Top 10 Writing Apps for iOS and Android

In this article, we are going to see some of the best writing apps for iPhones and Android smart devices which you can use in order to improve the quality of your literary work.

It’s not a secret that writing is a skill that takes talent, dedication, and constant improvement, which only a handful of people are able to put together.

For most people, every kind of help is a blessing whether it’s an amazing word processing app or a proofreading and grammar checker software. So let’s take a look at the top 10 writing apps developed for iOS and Android devices.

Best Writing Apps for iPhones and Android

Here is the list of popular writing apps for iPhones and Android in 2019.

iA Writer

iAWriter for Android

Focus is one of the most important aspects of the successful writing process. Depending on the type of person you are and even how busy your day was, it could be difficult to focus on your work no matter how hard you try.

iA Writer is a word processor that provides a clean environment, a minimal amount of tools and features, yet enough to satisfy the needs of professional writers.

The clean look allows you to avoid distractions like toolbar, various icons, and menus. On the other hand, whenever you need to insert pictures, tables or any other kind of content you can do it seamlessly.

Day One

Writing apps for iOS

According to research, keeping a journal has powerful effects on mental health and self-esteem. Day one is a writing app that allows you to create amazing daily journal entries, share and organize your content, insert photos to add visual appeal to your daily events.

Day One is developed for iOS devices and allows you to access your journal wherever you might be.

iWriter Pro

Best writing apps for iPhone

Another minimalistic but powerful word processor developed especially for Apple products.

iWriter pro allows you to focus on your work through a distraction-free environment that provides you with a series of handy tools that appear only when you need to use them.

Furthermore, this app features Live Markdown highlighting that allows you to apply versatile styles, lists, and block quotes.

iWriter Pro is amazingly functional it will make you ask yourself: “Could this software write a thesis for me on its own?” Through iCloud synchronization, you can store your files externally to save storage and access the content online when you need it.


Scrivener writer app for smartphone

Among many mobile and desktop solutions, Scrivener stands as arguably the best writing app for Android, and since recently for iOS devices as well.

It’s designed mainly for long textual content that requires a lot of editing, moving of certain blocks of content, rewriting, basically anything you would do while working on a novel, for example.

The user interface allows you to seamlessly organize each portion of your work and move it around as you see fit.

When the work is done, all you have to do is publish your content as a unitary document that you can print or publish in virtually any popular format.


Best writing apps for iPhones

When it comes to android writing apps, our main concern is their usability in an outdoor environment where we can’t help ourselves with supporting devices to accomplish our goals.

Evernote allows you to write long texts, create short memos and notes to yourself or your collaborators.

Furthermore, this brilliant app can digitize your handwriting, as long as it’s fairly readable. This is an excellent feature for those moments when inspiration hits you suddenly and all that you have is a pen and paper.

The Handwriting feature can also digitize math formulas in case you don’t have a math app that does the same.


Inspired by iOS-based minimalistic counterparts, JotterPad is an Android word processing app that allows you to utilize its minimalistic design in order to focus on your work without any graphic distractions.

However, the app also comes with a wide range of features that poets and creative writers could benefit from the most.

The app features a thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, text styles, and Markdown to highlight entire blocks of text if you see it fit.

Depending on your personal preferences or project goals you can store your work locally or online using Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google integration.

Monospace Writer

Writing apps

One of the best writing apps Android software developers could create for people that need go-to editing tools.

The primary purpose of Monospace is text formatting and editing, which is possible through a set of tools that appear when you need them.

The premium version allows you to sync your app with all of your devices that use the same Google account so you could access your document from multiple sources.

In addition, the hashtag feature allows you to categorize your texts without the need to create dozens of folders. All you need to do is place the relevant hashtag at the end of your document and the app will categorize your content.

Microsoft Word

Best writing apps for iPhones

The king of desktop writing solutions also works as a free app on Android devices.

It gives you all the essentials that you get with the desktop version, which allows you to create all sorts of written content while on the move.

The app also gives you the ability to publish your content on OneDrive, and Dropbox, and even send the document as an attachment by email to your coworkers or friends.

If you wish to keep your words for your eyes only, you can also store the documents locally.


writing apps for Android

There is one thing that’s common for almost every iOS writing app-they are all minimalistic and keep their advanced features under the rug until you actually need to use some of them.

Ulysses provides focused and seamless writing experience, perfect for any kind of writing task no matter how short or lengthy it might be.

The app features amazing categorization options to keep your documents organized, and allows you to publish your work in PDF, Microsoft Word or even eBooks with versatile styling choices and ability to publish your work on WordPress right from the app interface.

Hanx Writer

Writing apps for smartphones

Inspired by the famous and talented actor Tom Hanks and his love for typewriters, this app turns your Apple product into a vintage typewriter by adding that well-known clinking noise effect every time you type a letter into your document.

Furthermore, with each new line, you hear that amazing carriage noise. If you want an analog experience while operating a digital device, then Hanx Writer is just what you need.


As for any other craft, writing also requires a wide array of tools to improve your performance and facilitate your working process.

Not all tools are the same even if their purpose is similar, which means that choosing the best writing apps for iPhones that best fits your needs can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to your productivity and the overall quality of your work.

Hope some of these interesting solutions have caught your attention and found their place on your download list.

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