Temp Mail “Fake & Disposable”Email Generator

Temp mail is a random email address generator. It’s used to create a fake email address or an email address that will last for only 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the Temp mail ID will be deleted and all the information contained will be trashed. I have never used my temp mail for Facebook accounts because it will become invalid after 10 minutes.

You won’t be able to access it again or gain access to the content of the email account. Even if you are using my temp APK app for Android.

If other user uses the same email address to create another fake account with your Temp mail ID and password it’ll be valid after 10 minutes. There is no way to recover temp mail after 10 minutes.

Even if you are using temp mail pro there is a validity period for it. It’s not a lifetime email account. The pro is quite different from the .edu email address.

An expired email address is trashed from Temp-mail.org’s database which makes it suitable for an online survey. If you are into taking a survey online, then, a disposable email address is recommended to keep your real email account from spam messages.

The best way to keep a business or personal email address clean is by using a throwaway email address that will not last more than a day.

For instance, if you are taking a survey online and you choose to make use of your business email address or personal email address, there is a possibility that the survey organizers will send a notification to your email address or advertise other products so that you can visit again.

However, a reliable way to keep your email clean from spammers or from irrelevant links is to use a disposable email address that only lasts for a maximum of 24 hours.

What is a Disposable Emails Address?

First, you should know that Temp mail is a disposable email address, it gets trashed after the ID has expired. You don’t have to keep the username and password of a disposable email address.

Once you are logged into the email user’s account, it’ll get trashed as soon as the allotted time reaches.

Therefore, a disposable email address is a kind of email address that gets trashed after a specific period of time. You can see this type of email address as a temporary email address.

Therefore, they cannot be used for a long time and users are advised not to use them for an important assignment in other not to suffer a great loss.

A disposable email address is different from a non-disposable email address like the Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Bing, and other popular and free email address creator.

Is Temp Mail “E-mail” a Re-usable Email?

Temp mail is different from the type of email address you can use for an important purpose such as Facebook account, use in your CV or give out to a friend to send information to.

Temp mail is not a re-usable email address and you can’t use after it has expired except you change the username or recreate another disposable email address.

However, this type of disposable email address is only recommended for taking an online survey or to create a fake address online if you don’t want to use your business or personal email address.

Best Temp Mail Alternative

There are other fake email generators different from Temp that can be used to create a fake email address to be used for an online survey. Some of these disposable email creators last for 24 hours while some only last for 1 hour.

In the course of sharing the Temp mail alternative, we’ll mention how long each fake email generator will last before your email ID will be rendered invalid.

Fake Email Generator

There is a huge difference between the Fake email generator and Temp mail. The temp mail can only last for just less than 48 hours while “fake email generator” disposable email address valid for 256 days.

This kind of disposable email address is recommended for a business purpose not more than a year after which you are done using the email address.

The fake email generator doesn’t offer a lifetime email ID, rather, it offers a valid email service for days to as far as 256 days. It is a re-usable email address.

TempMail Address

This is a 1-hour fake email address. When you create an email account using the TempMail address, the email ID will only valid for just 1 hour after which it’ll be deleted from the TempMailAddress database.

Don’t confuse the name with the “Temp Mail”, the disposable email service creator, it’s a different source with a different mode of operation.

However, if you are on the lookout for a disposable email creator that will only last for an hour, this is highly recommended.

Email Generator

This is similar to the fake email generator in terms of validity. Fake email created on this platform is valid for 245 days before expiration. This means that you can create a fake email using the email generator platform and re-use it before it’s trashed from the website database.

Do not forget that the deletion is automated. Whether you initial it or not, the service will automatically delete the email account and its contents when it expires.

ThrowAway Mail

I love this Temp Mail alternative personally. Its mode of operation and validity is different. Temp Mail ID expires after 48 hours while “Throwaway Mail” extends it fake email validity for another 48 hours for every visit.

This implies that for every visit you increase the chance of not getting your account deleted. However, you also have a whole 48 hours to either keep your email or lose it.

Temp Mail

This is to tell you that with Throwaway mail, you can create a valid email and re-use it, but, you must visit it at least once in 48 hours to increase the validity period.

Once you failed to visit it at least once in 48 hours all your contents will be trashed and you will lose the account. You also need to verify that you are not a robot to use this fake email generator.

Mail Drop

You have a 24 hours validity period to keep your Mail Drop ID. Fine, you don’t create a password or need to sign up to use Maildrop but the validity is only 24 hours.

To keep your Mail drop ID for a longer time, you must receive a message to your inbox at least once in 24 hours else the ID will be cleared from their database.

The mode of operation is far different from the list mentioned above. Messages are scanned before they are allowed to be delivered to the recipient inbox to make sure no vulgar message is sent across the platform.

The limitation to Maildrop as compared to Temp Mail is that you can only receive 10 messages in your inbox. Anything above that will lead to your inbox messages been cleared since there is not enough space to store multiple messages or unread messages.

These disposable email creators are similar to Temp Mail to keep spam messages off your inbox.

Temp Mail Apps

This is for smartphone users that choose Temp Mail are their favorite disposable email address creator. You can download and install your OS app to generate your fake email address on your smartphone while filling a survey form online.

Follow the link provided below to download Temp Mail app for your device OS. For Android click on Android to go to the play store to download Temp Mail app and click on iOS to download Temp Mail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Android | iOS

Temp Mail Browsers Extension

Finally, Temp mail brought browsers extension to popular browsers like Chrome, Opera-min, and Firefox Mozilla to make it handy to create a fake email account without visiting the Temp mail website.

To install your browser’s plugin, click on your browser’s name from the list below to begin the plugin installation.

Chrome | Opera-mini | Mozilla Firefox

Temp Mail is best for generating a fake email address that will last for not more than 48 hours to keep off spam and annoying adverts from your email address. The alternatives also work in the same way with the intention to keep of spammer from users real email account.

And since technology is evolving daily with the emerging of a smartphone, Temp Mail has also an app to create fake email add on mobile and quick access to temp mail to create a disposable email address on a browser with a plugin for Chrome, Opera-mini, and Mozilla Firefox

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