5 Best Cloud Server Vendor

The best cloud server is very rare. To say a cloud server is the best, the quality of service and hosting serving they provided most be good enough to convince 95% users with at least 4.5/5 rating. However, in my previous post before I shared on this platform best and vaster private cloud provider comparison where the top and popular cloud companies were discussed thoroughly.

A cloud server is everywhere one you have an access to one. Meanwhile, if you are still on the dark web and don’t know what Azure or Microsoft private cloud provider does you may find it funny relating to what cloud companies does and how to manage a cloud service. However, cloud server for managing and computing is in a close relationship with an iCloud server but with limited information.

If you are lost in the race of which cloud company is the best and how do you choose the best cloud hosting provider for your business here are few cloud hosting service provider I can vouch for with quality service.

Meanwhile, know that we can only provide limited information regarding the best cloud server to choose from and list all cloud servers companies but with our experience, we’d try as much as possible to provide the best cloud hosting companies with quality and a first-class feature that will boost your business.

Cloud Server hosting solution

Here Are Some Cloud Server Vendors

Below are some of the list of cloud hosting vendor you need to check out before you think of any other vendor

Microsoft Cloud

Amazon Cloud

IBM Cloud

Salesforce Cloud

SAP Cloud

They are hundreds of server vendors out there that promise heaven and earth when you want to subscribe. However, once you made a subscribe you will regret your action for moving to the vendor. However, for some reasons, I’ll recommend a private cloud vendor yet, a thorough research and review must be done to choose the best private cloud vendor.

1. Microsoft Cloud

After a long cloud-war, Microsoft cloud emerges as our best cloud services company with an unimaginable feature to help customers deploy AI, ML, and Blockchain within the cloud environment with end-to-end chop software for maximum security.

2. Amazon Cloud

While Amazon cloud may lack the end-to-end software like Microsoft but Amazon cloud service is one of the few servers that pose threat to new cloud companies and private hosting solution.

3. IBM

IBM is a popular cloud server vendor that has been in the race for over a decade and it has since fought its way to top 5 cloud server companies that rule the world of cloud computing.

IBM cloud company was locked in the top 2 before this article was made but due to heavy competition, IBM cloud is locked into the 3rd most relevant cloud companies to check out.

4. Salesforce

 Salesforce.com offers a reliable and a first-class cloud hosting server with a lot of hurdles to lock itself down to 4th position after been pulled down by IBM and Amazon from 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

5. SAP

The SAP is probably the cloud computing server you are waiting for to hear in this article. SAP offers a reliable service and unimaginable cloud computing service that will soon pave way for it service to replace either of the above top notch services.

The  SAP’s HANA technology been deployed to over thousands of businesses, the cloud company has had its root rooted in the world of cloud server companies/

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