How to Download WhatsApp Status Tricks

WhatsApp status download trick that is still working in 2020. I don’t know why WhatsApp has not rolled out a feature to download WhatsApp status without using tricks.

In the past years, WhatsApp has rolled out a lot of features such as Fingerprint lock, self-destructed sent messages, etc to make the app the best instant chatting app in the mobile world.

The absence of feature to download WhatsApp status has drastically drawn back the app subscribers and most users now prefer to use the modified version of the app called “GB WhatsApp” because of the feature to save status without permission.

Those that using GBWhatsApp flex with this feature. They can save WhatsApp status without asking them to send it to them. While in case of the official WhatsApp app, the only way to save status on WhatsApp is using tricks or a third-party app such as Status saver for WhatsApp.

However, after a long research, I have found three different ways to download WhatsApp status straight to your phone gallery. This trick still work.

WhatsApp Status Download Using Explorer.

Explorer is an app to access all files on your phone. Some phones has built-in “File” to access both internal and external storage, however, to download WhatsApp status on Android phones using explorer kindly follow the procedures below.

  1. Go to the “Google Play” store to download “Android ES File Explorer“.
  2. Open WhatsApp and view the status (Photos or videos) you want to download.
  3. Launch “Explorer app and click on the three horizontal line.
  4. Enable “show hidden files“.
  5. Scroll back and click on “Local” and select “Internal Storage”.
  6. Scroll down and click on “WhatsApp”
  7. Click on “Media”
  8. Click on the fainted “.Statuses”
  9. All recently viewed WhatsApp statuses are stored in the .Statuses folder.

When you want to save WhatsApp status using ES file explorer it is mandatory to show hidden files otherwise you will not be able to access the “.Statuses” folder whether the viewed WhatsApp statuses are kept.

WhatsApp Status Download

WhatsApp Status Download with WhatsApp Status Downloader

If the method of using EX file explorer to download WhatsApp statuses is too complicated for you here is a simple trick to download WhatsApp photos and videos status using status downloader WhatsApp on Android phones.

WhatsApp status downloader is an app to download status on WhatsApp without opening the messenger app. However, to download WhatsApp status using WhatsApp status downloader for Android phones.

  1. Install WhatsApp statuses downloader from Google Play Store
  2. Launch your WhatsApp app and view the statuses you want to download to your phone gallery.
  3. Launch the WhatsApp statuses downloader app.
  4. Click on “Download” on the viewed status you want to download to your phone storage to save a copy of it.

Simplicity is everything. With the WhatsApp statuses downloader app for Android phones, you can view and download all your friends status without their permission.

Meanwhile, the downside of the app is that it increases your phone caches. Here is how to delete your phone caches 

GB WhatsApp Status Saver

GBWhatsApp is an APK WhatsApp app with tons of features and beat the official WhatsApp. If you have not used an APK WhatsApp before, you are definitely missing out a lot of cool WhatsApp features which you cannot see in the official app. If you have issues installing APK WhatsApp, here is a complete guide on how to download and install WhatsApp APK file for and Android.

Please leave a comment below if you have difficulties downloading WhatsApp status using any of the tricks above.

How to Save Whatsapp Status Video in Mx Player

MxPlayer is an Android music and video player which automatically save viewed WhatsApp status on your phone. MxPlayer creates a hidden folder called “.Statuses” and save all view WhatsApp status in the folder.

The MxPlayer player saves times and space on your Android phone rather than using WhatsApp status downloader or a third-party apps to download WhatsApp status on your phone, the music and MP4 player is a better alternative.

Here is Mx Player WhatsApp status download procedures.

  1. Install MxPlayeron your Android phone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and view the status you want to download.
  3. Open MxPlayer and click the three dot to the upper right and select “Settings”WhatsApp Status Download
  4. Select “List” under settings.WhatsApp Status Download
  5. Scroll and tick “Show Hidden Files and Folders”WhatsApp Status Download
  6. Go back to Mx Player homepage and click on the “Refresh button”.WhatsApp Status Download
  7. Click on “.Statuses” to access all viewed WhatsApp status on your phone

WhatsApp Status Download

After you have see the video or photo you want to download just repeat the same process to hide view WhatsApp status on your phone.

Download Status on WhatsApp with Download Manager

All Android phones have an inbuilt file manager to manage the phone storage without using external app file File Explorer. The file manager also serve as a tool to download viewed WhatsApp status without app on Android phones. This technique is trusted and tested.

Here is WhatsApp status download procedure using your Android File Manager

  1. Go to your phone app menu and click on “File ManagerWhatsApp Status Download
  2. Click on “All Files”WhatsApp Status Download
  3. Select “Internal Storage”
  4. Select “WhatsApp”WhatsApp Status Download
  5. Click on the three dots and select “Show Hidden Files”WhatsApp Status Download
  6. Click on “Media”
  7. Click on “.Statuses” to show all friends statuses you have viewed.

With file manager app you can view all viewed WhatsApp status.

How to Save WhatsApp Status using Vivavideo

Vivavideo is yet another tool to save status from WhatsApp. Vivavideo saves WhatsApp status straight to your phone gallery. If you do not have the vivavideo installed on your Android phone, download and install it following this guide and follow the procedures below to use it to save WhatsApp status.

  1. Launch the “Vivavideo app”.
  2. Click “Video saver”.Video Saver
  3. Under “Video Downloader” click “WhatsApp status”.Video downloader
  4. Under “WhatsApp Status Videos” click on the video you want to save.All Statuses
  5. Click “Save to Gallery”.Save to Gallery

The video will be saved into your phone gallery. You can now proceed to upload it to your WhatsApp as your status. You can also edit the video before you download it using the Vivavideo app.

At the same time, you can upload the status directly to your WhatsApp or share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can also share it directly on your YouTube channel without downloading. Meanwhile, in other not to download the wrong video status, click on the play button to play the video to confirm it is the exact status video you want to download.

Download WhatsApp Status using Vidmate

Vidmate video downloader has integrated a new feature to download WhatsApp status and here is how to use the new feature to save status on WhatsApp to your phone gallery.

1. If you already installed the vidmate app on your phone just launch it otherwise, download and install the APK video downloader app.

2. Click on the “WhatsApp icon” located at the top of the WhatsApp status downloader APK.

3. WhatsApp status saver will load all the statuses on your WhatsApp contact. Scroll the statuses and click on the one to download and click on the download arrow to download and save it on your phone.

4. To use the status as your WhatsApp status directly or to forward the status to your WhatsApp contact click on the “WhatsApp call” logo and select the WhatsApp to forward it to or select your status to use it as your status.

5. You can also download multiple WhatsApp status at the same time. Click on the horizontal line to the top right to select multiple statuses and click on the Save button to save them on your device.

This appears to be another easy way to save WhatsApp statuses. However, while using the multiple features, you can not share the status with your friends or set it as your status directly.

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