How to Create 30 Seconds WhatsApp Video Status

WhatsApp video status for 30 seconds is no longer a new feature on WhatsApp. A lot of features have been rolled out since WhatsApp introduced video status. Still battling with audio status though and the feature to download photos from WhatsApp is not yet around the corner except for those using GB WhatsApp. With WhatsApp GB you can download videos from WhatsApp status, download photos from WhatsApp, and other features you can imagine on WhatsApp.

Apart from the default WhatsApp status video feature, you can use Android apps to create 30 videos status and upload it to your WhatsApp status. Also, you can use Android app to create a song and use it as your WhatsApp status.

Here, I will share with you how to create 30 seconds video or MP4 on your Android phone and use it as your WhatsApp status. Also, I will share you some WhatsApp status Android apps that can be used to create 30 seconds video and upload it to your WhatsApp status.

How to Create 30 Seconds WhatsApp Video Status

The latest WhatsApp iteration offers a feature to use video as your WhatsApp status. A maximum of 30 seconds video is required while a less video clip can be used as a status. However, when you have a video clip more than 30 seconds you can crop the video and upload 3o seconds of the part.  Following the same procedure, you can convert WhatsApp video status to WhatsApp GIF when the video clip is less than 5 seconds.

Here is how to create WhatsApp video status without third-party apps…

1. Upgrade your WhatsApp to the latest WhatsApp iteration using this tutorial

2. Click on “WhatsApp status” and click on the “Camera” icon

WhatsApp Video Status

3. Select the video from your gallery and crop “30 seconds”  from the whole clip and click the forward icon.

WhatsApp Video Status

The video will be uploaded to your WhatsApp status. Meanwhile, a complete MP4 story can be used as WhatsApp video status. All you have to do is repeat the same process from where the first video clip stopped and upload it and do the same for other scenes on the MP4 until everything is fully uploaded.

How to Create 30 Seconds WhatsApp Video Status Using Apps

The above procedure works perfect to WhatsApp 30 seconds video and uses it as your WhatsApp status. However, there are some Android apps that help to create a 30 seconds video that can be used as your status on WhatsApp.

Here are the best Android apps to create 30 seconds video for WhatsApp status…

1. Video Status Song 2018

The Video status song 2018 is a popular WhatsApp video status create to blossom your day with awesome 30 seconds video clip on WhatsApp. The app allows you to create a moment of joy using songs and video on WhatsApp. With the app, you can create a short video and short song to be used as your WhatsApp status.

With this app, you have access to Movie dialogues Love Status video, Romantic Status video, Funny status video, Sad Status video, and Cute Status video. At the same time, before using the video as your status you have the privilege to preview it whether it looks cool or not.

2. Love Video Status

Love video status app is a collection of over 10,000 30 seconds video that can be used as a WhatsApp video status for free. The app created and compiled a list of love, funny, charming, and romantic WhatsApp video status to be used by users as their status on WhatsApp.

With the love video status app, you have unlimited access to thousands of free 30 seconds video for WhatsApp status without creating your own video or GIF. Meanwhile, the only set back in the app is the ads display for free users.

3. Status Videos for WhatsApp

This is another free WhatsApp video status app to have access to more than a thousand free 30 seconds videos that can be used for WhatsApp status. This app has a collection of tons of short videos fit for WhatsApp story.

The status videos for WhatsApp app let users explore thousands of lyrical videos, love videos, funny videos, sad videos, and heart videos in different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi.

4. Video Songs Status (Lyrical Videos)

This app makes it very easy to express your feelings using a short video on WhatsApp. There is no need to create your own WhatsApp status video short skit, all you need to do is download this popular WhatsApp status video and search through the app what your emotion says about you and upload it as your video status.

The video songs status app has in the collection some of the best video songs to think at any time and be used as your WhatsApp status video.

How do you create your own 30 seconds WhatsApp video status? I stand with WhatsApp default approach to create 30 seconds video and use it as my status update. In fact, it’s fun to upload a whole MP4 as my status.

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