SubmitURL: How to Get Google to Index Your New Blog Posts Quickly

How often do you submit your blog URL for indexing? I mean submiturl to get Google to index your new blog post very fast? Everyday, once in a week, once in a month or once in a year? It is very important for search engine to index your blog post and the entire page URL but how often!

The first move as a blogger for quick indexing is to submit your site URL to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the like. There are some free website submission where you can submit your website homepage URL at once that will help you push it before 1000 search engines.

Google as the best search engine offers varieties of ways to submiturl of your latest blog post to search engines for quick index. The traditional way of doing this is submitting your website URL to Google webmaster tools. After that adding your sitemap to your Webmaster account and wait for your site to be indexed.

There is no doubt that you know all these. But if this occurs to you for the first time guess you will share this post after reading because you will quickly notify search engine that you have a new post on your website without waiting for Google bot to index it based on algorithm.

Note that we’d not teach you how to submit your blog posts or URL to a website submission websites that will help you submit it to 1000 search engines at a time and later liter your mailbox with spam messages. Rather we’d share with you how to submit URL free to Google search engine manually.

Instead of doing this for a single post you can repeat the same process to boost your site organic traffic overnight with quality SEO knowledge, basic though.

Note: In the end of this post I will share with you how I do submiturl of my latest blog post to search engine for quick index.

How to SubmitURL to Search Engine for Quick Index

Like I said earlier that Google offers a varieties of ways to submit your website to search engine for quick index. Bing, Baidu and Yahoo also has the same feature but Google being the best search engine that accommodate most users when searching for information has it grand medal as of this time. However, here will start with how to submit your site URL to Google search engine via webmaster tools.

Login to your Google webmaster tools account with your Gmail login details. Click on the name of the website you to submit to search engine and navigate to the left side of the page. Click on crawl and then on sitemap and click on test/add sitemap after than click on submit and you are done.


And now Google will be able to index your blog whenever you publish a new post. As you can see from the attachment above I currently have 153 webpages submitted with 133 indexed. These indexing are done automatically by Google bot.

How to Submit Site URL to Google for Quick Indexing: SubmitURL

Here is the deal. No one want to wait to forever for Google to pick post from his or her websites. But Google has offer a handy procedure to notify Google whenever you have a new page published on your website. Below is exactly what I did to get quick index of each of my posts and rank faster than my competitors.

You need Gmail account to achieve. All you need to do is plug your new post or page URL into the column provided and submit it to Google for free once you logged into your Gmail account.

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Fire on a new page on your browser and visit ‘submit Free URL’. A new page will pops up for you just below the navigation bar. Copy and paste the post URL into the column and click on submit.


And now you have successfully notified Google of your latest post. Google bot will crawl your website instantly for indexing.

Once your URL is submitted successfully you will see a notification that your webpage has been submitted.

This the fastest way to submit your website URL to search engine for quick indexing once you publish a new article on your blog. Article could be a blog post or web page!

What is your take about this? Do you know how to submiturl like before?

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