What is Token Factory Iframe?

Are you wondering why you are getting the Token Factory Iframe error message? Or you don’t know what is Token Factory Iframe virus? Then, this article has been compiled for you for a better understanding of this browser hijacker.

The Token Factory Iframe could cause annoying ads, banners, and pop-ups on your computer screen if your device is infected. To remove all these unwanted notifications you need to remove the Token Factory Iframe from your device.

Therefore, for the purpose of this article, we will consider how to handle the Token Factory Iframe and remove all unwanted popups.What is Token Factory Iframe

What is Token Factory Iframe?

Token Factory Iframe is an annoying and potentially hazardous add-on for Mac browsers that generates obstructive ads and makes unauthorized browser changes. Token Factory Iframe is scattered normally with the aid of evasive links and clickbait ads as well as using file bundles.

Token Factory Iframe can also be defined as a page-redirecting app that will immediately start to reroute your web traffic the moment it gets installed in your browser. Token Factory Iframe has been classified as a browser hijacker that targets promoting sponsored sites aggressively on the user’s screen.

The principal activity of these apps is similar to online advertising and, for as long as they work on your computer, most browser hijackers will only spam you with several sponsored ads, pop-ups, pay-per-click messages, and banners, and redirect you to predefined web pages.

On the other hand, a real virus is a threat that would do much more than simply spam your screen with commercials.

For example, a Ransomware infection can not only sneak into the system without any visible symptoms, but it can render your files inaccessible until you pay a ransom for them.

A program like Token Factory Iframe is far less problematic and will never do such a thing, even if it tends to be extremely annoying and unpleasant to have in your browsing program.

What is Token Factory Iframe

The Token Factory Iframe Download

The common term that describes the Token Factory iframe download behaviour, and is used to classify programs of this type, is Browser Hijackers.

In the next paragraphs, you will learn more about the nature of Browser Hijackers and their typical symptoms, as well as about the methods you could use to deal with the Token Factory Iframe download effectively, and with the changes it has imposed on your Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any other main browser.

In fact, below you will find a detailed removal guide and a professional removal tool, both of which can help you quickly remove unwelcome browser add-ons, such as the one that we are talking about right now.

Token Factory Iframe on Safari

Token Factory Iframe on Safari is one of the many browser hijacker apps for macOS computers that try to take over the browser and inject it with ads. Token Factory Iframe on Safari will not directly cause harm to the system of your Mac but its presence there is still unwelcome and might lead to more serious problems.

The initial reaction of most people who encounter the nuisance of Browser Hijackers is usually the same – they think that their computer might have been infected with a strange redirect virus or with some unfamiliar malware piece similar to Ransomware or Trojans. Luckily, this is not the case with Browser Hijackers. Those programs are much different than the computer viruses you fear since they are typically incapable of causing system damage, corruption of files, or other destructive issues.What is Token Factory Iframe

The TokenFactoryIframe App

The TokenFactoryIframe app is an obstructive and unwanted piece of software that injects ads into the browser search results and changes the default homepage. The TokenFactoryIframe app is not an application you should keep on your Mac as it might potentially lead to exposure to malware.

Not being a direct security threat, however, does not mean that the Browser Hijacker should remain on the system.

Such software may still create a lot of disturbance not only in your web browsing experience but also in the system’s performance.

Apps like Token Factory Iframe and Navlibx for instance may be very intrusive in their attempts to make you click on certain ads and sponsored links.

They may literally flood your screen with colourful pop-ups, banners, and clickbait boxes that just won’t stop showing in your browser.

Sometimes, they may not even wait for you to click on something but may automatically redirect your web searches to some predefined pages, again, with the goal of landing you on some promotional message.

How to Get Rid of Token Factory Iframe

Therefore, we usually advise our readers to uninstall programs like Token Factory Iframe and uninstall their changes as soon as possible. You can do that with the help of the instructions in the removal guide below.

  • Some threats reinstall themselves if you don’t delete their core files. We recommend downloading SpyHunter to remove harmful programs for you. This may save you hours and ensure you don’t harm your system by deleting the wrong files.

How to Remove Token Factory Iframe from Mac

There have been a number of reports that the instructions below can help you get rid of the Token Factory Iframe from your Mac. Therefore, we encourage you to give them a go before going through the extensive removal instructions that follow.

  • The hijacked Mac browser should be opened.
  • Next, click on the menu icon (typically located top right), then select Preferences.
  • Select Extensions and see if Token Factory Iframe has been added to the extensions list.
  • Highlight the undesirable extension and remove it from the browser if you find it.
  • If there are any other extensions or add-ons that you’re not sure about, do the same.

Detailed instructions on how to remove Token Factory Iframe from Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are provided below.

  • To complete the next steps, make sure that you Quit the Safari browser if it’s open. The Force Quit option can be used if Token Factory Iframe is preventing the browser from shutting down normally. You can access Force Quit from the Apple menu >> Force Quit.
  • Next, open Finder and navigate to Applications, then Utilities, then the Activity Monitor.

    You should be able to see all of your Mac’s active processes once you get there. Highlight Token Factory Iframe in the processes list and then click the “i” button at the top. The screen should display an information box similar to the one below:

  • Click the Sample button located at the bottom of the page. This technique will be used to generate a sample file of the selected process. This is a sample of a Google Chrome process that has been selected:

Next, scan the sample file with the fee virus scanner below:

Each file will be scanned with up to 64 antivirus programs to ensure maximum accuracy. Stop the related process if the sample is detected as a threat by the scanner.

You can repeat this method for any other processes that you consider to be causing you problems or are tied to the browser hijacker.

Start Safari by pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard until the browser opens. This action is supposed to prevent any sponsored hijacker-related sites from loading automatically when the browser starts.

If a page loads automatically despite holding down the Shift key, try forcing Safari to quit and disconnect your Mac from the internet.

To disable Wi-Fi on your Mac, go to the Apple menu and select “Wi-Fi off”.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the computer’s internet cable by unplugging it from the computer.

After that, restart the Safari browser while holding down the Shift key again. This should prevent any opening of sponsored pages.

  • Once Safari has opened in the manner described above, select Preferences from the Safari Menu.
  • Uninstall any extensions that you don’t recognize or that appear to have a connection to Token Factory Iframe.
  • Return to the Preferences menu and select the Privacy option.
  • Select “Remove All Website Data” then click on “Remove Now”. This action will delete all previously stored data, including your saved passwords and login credentials. Keep this in mind the next time you visit any of these websites, as you will have to re-enter your login credentials.

    When you’re finished, go back to the Preferences menu and click on the General tab:

  • If the Homepage section has been altered by Token Factory Iframe and you want to use a different homepage URL, remove the sponsored one and add an address of your choice.

In the main menu, select Clear History from the drop-down list in the History menu. The pages loaded by Token Factory Iframe will be completely removed from your computer when you perform this step.

How to Remove Token Factory Iframe From Firefox in OSX:

Open Firefox, and click on it to open the main menu. If you want to clear your browser of any traces of the Token Factory Iframe, choose Extensions from the Add-ons drop-down menu and click on it.

Remove all extensions that are clearly responsible for your browsing disturbance or have a relation to Token Factory Iframe. After that Refresh Your Firefox Settings.

How to Remove Token Factory Iframe From Chrome in OSX:

 Start Chrome, click and you will see a slide-down menu. From the menu, select More Tools. Then, use the panel on the left to open Extensions. There,  search for Token Factory Iframe and select to remove it.

 Click again, open the Search tab by clicking on Settings and then clicking Search.

To see if any new search engines have been added by Token Factory Iframe, select Manage Search Engines.

Select a search engine that you’re confident in, and remove any other suspicious search engines you see. In the end, Reset Your Chrome Settings to complete the action.

If the problem with Token Factory Iframe persists after you’ve followed the manual instructions on this page, you may want to use our free online virus scanner or the recommended professional removal tool and run a scan of your machine.

Browser hijackers, like this one, may embed helper components in hard-to-reach places on your computer.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the steps in this guide, please leave a comment below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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