How to Fix Smartcast not Working on Vizio TV

There are reasons why your screen is showing Vizio Smartcast not Working; you can discover and fix it with the piece of information in this article

If you want to determine why your Vizio SmartCast is not working, it is important to determine whether SmartCast worked and stopped or did not work at all.

If it ran and suddenly stopped, simply turning the router on and off can most likely fix the problem on your Vizio.

If this is your first time setting up your Vizio SmartCast TV and can’t get it working, you’ll need to go through all contingencies to find the culprit.

For many, the cheapest way to get streaming capabilities on your TV is to add a Google Chromecast, a cheap device that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI slot and does the streaming for you.

This is a good solution. With Google’s streaming technology leading the way in this area, Chromecast is one of the most reliable options.

Smartcast not Working and Vizio smartcast not working

Vizio Smartcast not Working

There are several reasons why SmartCast might stop working on your Vizio TV. Let’s tackle these one at a time, starting with the most obvious.

Vizio Smartcast not Working because of no Internet

It may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many people don’t even think about checking their internet connection when they encounter such problems.

The content you want to watch comes from your device and is sent straight to your TV. So if you are having problems with your internet connection, the SmartCast feature will not work properly.

This can create confusion, especially that it can cause your SmartCast TV to malfunction while still allowing you to access Netflix or YouTube, or any other streaming service that you want to stream from your phone.

Keep in mind that your phone has a data connection with your carrier and will likely switch to that connection when your home network is offline.

This means that your phone can still access the internet while your TV cannot. And in a similar context …

Vizio Smartcast not Working because TV is on a Different Network

To stream content to your TV, the device you are streaming from and your TV must be on the same local area network.

If your TV is connected to your home Wi-Fi network but your phone is using data, or if you are trying to stream from a computer that is on a different home network than your TV, it will not work.

Vizio Smartcast not Working because App Does Not Support Casting

The type of casting, as described above, means that the content you want to broadcast must come from a service or application that supports the broadcast.

Of course, streaming has become incredibly popular and there is a multitude of apps and services that support it. However, if you can’t figure out why your SmartCast TV isn’t working, it may be worthwhile to see that it is taken care of.

Vizio Smartcast not Working because of Router Issues

Your router is responsible for bringing an Internet connection to your home and distributing it to all devices. As with many things in the technology world, there are times when you find yourself a little confused and not acting the way you should.

Fix Vizio Smartcast not Working

Below are possible ways to fix the Vizio Smartcast not Working

Make sure your internet connection is working

We mentioned it before, but it deserves a second mention as it is the number one cause of these types of problems. If your internet connection is not working, you need to fix it first. It could mean contacting your ISP and asking them to fix the problems, but it can also be as simple as …

Change your DHCP settings b to fix Smartcast not Working

If none of the above solutions work, you will need to change your network’s DHCP settings to assign different IP addresses to all of your devices to avoid the error.

  • Turn off your Vizio SmartCast TV.
  • Open any browser on your computer and enter the URL of your router.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Go to Settings and find the DHCP settings under Advanced Settings or Network Settings.
  • Check if it is enabled.
  • If it’s disabled, click Enabled. However, if it’s already on, turn it off first, then click again.
  • Click Save and close the configuration page.
  • Turn on your television.

Try turning the device off and on again to fix Smartcast not Working

If turning the TV, router, and streaming device on and off didn’t work for some reason, let’s try turning the TV off and on again.

If the problem with your SmartCast is some kind of software glitch, it should work.

Switching the device off and on again deletes all temporary settings and reconfigures them when the device is switched on again.

  • Press the menu button and select System on your TV remote control.
  • Choose Reset and Manage.
  • Select the soft power-on cycle.
  • Switch off your router when doing this.
  • Turn on the device and check that the TV works properly.

Try to reset your TV to factory settings

This method can also help resolve some potential issues with your TV, so it may resolve SmartCast issues. All Vizio TVs vary, but here are the more general guidelines:

  • Press the Menu button then System on your remote control.
  • Open Reset and Admin
  • Select Reset TV to factory settings
  • Wait for the TV to restart.

Try a different network

If possible, try to connect your TV and streaming device to a different network to rule out anything to do with this site.

  • Connect your TV to a different network / mobile phone access point.
  • Now check if there is any difference in the functionality of your TV.

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