What is MoCA Xfinity

What is MoCA Xfinity, what does is the usefulness and how can your benefit from it? This article will explain all you need to know about the Moca Xfinity and how it works.

What is MoCA Xfinity

The blend MoCA Xfinity (stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance) might seem odd to most residents; after all, Xfinity is of the US company, Comcast Cable Communication that provides service like telephone, Wi-Fi services and cable TV etc.

And this is where MoCA Xfinity comes in; Xfinity MoCA is an internet device that makes use of the old and existing coaxial cables that had been laid obsolete in most homes to deliver high-speed internet in your home.

For those unfamiliar with coaxial cables, it is the wire that runs to the ports that connect your TV to its box. MoCA technology uses these existing coaxial ports to provide a wired Internet home network.

Instead of using Wi-Fi networks, most people using modern-day routers and even modems resort to fibre optics or Ethernet connection.

But since you require large broadband (to serve for your plentiful internet-accessible devices in your homes such as phones, Smart TVs, laptops, tablets) than you, mobile Wi-Fi might provide, what you would need you might need a wired internet connection.

As more devices are connected to your Wi-Fi connection, you might need to avoid being stifled for bandwidth. Now instead of running additional cables or drilling holes to install fibre optics, MoCA Xfinity allows you to use your existing wiring to deliver high-speed internet in your home.

This can go as high as 2.5 Gbps and latency as low as 3.5ms. With wired technology, MoCA Xfinity delivers a reliable, low-lag, and ultra-high-speed connection. All of these are critical to a good streaming video or online gaming experience. MoCA Xfinity

What are Coaxial Cables?

Technology is inertia, and before the boom of broadband internet and fibre optic cables being used for telecommunication purposes. Coaxial cables were used as the only medium of communication. It carries signals for telephones, CCTV etc.

This cable is characterized as containing a single copper wire core wrapped with insulation. And connecting itself to ports around the house, carrying signals back and forth.

Back in the day, coaxial cables were really in high demand due to their range and utility. They could cut out any external interfering signals because of the metal mesh around them.

Along with its thick protective rubber coating, it is tough enough to survive damages or wear and tears that could affect the output of the transmission.

Before ethernet, these coaxial cables were used for the multipurpose connection in the house ranging from telephone to TVs. That said, you needed a separate modem for each of these devices for it to work with coaxial cables.

Breaking Down MoCA Xfinity

Back to MoCA Xfinity, it comes off as economical use of technology to save millions in the installation of wired internet services. Since most homes already have coaxial cables, it is economical if the once perceived obsolete connection can now function without having to install new wires.

Replacing wires is quite difficult as fibre optic cables are fragile and made of glass. Then again, they are very expensive to acquire, and this is not counting the cost of installation. This, along with the stress of changing everything about your home, will come off stressful.

MoCA Xfinity works in a way that its network adapters and Wi-Fi extenders connects to your existing Coaxial cables for the internet and achieve some blazing-fast speeds as low as 1 Gbps that would not only save you the costs on upgrade but will also provide you with a smoother, faster internet experience.

How Does MoCA Xfinity Work?

With MoCA, your coaxial wiring is converted into an ethernet network which delivers high-speed internet access to your home devices. MoCA Xfinity Adapters come in pairs and transmit internet data of any size through the wiring in your home. 

1. You connect one MoCA adapter to your router and then another to your device near a coaxial port. You will need one for MoCA-enabled routers.

2. If your device is not close to a coaxial port, you will require a MoCA Network Extender instead of a second MoCA Adapter.

You will connect one MoCA Adapter to your router. Then you connect a MoCA Network Extender to a coaxial port somewhere in your home that is closer to your device. A good part of your home network is then wired, making it much faster and less subject to interference.

The Network Extender sends out a Wi-Fi signal from that point to your media player as well as to other devices in the home.

With the latest bonded MoCA 2.5 standard, the ScreenBeam ECB7250 MoCA Adapter, you can get up to 2.5 Gbps in speed alone. That is more than enough bandwidth for online gamers (Call of Duty, FIFA and Fortnite) or 8K, 10K HD videos.

Comparison with other Connections

With MoCA Xfinity adapters, you are guaranteed high-speed connection across your residence, and it is, without doubt, an excellent choice. Still, it offers more than just speed, and they are as follows:

Range & Dead zones

You know those spots in your house that you have no single, that is because Wi-Fi is a radio signal, and it cannot go through certain structures or walls. And since radio signals can be walls, metals and concrete structures, the range it provides could be limited.


When several devices connect to Wi-Fi simultaneously can lag and become frustratingly slow. This is something a MoCA does not suffer.


MoCA Xfinity provides very high speeds of upto 2.5Gbps. This is what usually matters to people. MoCA has speed similar to todays fiber optics. You are getting comparable speed for almost no extra cost on the wiring. 

 Easy to install Economical

 It would save you a lot of money to install. Fiber optics, for example, require complex installation. Most especially if you have a large living area like a bank or a hotel, with MoCA, the installation would be done by anyone in a few simple steps.


 MoCASec provides an extra layer of security and privacy to your data. And this is an option anyone would take to protect from spyware or malware. As you know, privacy and security is now top priority, and with Public Wi-Fi, you do not know what can be penetrated through this unsecured network.

Better streaming & Improve gaming experience

 MoCA has a high speed that can be comparable to fiber. Also, low latency along with speed helps with online gaming. With high speed and low latency, buffering videos and apps go seamlessly, and this is a nice feature if you have kids. Teenagers and young adult spend most of their time online either watching videos, uploading videos or playing video games.


 MoCA is compatible with all types of coaxial wiring networks. Like all electricity connections, even the coaxial network have sets of connection that might not be privy to you. With MoCA, you will likely to remain oblivious to this detail.

Minimal Interference

 Due to its metal coating and plastic outing, there is less chance of external interference in transmission. This will improve your entertainment experience and maximize efficiency.


Coaxial cables are more reliable as compared to phone lines. It is a good choice for someone who is unwilling to install fiber wiring in their homes but still has a cable connection for TV. It is like you have your cake and eat it. And since the MoCA is faster than conventional phone line connections, it remains a great choice for you,

High-performance and cost-effective, and that is putting it in simple terms. MoCA Xfinity comes with MoCASec for security, and that is why you do not even have to worry about privacy hacking too.


Xfinity offers their very own line of gadgets consisting of; modems, routers, and cables, and that works nicely in comparison to any aftermarket gadget for most users. Xfinity MoCA gadgets consist of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, modems, and more for their clients who have already got coaxial cables connections so that they might eventually have some use of the old connection and enjoy a super-high-speed internet connection while spending less.

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