How to Configure for 90% Anonymous is a website that revealed the strength of your VPN on your local network when you tried to hide your IP. In simple term, tells your IP score whether you are safe online or not. A secure IP score showed green indication while an unsecured IP masked showed yellow.

If you are familiar with and you don’t know how to make things work right, I’m here to walk you through a procedure to set up your score and have a minimum of 90% green-light you aspired for.

To begin with, set up make sure you have a working VPN setup. If you don’t have one you have to get one for yourself. Meanwhile, free VPN is not recommended. With free VPN your IP-score might not be accurate and that pose a threat to your masked IP and can leave a trace of your IP address and location.

Below is an example of a poor IP-score.

The Anonymity score poses a threat to my security and thus, the anonymous of my IP address failed. So, with this whoer score, my anonymous is not fully secured and if I should continue surfing a restricted website with the VPN, the anonymous status may leave a trace of my real IP.

How to Configure for 90% Anonymous

If you can maintain a 90% anonymous level with your VPN you are fully secured and the anonymous security level will change and remove the anonymous failed icon.

It’s very simple to achieve a minimum of 90% anonymity after you have used a VPN such as master VPN or other premium VPN of your choice. The purpose of a VPN is to increase the level of your anonymity from 0% to at least 90%. However, with the best VPN in the world, you may still not be on the safer side if your whoer is wrong and you didn’t put the necessary measure in place to correct the error before you start surfing the net.

Do not forget my VPN is working while writing this article and that is why you can see my IP location from the image above and my IP anonymous score from the image above.

1. Set your Local Time to Your IP Location Address

When you are trying to remain anonymous online, using a virtual private network provider is a good way to start. But to check whether your anonymity online is fully secured you need to check your IP-score security. Whether it’s fully protected or not. Meanwhile, the VPN provides a fully secure online anonymity you requested for BUT different in your local time and your masked IP location will pose an additional threat to your anonymous.

To achieve this, click on the indicator that shows why you are not fully anonymous and see why that happens to you even with a trusted VPN.

Scroll down the page to locate location and time zone. Afterward set up your system time to match the location time and your anonymous level will change instantly.

As you can see anonymity level has changed and you are fully behind the scene surfing the internet now. Other factors such as DNS, proxies, and use of other tools to stay anonymous also contribute to the level of your anonymity but if you can set up your system time to match your local time on VPN you will remain at least 90% anonymous online.

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