How to Activate Sundance on your Smart TV

Someone might say that I shouldn’t have started like this, but I think you need to know everything you need about Sundance TV, before reading the activate on Smart TV.

Sundance TV is not free you must have a subscription if you must watch the full content offered by this channel.

I hope you’re not discouraged to read how to activate Sundance TV on your streaming device.

I don’t think you should be discouraged because nothing good comes easy and you must pay for the things you need.

But there is an amazing thing about sundown TV. You can also access some unlocked content for free without having any form of premium subscription, but I gave that heads up just for you to know that these contents are limited so long as you don’t have a subscription, you cannot access the full packages available on this channel.

So with that in mind, you can go on to read how to activate Sundance TV on your streaming device.

So with that being said we can now happily without bumps discuss what this article is all about which is how to activate Sundance TV on your streaming device like Roku TV Apple TV Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

How to activate sundance TV on your Streaming devices. activate

You have already divulged that you need a subscription to access the full content of this channel.

But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot have access to some of its free unlocked shows. What it means that there are other and more interesting ones that you cannot have access to if you have not performed the necessary subscription requirements and activation.

Subsequently, we shall be discussing the Sundance TV activate on your Streaming device to start streaming content from the channel.

Don’t forget that you must have subscribed before activating Sundance TV on your streaming device.

If you are not subscribed yet you can still activate on your device but with limited availability of contents. activate Android TV

In any TV activation process, you must do it with that TV app, and is not an exception.

  • You must download the app on your Android TV through the Play store.
  • After which you would launch the app for the first time
  • This can be done by going back to the home screen of the Android TV as you will now see the Sundance TV up on your screen.
  • When you have done this, you need to open the Sundance TV app.
  • You may be prompted to login into the app as a requirement to access the activation code that would come with the app.
  • When you see the activation code, don’t hesitate to copy it.
  • Now using a separate browser open the activation link 
  • This is the activation page that would provide you with space where you would input the activation code which was sent to you when you opened the app and downloaded the Sundance TV app.
  • After entering the activation code, click on submit and that’s it you have activated the Sundance TV app on your Android TV.
  • The next thing you will have to do is to start streaming unlimited content from Sundance TV, that is if you have a subscription, but if you don’t, you can stream limited content after the activate. Activate Fire TV activate on Fire TV follows almost the same process.

You’d have to make sure that the Sundance TV app is installed on your fire TV. If it is not installed, then go to your apps on your fire TV and search for Sundance TV app after which you install it.

After you have successfully installed the Sundance TV app the next thing you need to do is to open the app and you will be shown the activation code with the activation instructions.

When you have seen this activation code don’t be too excited to forget that you need to use your phone, or whatever browser you use to open 

When this page loads on your browser there will be a space where you would include the activation code which was presented to you when you opened the Sundance TV app you downloaded.

Paste this code on the space and press submit. that’s all you need to do. You have activated the Sundance TV on your Fire TV device. Activate Apple TV

Now, I do want to change something a little bit. Some people would think that I needed to talk about how to activate on Apple TV and Roku TV before other devices.

I decide to put it second to the last; keeping the one that was supposed to be first on the last which is Roku TV.

 For activate on Apple

You still need to download the Sundance app on your Apple TV after which you would launch the app and copy the activation code that will be shown to you.

Note: Before you receive this activation code you must sign in to the app before getting the activation code, when you see this activation code go to the activation page with your browser

When this page is fully loaded you will see where you would input the activation code.

Enter it carefully and follow the instruction that would come subsequently after which you will not be able to watch the Sundance TV on your Apple TV. Activate Roku TV

I said earlier that many would have expected me to talk about activate on Roku before other devices.

But I decided to put this one in the last place. You know you save the best for the last.

Sundance activate on Roku is possible with the instructions below:

Go to the app store of Roku streaming device or the streaming channels on Roku TV.

I presume that the Sundance TV is not installed on your Roku device. If it is not installed as I presume, search for the Sundance TV app using the search bar.

When the search is complete you will see the Sundance TV up on the result pages.

Select the app and click on add channel; the app will take some time to install after which you would need to open the app and sign into the app which will give you access to the activation code which Sundance TV would give you for opening the app or channel for the first time.

Now you need to open a different browser and open the activation page of activate through the link below

This will open an activation page on the Sundance TV official website.

Now enter the code that was provided on the Sundance TV app, then click on the submit button that is all. You have activated Sundance TV on your Roku device


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