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BT notification app offers a handy way to handle smartphones on smartwatches and on browsers when you don’t want to go everywhere in the house with your phone. Suppose you have an Android phone and a smartwatch, all incoming calls, messages, chats, beeps, and notifications can be monitored and checked on your smartwatch with Bluetooth notifications. You can also use the Desktop notification to receive Android notifications on your computer without using the Bluetooth connection.

Therefore, if you have a Bluetooth enabled smartwatch and a smartphone, like Android or iOS, and you want to link the two together to start receiving notifications on your smartwatches when it rings or receives messages, here is a simple guide for you.

For Android users, there are a hundred BT Notifier apps in the play store to download for Android users. They perform similar functions and make your phone smarter with a smartwatch. However, a DZ09 smartwatch, here are some popular BT Notifier apps to select from.

BT Notification for Android

What is BT Notification App?

BT Notifier app is a mobile app for a smartphone to link a smartphone to a smartwatch using the Bluetooth in the two devices to be connected. If you have a smartwatch that allows you to receive and read notifications when connected to a phone, then, this feature shouldn’t be neglected.

You can download and install BT Notification on your phone to serve as a medium of connection between the phone and the smartwatch so that when the phone has a new notification and you ain’t with the phone while you are within the range of the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the watch you will be able to read and responds to whatever message or call or chat or notification on the phone from your smartwatch.

How to Connect Smartphone & Smartwatch with BT Notifier

I have shared my favorite BT Notification for Android (apps) for Android in the past. Follow this link to check them out and install your favorite. They all work the same way and the same procedure is required to make them work with your phone. So, whatever BT Notifier app you download this tutorial still works.

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the Bluetooth notification app on your phone enable your smartphone Bluetooth and launch the BT notifier app. Now, power on your smartwatch and go to settings to enable the smartwatch Bluetooth.

On your Android or iOS device, search for an available Bluetooth and select your smartwatch name from the searched result. Accept the popup notification on your smartwatch and click OK to pair the two devices.

Once paired, the Bluetooth notification icon will indicate the connection between the devices. Now, whenever there is an incoming information on your phone you will get a notification to inform you by a beep on your watch.

However, the disadvantage is that their distance is often less than 1KM. In fact, my past experience was a 100M which is still not bad. The BT notification app for Android relieves you the pressure of sticking to your phone 24/7.

Here is a recap…

  • Download BT Notification app on your Android
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone and smartwatch
  • Search for the available device on your phone and select the name of your smartwatch
  • Pair the two smart-device
  • Done

Once this is done, you will be able to receive all your phone notifications on your smartwatch within a specific distance.

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