for your Android phone without a subscription or a credit card.

The history app also supported paid subscription, with the paid subscription you will be able to activate the channels across all your smart devices such as iPhone, computer, TV, etc.

4. Crackle

TV on Android

Crackle is known for this for a very long time now. So, it should not be new if I choose to add crackle as one of the best Android apps to watch TV for free on Android without a subscription.

The crackle TV app is subjected to month update with new and latest TV shows and movies series.

The Sony-owned app offers free access to stream movies for free for Android phone without a subscription fee but offers a constant display of ads interval-by-interval when stream using the app.

A more popular free TV app you want to consider when you heard about Crackle is Netflix and Amazon app for free TV. However, the Crackle app is gaining more exposure in daylight recently with the ability to watch free TV using the app on your smartphone.

The has a paid subscription. Rather than using the Crackle TV only on your Android you can also activate it across all your smart devices with the activation code (How to activate on smart devices).

5. LiveNet TV

Android TV app

LiveNet TV is a popular Android app to stream movies online for free without limitation and with no restriction placed on the total number of times you can stream movies per day.

LiveNet TV is a modified TV app to watch TV on Android phone start from the Android 2.0 to Android Pie. If you are a fan of light apps that won’t slow down your phone performance, we’ll recommend the LiveNet TV app.

LiveNet TV is an APK app to watch and download movies for free online on your Android phone. However, to install the Android TV app, you need to first enable install from unknown sources to avoid the APK files might contain some unsafe contents.

Download LiveNet TV

6. Showbox

Showbox tv download

You must have heard of Showbox APK as one of the best streaming apps for Android with unlimited download and TV feature. Showbox app is an APK app to download and watch movies for free on Android.

The Showbox app gives direct access to movies on platforms like Netflix, Showtime anytime etc. to watch and download films for free. If you are on the lookout for the best TV app for Android you can consider the Showbox app.

You can download and install the Showbox app on Windows OS as well as a Mac computer to stream movies online.

It’s highly disappointing that you cannot download the Showbox app from the Google play store. However, to download the Showbox app to watch TV on your Android phone check out these APK app download sites.

Download Showbox

7. CotoMovies

Cotomovies app

CotoMovies TV app replaced the BobbyMovies app to watch and download movies for free on Android. Although, the TV app is new and it has since become so popular since Showbox was down and updating become terrified.

As it were, CotoMovies TV app offers unlimited access to watch movies for free online and download for offline. The app is completely free except that it runs ads, not really intrusive though.

The app is new and it’s currently getting a lot of tractions from users with the unimaginable features such as to use external media players to stream TV on the app.

The app has an inbuilt media streamer in case you would love to watch your TV right on the app.

Download CotoMovies

8. ApneTV

TV on Android

AppneTV is yet another TV app for Android phone users to consider when they want to stream TV on their Android phone. The ApnetTV isn’t one of those Android apps that promise heaven and earth and failed to deliver.

The app is simple to use with one of the best UI on Android phones to watch and download movies for free. The app works smoothly all Android OS version and doesn’t slow down the performance of all the Android phone I have used the app.

If you are searching for a light app to use on your Android phone and watch TV live on it, consider the ApneTV app

Download ApneTV


There is no way to watch movies or TV for free on an Android phone without an internet connection. You need the internet to keep these apps running.

Without an internet connection whether Wi-Fi or mobile connection you can only stream offline movies, you have downloaded on your phone or the one you saved on YouTube app.

The entire mobile TV app we shared here required an internet connection to function. The internet connection must be strong enough to power the app so that you will get access to unlimited free movies on your Android TV app.

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