Wyze Error Code 90: Proven Way to Fix It

You can easily come across a Wyze Error Code 90 if you are using a Wyze indoor Security Cam.

Wyze Cam indoor security camera gives you the ability to watch live footage from your home wherever you might be since the videos are stored in the cloud.

Using a Wyze Cam Security camera requires a good internet connection, and the router in use needs to be constantly communicating with their server.

Factoring in all these, coupled with the importance placed on the device internet connection, makes this device prone to communication-related issues if the internet connection becomes unstable.

In addition to that, the Wyze Error Code 90 is usually caused by communication related issues like an unstable internet or, your router firewall may be blocking communication between the Wyze cam server and the router.

With that said, here are some common scenarios that causes a Wyze Error code 90

  • When you are currently on the live stream while using any of the Wyze Cam devices
  • As soon as you’re done setting up a Wyze Cam device in the Wyze app
  • When you are accessing your camera in the app just after setting it up
  • After Basic troubleshooting.

Anyway, in this article, I will be focusing on how to resolve the Wyze error code 90, Wyze error code 5 and Wyze error code 1 and also ways on how you can fix these errors.

So how do we fix the Wyze error code 90?

How to Fix Wyze Error Code 90

Wyze Error Code 90 Proven Easy Fix It

A lot of issues usually occur while using the Wyze Security Cam, and one of the most common errors related to this Security Cam device is the error code 09 Wyze.

If you are faced with this error, follow the steps below to learn how you can resolve it. Try out these steps to fix the Wyze error code 90.

Wyze Error Code 90: Proven Easy Fix It

Check the Physical Setup of the Wyze Cam

Over here you have to ensure that the power cable is correctly connected to the camera and also the USB cable is connected with the device -the one that comes with the product. and make sure they are correctly inserted into the cam.

Uninstall and install the Wyze Cam App

 You can get the Andriod version here, or the iPhone version here. You are doing this to see if the communication between the servers and the camera is working

After doing this, you will have to delete and re-add the camera by following these steps:

  • Firstly, launch the Wyze app and hit the “gear ” icon
  • As soon as you can see the device and settings, select “Delete Date” which you can see at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, tap on “yes”
  • After doing that, the camera LED, the light will blink yellow. This colour indicates that the camera isn’t connected.

To get it connected, press the reset button (which you can find on the side. of the camera and hold it down until you hear “ready to connect” – this should happen within (10-25) seconds of pressing

  • Since you need to now add a camera, go back to the app and go to New Device > Wyze cam
  • Now, Type in your Wifi network name and password.
  • On your phone, a QR code will appear simply use the Wyze cam to scan it

After doing that, you should see the live picture on the screen.

However, if this error persists Power cycle the Camera.

Power cycle the camera (Reboot)

To power cycle, the camera means to reboot it, and wait for 30-60 seconds before you power it back ON.

After doing that, Close the app on the phone and restart it. you can also decide to power cycle the camera since it has been reported to resolve the issue too.

To power cycle the camera :

  • Remove the cameras Plug from its source
  • Give it around 30 seconds before you connect it back
  • Now, put the camera plug back into the power source.
  • And finally, confirm if the error is now fixed

The next thing you should try after doing this and the issues still occur is to check the internet connection

Check the internet connection

Wyze Error Code 90: Proven Easy Fix ItOne of the most common issues with the “Wyze error code 90” that usually results in an error is with its internet connection.

Over here you have to ensure your internet connection is working fine.

And if you are using a Wifi router, make sure the distance is not too far from where it can get a strong signal, in addition to that, if you noticed that the camera is a bit distant try and bring it close to see if the issue is resolved.

After doing this, power off your router and wair for about 2-3 minutes before you power it on.

As soon as you’ve done that, reconnect your smartphone with the Wyze camera through its app.

Now, check the camera LED light at the back. if it is solid blue, the internet connection is Okay.

Below are the indication of the lights based on their colours

  • Solid Yellow – The camera is powered and initiating
  • Flashing yellow – the camera is ready to connect

Flashing Yellow/Blue – Connection is in progress

  • Flashing blue – The camera is connected and ending the setup
  • Solid blue – the camera is working perfectly

Change the Wi-Fi Router Frequency

Now, since the Wyze cam is connected to your Wifi, apart from the distance there are some other things you have to factor in, which could cause the Wyze error code 90 to show up 

one of them is:

You can get a Wifi Extender to extend your wireless connection across a longer distance, you can learn how to set it up  here.

Obstacles can actually Block the Wi-Fi signal

Sometimes the arrangement of your room might be a major disadvantage to your router, you have to be aware that your router should be placed where there isn’t anything blocking it.

Placing obstacles, can actually, affect the internet connection coming from the Router, which in turn can cause such an error

Now another issue that can give about Wyze error code 90 is:

When Communication is Blocked by the Router’s Firewall

The router’s firewall can interfere with the communication between the Wyze Cam and the Router. To resolve this kindly check your Firewall settings to see if any settings or rules that will activate the firewall

Also, you can connect with your ISP to double-check it on your behalf.

In addition to that other issues that could cause wyze error code 90 is:

There’s an Interference of the Wi-Fi signal

Usually, your Wyze cam works with the 2.4gHz frequency. This frequency is quite prone to interference more time as compared to one with a 5GHz frequency.

Interference in this case is a scenario where you have several wifi devices around the camera, this could also affect the connection between both devices.

To resolve this you can either move your router to another place or change the wireless channel router setting to manual.

but, you need to try to see which one works better for you

Now to the next option you can try updating the camera.

Update the Wyze Camera

Sometimes, it might be an issue with the current version of the software maybe it contains a bug which is causes wyze error code 90, updating both the camera and the phone app can also resolve the issue

To update the App you can either go to the play store or App Store to get it installed

To update the camera’s firmware, Go to Update firmware, which is located under the Devcei Details page and check if the camera is up to date. if not update it.

To the Next option you can try:

Remove the SD Card from the camera

A Wyze error code 90 issue is not caused not limited to the internet connection alone, it can also be caused by a MicroSD card that isn’t functioning correctly.

Maybe the Micro Sd Card isn’t correctly placed. To ensure the problem isn’t coming from the Mirco Sd card simply do these.

  • Remove the Micro SD card and insert it back in properly
  • Now, power cycle the camera to test and see if the issue is resolved

Moving forward, if you’ve tried everything above, with no success this option should work out for you.

Flash the Firmware

Flashing the camera firmware has a high probability of getting it resolved. because in very common cases untested firmware contains bugs. And these Bigs can break the camera.

This is a very common root problem.

Now, the idea behind this option is to flash the Wyze cam SD card with an older firmware version.

It’s just as if you are putting an older OS version on the firmware, maybe because the updated version contains some bugs which are causing some issues.

Now, to Flash your Wyze Cam using the Micro Sd card follow these steps closely.

To Reflash your Wyze Cam with your micro SD card:

  • First and foremost, format the Micro Sd card as FAT or FAT32. it has to be formatted as FAT or FAT32 unless it won’t work.
  • Secondly, take the Micro SD card and insert it into a card reader and now insert it into your Laptop.
  • Now, go to the Wyze cam firmware site and get these firmware versions here (locate the right product for your Wyze cam)
  • As soon as you’ve downloaded it, rename the files as “demo.bin” don’t use any other name.
  • Now locate the file which you just renamed “demo.bin” and copy it to your SD card.
  • Now, make sure your camera is OFF, while you insert the Micro Sd card in the Wyze Cam slot
  • Next, switch on your Wyze cam.
  • Now, press and hold down the reset button on the camera until you hear the word “Read to connect” and releases immediately (give it some time as it could take 30 second – a few minutes before you hear that sound)
  • Finally, The Wyze camera’s LED light would begin to blink a yellow light.
  • Now, add the camera to the Wyze app again.

After doing all these successfully you should have resolved the Wyze error code 90.


Using a Wyze Cam comes with a lot of benefits, especially with its affordability as compared to other security cams, however, it has some cons when it comes to its connection error. which can be resolved quickly if faced with the “wyze error code 90″ issues.

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