How to Take TCM to Smart TV and Watch all Favourite Turner Classic Movies at Home for Free

If you want to have access to classic themed movies at the comfort of your own home through your streaming device then the Turner Classic Movies is your plug, but you need to learn about the activate to be able to stream movies on TCM.

TCM is one of the most popular TV channels in the United States of America and it is owned by Comcast. When you activate TCM on your streaming device you have complete access to the classic movies offered by this channel.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have some knowledge about how streaming videos on streaming devices works, and streaming TCM on your device does not work differently; it also follows the same way other TV channels do.

Generally, before you activate any TV channel on your streaming device you need to have that channel app installed in your device and you also need to go to the activation page of that TV channel and enter the code which was selected for you by the channel.

That being said you also need a compatible streaming device because the TCM is not compatible with some streaming devices, but if you own a streaming device like Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV you can stream content on TCM without hinges when you activate it.

Continue reading the article as I’m going to show you everything about the activate and how you can get your streaming device activated to start watching high classic movies on TCM as quickly as possible. Activate compatible devices

The Turner classic movies are compatible with some of the most popular streaming devices

we’re talking about popular devices you make mention of devices like Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV and the rest and fortunately, TCM is available and compatible with Roku, Apple and Amazon Fire TV.

You can also find a way to stream cast your TCM to your television using Chromecast

What is Activate? Activate

No streaming device will be able to stream a channel if the channel is not activated on that device and that is what activate is all about

Everything we’ll be talking about in this article revolves around the Turner Classic Movies activation process.

An average person in the United States of America owns a streaming device that he or she uses to stream content online. You will be able to watch any channel that offers online streaming if that channel is activated on your streaming device.

So in this article, you’re going to learn how to activate the Turner classic movies on your swimming device to start watching videos on the platform. Activate Roku TV

Roku TV is one of the most popular streaming devices in the United States of America and the good news is that TCM is compatible with Roku TV.

  • To start watching TCM on Roku TV and need to activate it on Roku TV using the following guideline:
  • Open your Roku TV and go to the Roku TV store. Everything streaming device has this channel store where they have channels that you can stream.
  • When you are on this channel store, search for TCM using the space provided for search. You need a strong internet connection to quickly do this.
  • When you find the TCM channel app download it on your Roku streaming device and install it properly.
  • When you have installed the app, open the app and TCM will give you an activation code with which you will use it on the activation page. This activation code will be shown on the screen or in rare situations be sent to your email; this is the email you used to register your Roku TV device.
  • When you get this activation code open a browser using a different device, maybe your phone or desktop.
  • When you open a browser go to the link
  • This link opens a page, that page is the official activation page for Activate.
  • Select the device you want to activate from the list.
  • Enter the TCM activation code on your Roku TV screen.
  • Now select your TV provider and enter the activation code which was provided to you by TCM and click submit, and you are done. Go back to your Roku device and choose the TCM on the channel list and start streaming videos. Activate Apple TV

Apple TV is also one of the most popular streaming devices when it comes to streaming videos from top quality channels and their good news is also that TCM is compatible with Apple TV.

  • To activate your Apple TV to start streaming Turner Classic Movies open the Apple TV app store and search for TCM using the search space.
  • When the results come out, choose the TCM app and install it on your device. This may take a little time just waste the permit patiently
  • When the TCM app has fully installed, open it and you will get an activation code that you will use to activate your TCM on Apple TV.
  • Open your browser and type the link
  • This link will take you to the activation page where you will now select your TV provider and enter the activation code which was provided to you by TCM.
  • But before then enter the code to activate TCM on your Apple TV screen and click on the submit button.
  • Bear in mind that if you are required to log in when you select your TV provider on the activation page use the Apple TV login details.
  • After you have entered the code and click on submit that would be the final step; all you need to do is go back to your Apple TV and try to stream videos on TCM, you’ll notice that it has been activated and you will now have access to the Turner Classic Movies Activate Amazon Fire TV

  • Open your Amazon Fire TV store and type TCM on the search bar and enter it. It will return some results, select the TCM app and install it on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Open the app and you see that Turner Classic Movies will provide you with a unique activation code that you use to complete the activation process.
  • You may need to copy this activation code and you will make use of it on the activation page. Open a different browser on your desktop or phone and go to the TCM activation page using the link
  • This page will load very fast or slowly depending on the speed of your network, but when it has loaded, all you need to do is select your TV provider and enter the activation code which TCM generated for you.
  • When you enter this activation code press continue and follow subsequent on-screen instructions to fully activate your apple streaming device to have access to TCM videos Activate Samsung TV

Daytona Turner Classic Movies did not mention Samsung TV on the official website as one of the compatible devices.

But most times some TV channels do not make an official statement about some streaming devices that they are now compatible with. Therefore if you are a Samsung TV user I suggest you do not wait for an official statement by Samsung and keep trying to visit the Samsung app store to search for TCM until you can see it and activate it.

But Turner Classic Movies is not available on Samsung TV at the time of this article

TCM activates Android TV

Google Play Store is an app store offered by Google where you can download a lot of apps usable on Android devices.

If you search for TCM on the Google Play store it will return results like show max and other TV channels to show you that Google knows that TCM as a keyword is a TV channel but they do not have the TCM channel app on the Play store, rather they will show you a different result of other online TV channels.

This implies that TCM is not yet streamable on Android TV or Android phones.

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