How to Remove Yourself from Spokeo

Spokeo opt out page doesn’t guarantee the total removal of your personal information from the website. It’s stated clearly on the website that they continually scrape public records from different websites and receive an update of the records whenever there is one.

Spokeo proceeds further saying that you may have multiple listings on their website with different URL leading to the profile detail.

Therefore, if you are using the Spokeo opt out page, you would need to continually visit the page to find your profile always and request that it should be taken down.

However, here on this page, you will learn how to opt out of Spokeo public record finder website.

What is Spokeo Opt Out Page? is a public website to find people’s profile such as name, phone number, and address. Spokeo website scraps people’s information from public record and makes it available for people searching for the information online without permission from the concerned individuals.

Spokeo opt out page doesn’t guarantee the total removal of all requested listings from the portal. Since a single profile can contain multiple URL then it makes it difficult to remove yourself from Spokeo.

Also, since Spokeo grab its information from public records, removing yourself from doesn’t affect the original sources.

And in the long run, your profile will later be available if Spokeo crawler visited the public record where your information is stored.

Therefore, for effective use of Spokeo opt out form and request, it’s advisable to visit at least once in a month to remove yourself from public profile aggregator website.

Spokeo Opt Out

How to Find People on Spokeo

There are four ways to find and remove yourself from Spokeo. And these are:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Home Address

Either of the above means can be used to find and remove yourself from Spokeo public is listing website.

Spokeo Opt Out: Remove Yourself

Following the procedures below, you will be able to remove yourself from using the Spokeo opt out request form.

  • Go to page.
  • Enter your phone number or name or address or email and click on the search box to find your listing from the Spokeo database.
  • Spokeo will start gathering result about the information provided.
  • Tap on “See Results” from the Spokeo information if there are multiple information that matches your information.Spokeo Opt Out form
  • Now, copy the listing or profile URL from the Spoke information on your address bar.
  • Go to request page. Page the URL and check “I’m not a robot” and tap “Remove this Listing.”Remove Spokeo listing
  • Enter your email address for Spokeo to forward the link to remove yourself from Spokeo. We recommend fake email address over your real email address. Check this for list of popular fake email address generator.
  • Open the submitted email address, click on the confirmation link that is sent to the email to remove yourself from Spokeo public record website.Spokeo Opt Out Form
  • Your Spokeo opt out request will take about 72 hours to complete. And you should see the screen below once the request has been submitted

That is how to remove yourself from Spokeo listing website.

Note: This doesn’t remove your personals from the original source. So, Spokeo might still re-crawl the source to add your information to the public listing database again.

Spokeo Opt Out not Working

What happens if Spokeo Opt Out is not working? It’d mean that you will not be able to remove yourself from public listing website. And there is nothing to do about it.

However, you can reach out to Spokeo customer service representative to take down your information providing the URL that leads to your Spokeo profile.

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