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Torrents sites are as popular as 21st century and artificial intelligence (AI) machine. Torrents sites like Yify, 1337x, Limetorrents, Extra torrents, Rarbg to mention a few are top notch Torrents sites in 2018. Yify torrents site and its proxies ain’t just figurehead representing only torrents. The Yify (YTS) torrents contents uploaders upload latest torrents files be it music, movies, documents, games, paid apps, and others.

For so long, Yify torrents site has been among the popular torrents sites to download movies in 720p and 1080p with a well-defined clarity on gadgets and on PCs. A lot of torrents sites have struggled in the past years for survivor where Yify.ag domain name isn’t an exempted.

However, as one Yify (YTS) proxy is banned another Yify proxy emerges. If you try a Yify proxy in the morning and in the evening it’s blocked, just know that such a Yify URL is either suspended or banned by Niira.

The purpose of this article is to share with your working Yify (YTS) proxies in 2018 and how best to play safe and unblock Yify proxies once blocked from accessing it in your area.

Yify Proxy

Yify (YTS) Torrents Site is not Accessible

For so many reasons the Yify (YTS) torrents site can be banned. The one simple reason why Yify isn’t accessible includes sharing paid contents for a public use without the right to do so. Take, for instance, you subscribe to Netflix and download Netflix movies based on your subscription. You are not allowed to share it with third parties.

Once such a movie is uploaded to Yify for public usage and it caught Netflix and the produces attention, the domain will be censored and monitored for more contents that required a paid access. Once it’s found that more contents present in the domain database, the movie’s producers can simply report the domain and call for its suspension.

If found guilty, the domain may be pulled down or suspend pending the time the contents will be removed. However, come to torrents sites. Almost all torrents sites contents are paid contents which they do not have the right to share. For this, once caught, the torrents site may be shut down and it’ll remain inaccessible for users.

Unblock Yify Torrents Site

Just like when you are blocked from using YouTube and Youku in your region. Once you are blocked from accessing Yify you need a mirror or proxy to unblock your access. Instead of visiting Yify site directly you will need to go through a proxy site of your choice that will be shared below and be taken to the Yify torrents site to search and download torrents files.

If the ban is regionally based you can use a VPN to unblock your access. But, the only difficulty is that you need to know which region Yify isn’t banned from. Say, if Yify is banned in Canada and not banned in the UK. You need to get either a proxy or a VPN and switch to the UK IP address before you access the Yify torrents site in your region so that your activities will not be interrupted or intercepted by law enforcement agencies

.Yify (YTS) is the best torrents site to download movies in 720p and 1080p. However, once you are blocked from accessing the torrents site in your region, you must either make use of a proxy site as shared above or use a VPN to change your IP address from your current location where the torrents site is banned and clone it to the location where the torrents site is available. To monitor your level of anonymity check how to set Whoer for 100% result.

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