How to Fix the Grammarly Plugin not Working in WordPress Gutenberg

If you are using the Grammarly plugin in your Chrome browser you’d probably see that the new WordPress Gutenberg isn’t working with the Grammarly plugin for browsers. Even when you switch to the Classic WordPress edition you’ll also discover that the classic editor and  Grammarly are not on good terms. However, before Grammarly not working in WordPress becomes what is affecting most bloggers that are on WordPress and are currently switching permanently to the Classic editor using the WordPress classic plugin the Grammarly plugin was working perfectly with the WordPress editor.

With this, we can conclude that the new WordPress interface is what is not working with Grammarly or that Grammarly isn’t working with WordPress Gutenberg.

However, before this is solved from the next Grammarly update or WordPress next release, here is a quick fix to the problem combating WordPress and Grammarly words spelling checker.

Grammarly not Working in WordPress Gutenberg

Here, I’ll explain different approaches to fix the Grammarly plugin not working in the Gutenberg WordPress edition. These suggestions are based on my own discretion and over time, when both platforms start to work together you can switch back to either WordPress Gutenberg or Grammarly plugin.

Use Grammarly Words Editor

Just like the WordPress platform, Grammarly also has a word editor page where you can check for your word’s correct spelling and grammar corrections.

There are three ways to use the Grammarly words editor for your spelling checking and grammar corrections.

Type the words

Yes, you can just turn to the Grammarly editor and begin to type your blog post words into the word editor column before you transfer it back to your WordPress.

However, the downside of this feature is that you will not be able to format your post. This implies that you’d have to manually add the headlines to your post in your WordPress editor.

Copy and Paste

You can copy and paste your blog post into the Grammarly Words editor for spelling correction and grammar checking. The difference between the copy and paste feature discussed above is that if you have formatted your post while writing in the WordPress editor, the formatting will be gone and you’d have to reformat again.

Aside from this, you can use this as an avenue to use Grammarly to correct your WordPress blog post if the plugin isn’t active on your WordPress site.

Upload Document

This option allows you to upload your Word document directly to Grammarly for correction and suggestions. Instead of using the Grammarly word editor or copying and pasting your blog post, you can simply upload your content directly to the platform correction.

How to Access Grammarly Word Editor

I’d advise you to log into your Grammarly account to use this feature as it counts and will also give the record of your WordPress improvement and how far you have gone in writing the good and simple English language.

Open your browser and go to the Grammarly Word editor page. On the page, you’d see hide assistance, overall score, goals (you can adjust this) correctness, and clarity.

Install Classic Editor Plugin

With the Classic Editor plugin, you can turn your WordPress editor from Gutenberg to Classic if the Grammarly plugin isn’t active in the main WordPress Classic editor.

  1. Log into your WordPress blog
  2. Go to plugins >> add new
  3. Search for “Classic Editor
  4. Install the plugin and activate it
  5. Go back to “Plugins >> installed plugins >> Classic Editor”
  6. Click on the settings
  7. Go to “Default editor for all users and select “Class Editor” and also set the “Allow users to switch editors” to “No”.Classic Editor

With the Classic plugin, WordPress Gutenberg will be changed to WordPress Classic which is fully active with the Grammarly plugin, unlike Gutenberg.

Install Grammarly Plugin for Word Document

If the approaches above are time-consuming and you would prefer a direct solution without having to reformat your post here is what you should do.

As of this time, Grammarly not working in WordPress and has not been extended to Microsoft Word. So, if you have the Microsoft Word document installed on your PC or Mac, you can install the Grammarly plugin on Word document and turn to the blog post option in the Word document to write your blog articles after which you only need to copy the article and paste it into your WordPress editor for final format.

1. First you need to create a Grammarly account if you don’t have one already. Take note of your password and username.

2. Log into your Grammarly account and go to the “Grammarly Add-in” section to download Grammarly for Word

3. Install the Grammarly executable file by double-clicking on the installer and then clicking on the run icon.

Grammarly not working in WordPress

4. Next, you will be taken to the welcome page where you need to click on the get started icon.

Grammarly not working

5. Grammarly for Word will start installing in a matter of seconds. You can see the installation progress in the image below.

Grammarly for Word installing

6. Once the Grammarly plugin for Word documents is successfully installed you will be asked to log into your Grammarly account or skip. When you clicked on login you will be taken to your Microsoft Word Grammarly login page and when you click on skip the plugin will close down when you click on the finish button.

Grammarly not working in WordPress

Now that you have successfully installed the Grammarly for Word plugin you will be able to use the Grammarly in your Word document for corrections and spelling checking.

Henceforth, whenever you want to write your blog post in Word document and transfer it to your WordPress blog In Word 2010, Word 2013, and Word 2016, just launch the Word document, and select File > New > Blog post.

Grammarly not Working in Google Docs

If you are using Google Docs you may encounter some difficulties including Grammarly not working in Google Docs. However, there are many reasons why the Grammarly extension and your Google Docs may be interfering with one another. So, here, we will take at why is Grammarly not working in google docs and cap it with how to fix Grammarly not working in Google Docs.

Why is Grammarly not Working in Google Docs?

The sole reason why Grammarly is not working in Google Docs is that the Grammarly extension was only installed but not enabled. Grammarly extension only works on your browser or Google Docs when the extension is enabled.

Enable Grammarly

However, do the following to confirm whether the Grammarly app is enabled on your browser.

  • Open the Google Docs.
  • Locate the green “Grammarly icon” on your browser or on the lower part of the browser.
  • Click on the Grammarly icon to confirm whether it’s working on Google Docs.

If the Grammarly extension is working you will see the Grammarly information on the left side with “Nothing to check yet.” However, if the Grammarly icon is not available in either of the said locations just follow the steps below to pin the Grammarly icon to your browser.

  • Click on the “Plugin” icon on your browser.
  • Locate the “Grammarly” icon and click on the “PIN” option on it.

Once the Grammarly icon is pinned you’d be able to access it and turn it on while using the Google Docs.

Grammarly cannot Access Internet Access

Grammarly needs internet access to function on your computer except if you are using the offline version. However, if you are using Google Docs online you’d need internet access to access the Grammarly extension on the platform. Therefore, to fix Grammarly not working on Google Docs you’d need to connect your device to the internet.

Your Grammarly is in Suggesting Mode

This may look weird though but your Grammarly won’t work on Google Docs if you are in the suggestion mode. With the suggesting mode turned on your Grammarly won’t be able to underline incorrect works or check for mistakes. The essence of the feature is to make a suggestion for a collaborator to accept or reject the document.

Therefore, kindly follow the steps below to switch from the suggesting mode to the editing mode.

  • Go to the Grammarly standard menu and locate the pencil icon.
  • Click on the “Pencil” icon and select “Editing” so you can switch to the editing mode to directly edit your work as your write.
  • Click on the “Grammarly” logo on the “Google Docs” screen so that all incorrect works and wrongly spelt words can be underlined and corrected.

Check your Gmail Settings

If your Gmail settings are wrongly configured it can hinder the Grammarly extension from working with your Google Docs. Therefore, you’d want to be surreal that the Gmail settings allow the use of the Grammarly extension.

However, to confirm this;

  • Open your Gmail settings and be surreal that the Grammarly extension can read the documents from the right to the left of the script.

If this is true, Grammarly will definitely malfunction as Grammarly is supposed to work from left to right and not the other way. To make the online spelling checker work perfectly, let it move from left to right and Grammarly will work perfectly.

Grammarly is Outdated

Do not be surprised that if your Grammarly is outdated [that is, you are using an old Grammarly plugin] you will face a lot of difficulties using the spelling checker software.

However, you will receive a notification to update your Grammarly whenever there is a new update available. All you need to do is to be surreal that you accept and allow the extension to update to the latest version.

But if when prompted to update to the latest version you turned down the request you can simply uninstall the Grammarly extension and reinstall it again from the Google extension store. The downside of this option is that you’d need to sign into your Grammarly account once the installation is completed.

Grammarly might not work if you are Editing a Huge File

If the file you are editing is bucky, Grammarly might be hanging or malfunctioning. And in some cases, it might stop working.

Check Other Plugins on your Browser

If Grammarly and one of your plugins are interfering you’d experience Grammarly not working until the plugin is either disabled or removed from the browser. The best way to find out this is if your Grammarly was working fine but stopped working the moment you installed a new plugin/extension.

To confirm this remove the plugin and see if Grammarly will start working fine. If it does, it’d be that the extension and Grammarly are interfering and cannot, probably, work together on the same browser.

Grammarly is Down

Don’t be surprised that if Grammarly is down you won’t be able to use the service even when you are connected to the internet. However, in most cases, this won’t last for hours as the Grammarly team would be on their feet to be surreal that the service is back and running.

So, if Grammarly is not working on Google Docs because the service is down; you only need to wait a little for the service to be back and it’d start working instantly.

This article should at this point answer why is Grammarly not working in google docs and provide an accurate solution to how to fix Grammarly not working in google docs.

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