How to Watch HBO Max on YouTube TV

Following the YouTube TV HBO Max integration, subscribers can now install HBO Max add-on to watch movies, events, and all contents from HBO Max on YouTube TV.

If you are ready to pay for HBO Max, you can watch all BHO premium contents on your YouTube TV for free. The premium service came with an add-on for YouTube TV to subscribe to HBO Max and stream HBO Max on the TV. With your YouTube TV subscription, you can download HBO Max add-on, subscribe to HBO Max using the app on your YouTube TV, and start watching all available contents on HBO Max based on your subscription on your YouTube TV on the mobile app and on the web.

Although both services (YouTube and HBO Max) are not for free. But, they collaborate to bring convenience to their services. With the YoutTube TV HBO Max integration, you will have access to all YouTube TV that you paid for, and at the same time, you will have access to HBO Max contents within the same TV.

What is HBO, Max?

HBO Max is the premium service of HBO streaming service. The HBO Max is not a standalone service. Rather, it’d work with other streaming services like HBO Now and HBO Go.

The HBO Max is an advanced service for HBO fans, and it cost to use it. Though the cost of HBO Max is affordable, it’s an obligation to meet to use the service with or without other streaming services.

Apart from collaborating with YouTube TV to bring HBO Max to all subscribers on YouTube, other smart TV Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV among others will also be able to access HBO Max contents. All other smart TVs such as Roku, Firestick, Amazon Fire TV are yet to be added to the list of smart TVs with HBO Max access.

Can I Access HBO Max on YouTube TV?

HBO has partner with YouTube TV to allow users to download HBO Now add-on on YouTube to subscribe to HBO Max on YouTube. This statement is confirmed on that HBO Max add-on has been added to YouTube TV and you can now install it and subscribe to HBO Max directly from your YouTube TV active subscription.

Other list os streaming service supported bu YouTube TV include; CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC, FS1, MSNBC, TNT, HGTV, CBS, and many others.

How Much is HBO Max on YouTube TV?

When HBO Max announced its partnership with YouTube TV, it cost a whopping $14.99 a month. That is a bit much I think compared to what you pay for using Netflix streaming service.

Well, it’s obvious that HBO Max price is on the high side. But that is not new. If you ever subscribed to HBO Now premium service you will know that the prices are closely related.

However, to now use HBO Max on YouTube TV it means you’d have to subscribe to YouTube TV plan and subscribe to HBO Max at the same time.  The two services will cost you $64.98 per month. That is, you are to pay $14.99 for HBO Max monthly and $49.99 for YouTube TV monthly at the same time for the integration to work.

How to Add HBO Max Add-on to YouTube TV

You first need to add HBO Max add-on on YouTube TV to access HBO premium or paid content on it. Follow the leads below to add the add-on.

  • Open your web browser and go to or open the YourTube app on your phone.
  • Log in to your account using your Gmail username and password.
  • Tap “Profile >> Settings >> (paid) membership.
  • Tap “HBO Now” network “checkmark.”
  • Tap “Agree” to add.

You will see the price of each program before adding it, and you will be prompted to add your payment method if it has not been added to your Google account or YouTube TV account.

How to Watch HBO Max on YouTube TV

You are a step away from watching HBO Now on YouTube after you have added the add-on and subscribe to HBO Now on YouTube TV with the help of the add-on.

  • Go to to create an account. Or sign in to your account if you already have an existing account.
  • Select “Sign in through TV or Mobile provider.”Sign through a mobile or TV provider
  • Choose your TV provider by clicking on YouTube TV.How to Watch HBO Now on  YouTube TV
  • Now, follow the instruction on the screen to activate the HBO Max account on your YouTube TV and get the account credential and use it to access HBOMax on other platforms.
  • Go to your YouTube TV >> HBO Max add-on and tap on it.
  • You will have access to all contents from the service on your YouTube TV.

Apart from Youtube TV and other supported smart TVs, you can watch HBO Max on the following platforms. (Android | iOS) and

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