Top MP3 Songs Free Download Websites

They’re many MP3 songs free download websites on the internet. You don’t need to pay for downloading music anymore. All you have to do is visit MP3 websites of your choice, search for the MP3 and click on the download.

Isn’t that great and simple to do?

Just open a browser, visit MP3 based website, enter your music keyword, click the search button and download all for free. This what most MP3 songs free download website does.

If you truly want to dig deep on some MP3 based website, you may want to signup so that you will be able to upload your own music for others to download.

For those of us who are poor singers and can’t afford a paid access on popular music sites like Shopify, there is a hope for you with the upcoming and yet to compete with Shopify website to download free MP3 songs.

However, here we have decided to create this post (page) for a constant update on MP3 songs download sites.

These MP3 songs free download websites will be beneficiary to those of us who love to follow the latest music trend in the industry and will love to download them. Also, the free music download website will enable you to know the latest artist in town with popular music.

You already know some of these MP3 songs free download sites but you can be assured that no knowledge is lost. The list comprises both links to old and new music sites.

Top MP3 Songs Free Download Websites

This list of websites to download MP3 we compiled here is not a regional base. And we’ve tried as much as we can to make it a matter of compulsion to only share free websites where you can download MP3 songs for free. Anything short of this, we will not share on this page. This page only comprises only free to use MP3 music download website.

Note: We are nowhere affiliated to any of these websites rather we publish this post in recognition of their fantastic job.

1. Jamendo

MP3 Songs Free Download Websites

The first MP3 website to visit when searching for where to download MP3 songs for free is Jamendo. All songs available on Jamendo are made available to download for free with a license. The means that the artist themselves grants direct access to Jamendo users to download their songs for free.

As a music lover, you can discover more on Jamendo free music download site. You can discover a trending music, popular music, latest music, newly uploaded music and much more on Jamendo.

The MP3 songs free download site also have another feature to enlarge its coast called “Jamendo store”. Right in the Jamendo store, you can find more about music radio channels where you can easily use the search box to find songs and music you love to download.

In addition, if you don’t really want to download songs at the moment you can as well start listening to it live on Jamendo website. Although we do not recommend streaming live music without WiFi. But Jamendo is a good place to start your free music download outreach.

To start exploring Jamendo free music website for the first time just click on the start button on the homepage to start exploring… Happy free MP3 download from Jamendo.

2. NoiseTrade

MP3 Songs free download online

NoiseTrade Mp3 songs free download website is the best website to download a complete music album. The only requirement to download music from NoiseTrade is a valid email where the music album will be sent to. However, you also need the knowledge of how to unzip a file.

Your chosen NoiseTrade album will be converted to zip file format and sent to your email for download. The idea behind NoiseTrade music download website doing this is that all artist want to get noticed on what they do and become popular, however, upcoming artist grant direct access [license to distribute] to NoiseTrade to let their visitors download their music for free.

If you like the music you can share it with your friends [indirect promotion] and also give them a thumbs up on NoiseTrade website that they really did a job well done.

All MP3 songs available on NoiseTrade are legal to download. The artist themselves grant direct access to their music just like Jamendo. But the difference here is that you can download a complete music album on NoiseTrade via a zip format. You can also download the individual song on NoiseTrade but download a complete artist album grant access to all the music track and there will be no need to download them separately.

3. Free Music Archive

MP3 songs free download

This is another popular music website with both public domain and creative commons license to search and download MP3 songs for free. Just as the name sounds, free music archive, here you can search for any music of your choice and download it for free.

Whilst free music archive is a collection of music database, you can explore the free music website as a professional. MP3 Songs free download is better dug using the site browse category features. To better explore this website, you are advised to use browse feature of the website to search for popular music, latest music, newly added songs, and trending music base on categories.

Another way free music archive pioneer us to dig well on this site is browsing music using artist name. While searching for MP3 songs to download on this site endeavor to use the artist name, and the year the music was produced. This will help to bring all music to a single interface containing all the list of music the artist has on music archive.

This is the amazing part of the website. Yes, you can download MP3 songs for free without registration but to control list of music you’ve searched for in the past and in the present, you must create an account. Creating an account on free music archive will let you have a collection of your own on the website. Take, for instance, if you search for a music today on music archive and close your browser you will still be able to access the exact same song in future with your account.

At present, free music archive is one of the best MP3 songs free download website you can explore to get the latest music in town.

4. PureVolume

MP3 Songs Free Download

You should have heard about PureVolume music site as a free site to search and download MP3 songs for free. PureVolume is an artist discovery sites. The best MP3 songs to get from PureVolume are those of upcoming artist that want to share their talent with the general public.

PureVolume gives artists an opportunity to create an account and upload their songs for free download without paying a dime. For easy navigation, you can browse music on PureVolume using artist name, top songs, popular songs, past features, event, album, and news.

MP3 songs are free for download on this site and it’s legal. Downloading and uploading of music to PureVolume is categorize free for both parties. There is no stop over to the total number of songs you can download from PureVolume.

Trending music on PureVolume often gets a feature.

However, over the past years, PureVolume has gain popularity more than its competitors as best [among top site] MP3 songs free download website. Start exploring this free music download site today for latest to download music.

5. Amazon Music

MP3 songs free download

There is a possibility that you have heard of Amazon, and you have used it for at least one time in your life. Amazon has paid MP3 songs version, and they also have free Mp3 songs download section. However, here in this, we have MP3 songs free download from Amazon.

Amazon is a popular eCommerce website to search for products you want to buy, order online and gets it to deliver to your doorstep. However, Amazon offers a wide range of music for free download. This free music section only contained free songs that Amazon users can download for free, so why not use the opportunity to download your favorite songs from Amazon at no cost.

To download music for free from Amazon you don’t need a credit card, no shipping address, and no postal code. All you need is a working internet connection, visit Amazon free music download page and search for your favorite music on Amazon for download.

Unlike MP3 songs free download site that is region based, Amazon is for all and sundry. Irrespective of your location you can access Amazon and download any music for free. If I

If I were you I will add Amazon music download to my free music download Arsenal site.

5. SoundClick

MP3 songs free download

Two things are involved for using SoundClick as your favorite MP3 songs free download website. You download music for free, and you create a free radio channel for free. SoundClick is another well-known online music portal to download music for free and with a legal right.

Every of the music found on SoundClick website is allowed to be downloaded by the users. Before a music can be listed in SoundClick for free download the artist must have given the go-ahead to the website portal. However, the list of music available for free download on this site includes signed and unsigned music.

SoundClick is a database for so many music artists. However, for effective usage, you should make use of browse feature to find music of your choice using artist name, song title, and year of production.

Other than download free MP3 from SoundClick free music website you can also create a custom radio channel. Creating a custom radio channel on SoundClick will help you meet new users, and get to know your favorite artist better.

This free music download site has in stock for you to download both locale and foreign music without registration or email signup.

For more information about SoundClick, music site navigate the site page and read the about page for complete information on what you will benefit from using SoundClick free MP3 download site.

6. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

MP3 Songs free download

Internet archive’s audio library is an aged MP3 free download site for series of music available for free download online. This website serves as a database for music lovers to search for both old and new music that is available online for free download. With the quality of huge music collection on internet archive’s audio library, you can download MP3 songs free from popular artists like Micheal Jackson and other top singers.

With over 3 million search music result available for download on internet archive there is a huge music database awaits you there if you truly love to download music for free.  However, the MP3 songs free download available on internet archive can be easily sorted based on categorizing. Best category took the first position, second best took the second position and so on.

So, if you want to know which of the music category is most popular just take a look at it from the homepage and visit according to the arrangement and number of items available. With over 50 categorize and 3 million audios available internet archive you can be assured that you will definitely get any MP3 songs for free download right there legally.


MP3 Songs Free Download is another free website to visit for free songs. The website doesn’t take anything away from you to download music for free. All that is required of you is visit the website and start downloading your favorite music right there legally.

For a simple design music download website you should consider website. Right from the homepage, you can start exploring new music using new release option. Here in the category, newly released songs are uploaded daily for download. And also, the coming soon section on If there is any music you need to download and couldn’t find on the trending and new release section, just check the coming soon or make a request.

MP3 songs free download from is legal and you don’t need registration to start downloading music right away.

Once you find the music you want to download from just click on the download button and it’ll start download straight without wasting your time.

Watch the video below on how to download MP3 songs free from music download website.

8. Gaana

Gaana is another popular music website to download music for offline and listen to music online for free. The free music download platform comprises old and new music including trending and newly release music and albums.

The mega music site is one of the most visited music sites in India with a lot of the latest music content in various categories. If you are searching for a website to download India music and listen to radio online Gaana is definitely a source to try.

The Gaana music brings simplicity by offering Gaana app to download music online, listen to music offline, and listen to online radio.

9. MP3Juices

If you go to Google search engine and type “MP3 songs free download”, MP3Juices is one of the search results on Google first page. However, this free MP3 download site has a lot of contents for music loves in different categories.

This platform allows users to download music from all sources online where users are restricted from download music for free including YouTube, SoundCloud, VK, and many other.

While MP3Juices isn’t a music website, the site acts as a music database where you can search for MP3 songs and download them convenience and without having to pay a dime or complete a registration form.

Do you have any other MP3 songs free download site that is up and doing but not mentioned in this list? Kindly drop your favorite music download site and we’d include it here if it really worth it.

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