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Why I Wear Black Shirt During the Summer

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself why people prefer to wear a black shirt during the summer instead of white?

It’s just too sunny early hour today and I put on my black round neck to be able to curtail the scorching soon. And boom! Why do you choose to wear black with this kind of hotness? Why not put a white shirt instead. A friend asked!

All my effort to explain to him that it’s preferable to wear a black cloth during summer over a white attire proved futile and in fact, unproductive.

Right from time, I don’t like to wear white cloth except during the winter. The moment summer approaches, all my white cloths will be returned to my cubicle.

This has posed a lot of questions on me and sometimes, a threat that one should not be wearing a black cloth during a hot weather. Instead, a white cloth should be the taking the lead.

Why I wear Black Cloth During Summer

Well, physics has really explained why people wear a black shirt when the weather is hot and white cloth weather is cold.

So, here today, in a simple tune and based on my physics understand and background knowledge I’d share with you why I personally wear a black shirt and sometimes black trouser during summer over a white attires.

The truth remains when you wear a white cloth you look charming and beautiful. People fall in love with white of a thing but, the implication is that white attract heat, unlike black that reflects it.

What does physics have to say about wearing a white cloth in summer over black?

In summary, physics made us know that when we wear white during summer we boiled ourselves internally. It’s true that white cloth absorbs heat directly from the sun but reflects it back to the body while black in the same scenario, absorb heat from directly from the sun and deflect it outside our body.

What white cloth does during the summer is that the wavelength that is coming to our body from the sun is reflected back to the body white black do the opposite. But in winter, white cloth is recommended.

Although, during winter your body gets cooler because white cloth absorbed the wavelength and reflects it back to your body. So, if there is any heat coming out from your body the reflected cold from white attire will be mixed with it and stabilize your body temperature.

So, during the summer, it makes it a combination of heats. Heat from your body and heat from the sun combined together to increase your body hotness when you wear white since the heat coming from the sun is not reflect backward rather inwardly to combined with the heat coming from your body.

So, it’s going to be a miserable day for people that sweat a lot after a little stress. Meanwhile, for occasional purpose white is cool and the radiants look like emission of real light and people possibly believe that because white is transparent breeze will find its way in and make your body cooler.

Meanwhile, the reverse is the case. Truly, white clothes look like it allows breeze during the summer but the absorption of heat back to the body made that point useless or baseless rather. It’s just like you want to hasten a boiling water and you add some salt. Adding salt will increase its boiling point and you need extra heat from the source to make it boil at an exact time. Meanwhile, the boiling point could be increased to 127 degrees Fahrehigth.

And you worsen the use of white cloth over black cloth during summer when you put a singlet that is also white. Making it a combination of white. However, a white cloth over a black singlet during summer could make your body adapt a little to the hit coming because as white reflects the heat back to your body, the white singlet absorbed it and try to deflect it from your body.

It’s simply two-way things!

With a basic knowledge of elementary physics and biology, you definitely need to wear black cloth during the summer and white cloth during the winter if no condition to do either way.

So when next people asked you who died for wearing black cloth in this hot weather just reply by saying you are morning their limited knowledge about physics and basic understand of elementary biology.

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