How To Sync Firestick Remote

Hello visitor, we are here again to solve your problem again thank you for coming to the right site at the right time. We know people usually have problems with sync or connecting their Firestick remote. Some people probably try changing the batteries to pair the new one but is still not working well. What could have caused it not to connect or sync?

But all you have to do right now is to read this post to the end to get the right solutions. All you have to do to the firestick remote is to inspect it well, is it still working or dead finally and stop working or connecting.

  How To Sync Your Firestick Remote

Here is a step by step procedures to sync your Firestick remote control.

Make sure your Device is Plugged in

If your Remote is not responding and a message pop up on the screen like searching for Remote, which means your Remote is not connected

Try to Change your Remote Battery

Check if the battery is the cause. But if done and there is still no response in the remote, press and hold the home button of the firestick remote. Hold the home button of the remote for just 10seconds when the firestick home section shows, press the play button, and after pressing the play button, the device will be ready to use and start using it when connected.

Alternatively, you can pair the HDMI-CEC compatible remote*; by clicking on the setting to allow it sync or pair. Connect the remote to fire TV using an empty port of HDMI-CEC at the back of the TV.

Turn on the fire TV; by clicking on the power button on the TV. Connect the port. You can know the port your fire stick remote is connected to by clicking on the HDMI source.

Well is not the fault of you or the producer of the fire TV of it not Connecting or pairing. Some users think it is the WIFI ROUTERS or the batteries related issues, but we’ll now just follow the first two steps I offer you. Switch to another channel when you find your WiFi when you log in to your router with your fulls details. Download the ‘WiFi Analyzer’ from Google Playstore.

Let me know if these three tips worked well help to reconnect, sync, or pair your Firestick TV Remote?

After you find the appropriate setting in the menu of your TV, if you have enabled HDMI – CEC cause most TV always turn off automatically by default. After turning it on, you can now use your firestick remote with any devices like play station and Amazon.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is on if your Remote is using Bluetooth to pair and click on the controllers in the settings menu with your fire stick remote.
  • Click and add the necessary Bluetooth devices you want and wait like 5 minutes for your fire TV to scan for compatible remote, and the remote is being found, select the remote and start using it.

I hope all the steps I gave you with sync, connect, and pairing your firestick remote using all the step I gave to you above starting from step 1 to step 2.

All you need to do is just to calm down and make sure you don’t miss any step I gave you. If you don’t read it through from step 1 to step 3 and your fire stick remote is still not pairing, sync, connecting is not the amazon fault or any other person fault, is just your fault for not understanding the remote and following the manual for sync, connecting, or pairing the remote to any devices like Amazon and even the play station.

I am sure these 3 steps I offer yow will help you, and if you follow the steps I gave, you will fix your Fire TV issues. Of you have any issues based on anything related to your Fire TV or firestick remote, kindly leave a comment here below on this site.

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Thank you for reading this through. Follow the steps we provided on how to sync firestick remote, and you will be good.

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