Why am I getting Search Marquis?

Are you redirected to the Search Marquis on Safari or Google Chrome, then it means that your Mac has been invaded by a browser hijacker and you need to fix it as fast as possible.

If you want a quick answer to the why am I getting Search Marquis question, then you are in the right place. 

Once this browser hijacker or virus enters the system, it alters the default search engine to searchmarquis.com. Therefore, users are constantly forced to use this fake search engine for their inquiries.

In addition, this Search Marquis virus sends unwanted ads and redirects to suspicious websites where malicious activities are carried out such as cyber criminals engaging in phishing.

However, there are ways by which you can uninstall this browser hijacker quickly from your device and prevent any damage done.

In this article, the question of why am I getting search marquis will be justified and answered and you will also get to learn how to remove Search Marquis from Mac and provide comprehensive guides on how to reset Safari and Chrome to their initial state. Read on!Why am I getting Search Marquis

What is Search Marquis?

In case you are just experiencing this for the first time and you are wondering what the heck is Search Marquis, well you can check out the different definitions below that best explains it better:

  • Search Marquis is a Mac-designed browser hijacker.
  • It usually looks like a helpful add-on or extension for common browsers such as Safari or Chrome.
  • Search Marquis is usually installed on MacBook with a free app or file downloaded from an unreliable source (such as fake updates, torrents, etc.).
  • The virus brings about page redirecting to other pages that support provoking advertisements and it can also be used to check your browser history to create targeted ads.
  • Search Marquis is a dangerous type of malware that is known as a browser hijacker.
  • It often camouflages itself as a simple search engine to infect well-known browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox on Mac devices specifically.
  • Once this virus takes over the system, it changes browser settings so that you will constantly be redirected to searchmarquis.com.
  • Once you are compelled to use this untrustworthy search engine, you will be served with annoying ads and also redirected to other potentially dangerous websites.
  • Note that any deliberate or unconscious clicks on the displayed ads or other content on redirected sites can usher you to further infiltration of cyber threats and even phishing attempts.

This is the comprehensive definition of what Search Marquis means. This will give you a better understanding of the question of why am I getting Search Marquis.Why am I getting Search Marquis

Why am I getting Search Marquis on Mac?

In case you are wondering why the search Marquis appears in Safari on your Mac, then it’s because malware has infected your system with a browser hijacker. Once this occurs, your default search engine will most likely change to searchmarquis.com each time you open Safari.

Search Marquis expresses itself by forcing users to navigate to unwanted web pages, and also receiving personal information. Search Marquis is one of the latest types of malware that is capable of invading your computer and acting as a browser hijacker. It is also known to be a type of fake search engine. Why am I getting search marquis’s question has been answered now.

Why am I getting Search Marquis

How to know if your Mac is Infected with Search Marquis

In case you have noticed unusual signs on your Mac, then there’s a high tendency that your computer has been infected with a malicious browser hijacker.

You can look out for any of the following distinct virus signs showing that your device might be infected:

  • You are redirected to searchmarquis.com: Your Mac is infected once your preferred search engine such as Google changes to Search Marquis each time you open your browser.
  • Provoking and Suspicious ads: When you are forced to browse via searchmarquis.com, you will notice a notable increase in invasive ads provided by adware. They may appear as banners or pop-ups and either support suspicious goods/services or lead to dubious websites.
  • It redirects you to questionable sites: In another way, your Mac may be infected with the Search Marquis virus if you come across never-ending redirects to suspicious pages. They may be used for phishing purposes or other malicious activities that may cause a financial deficit.
  • New and unrecognized add-ons: You should also take note of browser extensions and other add-ons that you didn’t install yourself. Once you discover any suspicious files, there is a high probability that your Mac has a Search Marquis virus.
  • Altered Homepage and search engine: For instance, you could see redirects to multiple websites via Search Marquis to Bing.
  • Slow performance: You will just discover that your browser is slow and not responding as fast as it should. You may be having the Search Marquis virus.

The above factors are the reason why you’ve been getting Search Marquis on Mac.Why am I getting Search Marquis

How do I get rid of Search Marquis on Mac?

The fastest way to get rid of the Search Marquis virus and other similar browser hijackers is to run a complete system scan with TotalAV. It provides real-time safety, cloud scanning, and strong security features for optimum protection.

Search Marquis removal involves a two-step process. The first one requires you to remove the Search Marquis virus from your Mac. You can either use premium antivirus software or simply do it manually. The other option requires you to reset your browser to the default settings. Fix the why am I getting Search Marquis issue below.

Using the first method of using premium Antivirus software (TotalAV), follow the steps below:

  • Select a robust antivirus (TotalAV is outstanding for removing browser hijackers).
  • Download and Install the antivirus on your Mac.
  • Run a complete system scan.
  • Finally, follow the instructions provided by your antivirus.

An Alternate way to get rid of this browser hijacker is to delete files related to the Search Marquis virus manually. Follow the steps below to achieve this:

  • Recognize and stop all malicious processes: Go to the Finder >> Go >> Utilities >> Activity Monitor and Force Stop all suspicious activity.
  • Identify and remove recently created launch agents: Go to the Finder >> Go >> Go to Folder, enter /Library/LaunchAgents and delete unwanted launch agents.
  • Delete redundant launch agents in other folders: Finish the same steps in the/Library/Application Support and /Library/LaunchDaemons folders.
  • Uninstall unrecognized apps: To do this, go to the Finder >> Go >> Applications and move all suspicious apps to the bin;
  • Locate and remove malicious Login items: Go to the Apple icon >> System Preferences >> Users & Groups >> Login items >> Padlock and input your admin password.

In case there are any recently-added suspicious files, delete them with a minus button at the bottom.

Once you can remove the Search Marquis virus from your Mac, you should not forget that it also affects the browser. Therefore, ensure to take appropriate measures to remove this virus from your browser as well.

To Remove Search Marquis hijacker from your browser, follow the steps below:

Search Marquis causes malicious alterations to your browser settings. If you want to get rid of it once and for all, reset your browser settings to the default settings. This is how to remove the Search Marquis virus from Safari on Mac

For Safari users:

  • Go to the Safari Menu after opening the browser.
  • Once you see the Preferences screen displayed, you can tap on the Advanced tab and enable the option saying “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
  • Once the Develop entry has been added to the Safari Menu, expand it and tap on Empty Caches.
  • Now, choose History in the Safari Menu and click on Clear History in the drop-down list.
  • Safari will show a dialog asking you to choose the period this action will apply to.
  • Choose all history to ensure maximum effect.
  • Tap on the Clear History button to verify and exit.
  • Go back to the Safari Preferences and click on the Privacy tab at the top.
  • Locate the option that says Manage Website Data and tap on it.
  • The browser will display a follow-up screen listing the websites that have stored data about your Internet activities.
  • In addition, this dialog includes a brief description of what the removal does: you may be signed out of some services and encounter other alterations of website behavior after the procedure.
  • If you are fine with that, you can go ahead and tap on the Remove All button.
  • Now, restart Safari.

This is how to solve the problem of why am I getting Search Marquis easily. I hope the above steps have helped answer the question why am I getting search marquis on Mac?Why am i getting Search Marquis on Mac

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Files after removing Search Marquis

In case you accidentally deleted some files or some files just went missing due to a system update or a program failure, then you don’t have to worry because they can still be restored. There are three ways to go about that, follow the steps below:

Make Use of Trash

At times the items were only moved to the Trash. Check if the deleted file is in the Trash by following the steps below: 

  • Open Trash.
  • Choose files and right-click on them. 
  • Tap on Put Back to restore.

Using Time Machine Backup

Apart from restoring your files from Trash, you can as well use Time Machine. To get your data back to your Mac, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Time Machine
  • Check out the readily available backups.
  • Choose the required items you want to retrieve and tap on Restore.

Use a Certain Data Recovery Software 

In case you don’t have Time Machine backups, you can use data recovery apps like Stellar Data Recovery to restore your file. To retrieve the lost data with Stellar, follow the steps below: 

  • Download, install and run the Stellar Data Recovery app for Mac.
  • Choose the file type you want to recover (or all items), then tap Next in the What to Recover window.
  • From the Recover From window >> select a volume >> click Scan.
  • Allow the scan to run and wait for the scan results.
  • Verify the files you want to restore and tap the Recover button.

Once you have completed all the steps above, restart your Mac and launch each web browser. In case the homepage and default search engines have changed, then you are good to go. Search Marquis will no longer distract you while working on your Mac anymore. There won’t be the question of why am i getting Search Marquis anymore.


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