How to Use LG Mobile Switch to Clone Android & iOS Smartphones

LG is a popular gadgets manufacturer. They produce phones, TV, and other home and offices appliances. However, all LG products have cool features that make them top-notch, not to talk about their product durability. When it comes to phone, LG phones are cool with good performances and good designs. Not only that, the LG Mobile Switch app (pre-installed) is a tech innovation to back up LG phones to LG and to other phones that use the Mobile switch app for LG just like the Lenovo Shareit and the Huawei Share.
However, if you are a fan of LG device or you’d love to use the LG Mobile Switch app on your phone to clone your old phone to the new phone here is a guide for you. This post will burst your bubble with the
LG Mobile Switch app for Android and iOS and how to use it transfer files from between two phones that installed the app.

Most of us are very familiar with the likes of Xender, Flash share, Bluetooth transfer, and many other apps not knowing that with the LG Mobile Switch app (sender app) you can transfer and clone your old phone using WiFi (no data required) to your new phone with Mobile Switch app by LG.

The LG Mobile Switch isn’t only for LG smartphones it works on all phones including iOS phones like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

LG Mobile Switch

Who can Use LG Mobile Switch?

The file transfer app is for all Smartphones (Android and iOS). It’s a little bit dicey that Blackberry users may not be able to use but it works on Windows phone.

Don’t worry, the LG Switch app is a legal and safe app. It passes through both the Google play store and app store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users before it’s made available for download.

LG Switch Limitation

The first limitation for using the LG Mobile Switch is that the two phones must download and install the Switch app to be able to work. You cannot use the app with Xender or flash share or other file transfer app.

Another one like the one above is that you cannot transfer files stored online using the LG Mobile Switch. If you have some data stored on iCloud or iTunes to back your Android or iPhone, you will not be able to transfer the backup with the LG Switch app.

However, you can restore these backup back to your phone once you download LG Mobile Switch app for a complete phone clone, log into your iCloud account and restore directly from the internet.

Note: You can use backup apps to backup your phone if you are not using iCloud or so. However, with the Mobile Switch app by LG, the backup is not necessary since the app clones the entire old phone to your new phone.

The clone includes moving of Calendars, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram details, photos, movies, music, and all information you have on your phone to the new phone using your phone WiFi.

How LG Mobile Switch Works?

Before you download the sender app for LG you will want to know how the app works. It works in a very simple way and it doesn’t reduce your phone performance.

LG Switch app makes use of both phones WiFi as a means of connection (or devices on the same network works better). Once connected, you can start to transfer your phone files. You can transfer multiple files at a time. You can even clone your phone directly.

How to Enable LG Switch App on LG Phones

The mobile switch app is by default available on all LG phones. Which means that LG users do not need to download the app again. So, to start using the app on your LG, follow the procedures below to enable the app.

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Tap the System option
  4. Tap on Backup
  5. Click on LG Mobile Switch.

The above steps work for Android Lolipop, Android Marshmallow, and earlier versions.

There is a bit of twist in the later Android version like Android Oreo, Android Pie, and probably the upcoming ones.

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Tap on the Backup & reset
  4. Finally, tap LG Mobile Switch

Once this is done, the app will be active on your LG phone and you can connect to other LG phones or another phone that download the LG sender app for Android and iOS.

Download LG Mobile Switch App for Android

Your phone doesn’t need to be an LG to use the mobile swtich. You can download and use the LG mobile switch app for Android to transfer files from your phone to an LG and also be the LG mobile switch receive when another person wants to send files to you using the app.

1. Go to the google play store

2. Type into the search box “LG Mobile Switch (Sender) “ and click on the search button.LG Mobile Switch for Android

3. Tap on the install buttonInstall

4. Wait for a couple of minutes and the app will download and install on your Android phone.Download and install

5. Go to your app menu the mobile switch app will be added.

How to Transfer Files using LG Switch

There are two popular ways to use the LG file transfer app. You can use the app-to-app transfer. You can also use an OTG USB transfer approach whereby you connect a working USB to the old device and connect it to the new device before you initiate the transfer.

  1. Enable the LG Mobile Switch on your phone
  2. Enable WiFi connection on both devicesLG Mobile Switch
  3. Set the new phone to receive and old to sendSend and receive
  4. Select files on the old device and click on the start optionLG Switch
  5. Agree to terms and condition on the old phone
  6. Tap on the name of the new deviceSearching for a new device
  7. Accept the invitation to the new device by clicking on “Yes”
  8. Select all files you want to transfer from the old device from the popup and click on next
  9. Allow the transfer process to begin
  10. Hence, you can monitor the transfer process based on the transfer percentage.

After the above processes, the old phone will be cloned successfully and you can start doing the finishing touch such as settings wallpaper, change the ringing tone, and do other necessary things on your new phone to meet up with the demand.

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