[Updated] – Which Cash App Names to Request Money From

You might have come across some videos on YouTube or some posts on social media displaying some cash app names to request money from.

Since Cash app allows you to send money to family, friends, or coworkers and also send money requests. Some feel it is an opportunity to beg your way to riches.

Well, it could work, but it comes with a caveat, and there are a few things you need to know before doing this.

I will be using this post to enlighten you on some creative ways to make money from the Cash App and the right way to possibly make such money request without coming off as desperate.

After that, let’s go over what a $CashTag is, what makes it unique, and how to make a money request before diving into the Cash app names from which you can request money.

What Exactly Is a “Cashtag”?

You obviously understand what a “$cashTag” is because you came here looking for “$cashTag” names to send money requests to.

However, I can’t speak for everyone coming here, as some are completely clueless about what it is.

In simple terms, “Cashtag” is a unique identifier for your Cash App account that can be used to receive and send money through the app.

Choosing a $cashtag name can be difficult for some because there are so many taken cash app names already.

But then, you are always permitted to choose a name up to 20 characters long. Besides, you can also use alphanumeric combinations for your Cashtag name.

That’s not all, If you have created one for yourself but don’t like what you’ve chosen, you can edit it.

NB: If that isn’t the case, you are here to figure out the names of rich people $Cashtag names, stick until the end of this article.

Are there any Cash App Names to Request Money From?

The truth is that people do assist, and occasionally, you can find a genuine giveaway from a respected or well-known individual on social media.

Yet, legitimate giveaways are not necessarily limited to a platform. Some people may donate using the Cash App, while others may utilize other payment platforms.

But you have to be wary of anyone you come across unless you trust the source.

NB: Instead of frantically searching for Cash app names to obtain money from, you could improve your game by learning some new inventive ways to generate Free cash app money.

Below are some ways to make money with the Cash App.

How to Make Money With the Cash App

There are different ways to make money on Cash App, which I have spoken about previously. However, I will be briefly speaking about some of them below to give you some ideas on what is possible with Cash App.

Use the Cash App to Solicit Funding

One interesting way to make money on the Cash app is by using the Cash App QR code to solicit funds.

This is better than sending people unsolicited messages or money requests, since the mindset behind it is different.

If you still don’t get it, here is what I am talking about:

Let’s say you want to spread the word to get others to donate money. And you are receiving funds through your printed QR code on a card?

Here is how it can be played out: If you run a bar or restaurant, you can print your QR code on paper and attach a sincere message to it that gives customers a straightforward justification for leaving a tip.

You can do the same thing at a gathering, etc., by leaving some legit reasons why they should send you some money and what you need it for. You never know what may happen.

Follow the Cash App on Twitter.

This is not a quick way to make money as you have to turn on post notifications on their Twitter handle since they offer giveaways and free cash app funds once in a while.

Referral Bonus on Cash App

If you have a lot of friends in your network, you can make money by easily referring them to the Cash app.

However, they have to be older than 18 years old.

If they are less than 18 but over 13, they have to do that with a parent’s consent.

Having said that, here is how you can raise money with Cash App.

  • Sign up for the platform and get a free $5 Cash App bonus.
  • Now the bonus will be pending until you send at least $5 to another Cash App account.
  • After activating the bonus, start referring other people.
  • For every invite, you will get an invitation bonus of $20.
  • Now get 10 people on the page with your referral code, and you have a total of $20 x 10 = $200.

Sugar Daddy Cash App Names

Cash app names to request money from 2023

Have you come across the “Sugar Daddy Cash App Scam”?

It’s a type of fraud in which an older man writes you a message with the purpose of exploiting you in return for friendship, which might lead to further friendship.

It is not impossible to find a genuine sugar daddy online just by replying to or sending a message.

However, the majority of sugar daddies that approach young girls are fraudsters.

They’ll message you to keep them company online and then promise to give you a significant chunk of Cash App money for talking to them for a few days

They will, however, request a small sum of money as a “test” to ensure your seriousness and willingness to pay

Once you send them money, they will Zoom off.

Recommendation: Avoid the Sugar Daddy Cash app scam.

Cash App Name Ideas

If you’re searching for a unique and personalized Cash App name, you have a few alternatives.

One of the challenges you may have as a new user is that the name you pick may already be in use.

For example, if your name is Michael, there are certainly hundreds of versions of that name already in use.

However, below are other $cashTag examples you may utilize to come up with a name that is more appropriate for your personality.

  • $[LastName]WeddingFund
  • $Justice4[Name]
  • $[YourName]CollegeFund
  • $[NameofCharity]Fund
  • $GoFundMe[YourName]
  • $Help[FirstName]BuyACar
  • $FightCancer4[FirstName]
  • $IStandWith[Name]
  • $[LastName]FamilyReunion
  • $MakeAWish4[FirstName]

Famous Cash App Names

Because famous people’s $cashtag names are rarely publicized, it may be difficult to find them on Cash App.

It may be difficult to determine which $cashtag name they’ve chosen, and if you want to submit money requests to any of these people and receive a response, your best bet is to do so through their social media handles.

But for the record, I’ve come across some celebrity-looking netizens who have a high probability of being operated by scammers.

  1. $KARDInotB
  2. $BeyonceCASH
  3. $JENaniSTOM
  4. $TOmCRuise
  5. $IamSELENA
  6. $Trib3KARDadarshian
  7. $WHEReismyLOPEZ
  8. $RONALDOsendMOney
  9. $THICKpinky
  10. $LIOnelMESsi
  11. $AndreyMESSI
  12. $FOOKMACdonald
  13. $ChristainoROnladothe3rd
  14. $NEMatode
  15. $KENNyFOOKingROdgers
  16. $TEamKAnye
  17. $ChrisBrown
  18. $whiteOBAMA
  19. $PlayUSHER
  20. $CYrusBitch

Cash app name finder

There is no official Cash App name finder from Cash App. Most of the self-accredited celebrity CashTags you will find online are mostly operated by con artists, so you have to be wary of most of them to avoid being a victim of Cash App scams.

How Do I Choose a Cash App Name?

Choosing a cash app name isn’t rocket science; probably you’ve tried variations of cash app names, but most of the ones you want to go with are taken and you haven’t settled on one yet.

Whether that is the case or not, you can draw from the $casgTag names I listed above.

Additionally, you can go through this list to get more ideas.

  • $[LastName]WeddingFund
  • $Justice4[Name]
  • $[YourName]CollegeFund
  • $[NameofCharity]Fund
  • $GoFundMe[YourName]
  • $Help[FirstName]BuyACar
  • $FightCancer4[FirstName]
  • $IStandWith[Name]
  • $[LastName]FamilyReunion
  • $MakeAWish4[FirstName]

Ideas for cash names

Cash app names and ideas are not hard to come by. You should look through the examples given above and try the ideas. Come up with one that suits your personality.

Cash App Name Generator

The majority of generator names platform available are intended for use to figure out a business name for you.

Cash App does not have a name generator; however, when you sign up, you are given an available $CashTag name, which you can change to anything as long as it is available.

If it isn’t, you can draw ideas from the list above.

Cash App Names From which to Request Money

If you really need money and you are looking for cash app names to send a money request to, your best bet is to send it to family and friends.

Strangers may find it offensive and report your Cash App account as a result.


Looking for Cash app names to request money from isn’t wrong. However, it is a stressful way to make money off Cash, as there are many other creative and easier ways that you can explore.


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