How To Download And Install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft

Discover the easiest way to understand how to download and install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft and get it running with a guide in this article.

Roughly enough elements 1.16 / 1.15.2 / 1.15.1 / 1.14.4 / 1.13.2 is a mod that allows us to have properties that are very similar to those of the Just enough elements mod.

These features have to do with viewing recipes or ways to get blocks or items in-game, as well as those added by other mods we have installed.

We can add any block from the game to our inventory even when playing in survival mode. In addition to searching through a column that appears in an image at the bottom right of the game screen, we can use a search engine to look for available blocks or objects.

On the left side of the screen, we see two buttons “Cheat” and “Config”.
With Cheat we can use features that may be prohibited on public servers. The Config button takes us to a configuration menu with various mod options.

How To Download And Install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft

Roughly Enough Items for Minecraft 1.16

Screenshot of fairly rough elements Who said that there is no special guide with all the necessary information for the game Minecraft? Today you have the option to use the Raw Elements mod for Minecraft, which guarantees access to a whole library of knowledge.

You can now activate this feature in-game and get instant information about the blocks and recipes it can be used for. It will be enough to get used to this environment and the list of functions.

We, therefore, advise you not to waste your time and actively take advantage of this improvement, which will undoubtedly be of use to you. We wish you a successful adventure! Now let’s show you the steps to how to download and install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft

Roughly Enough Items Mod 1.16.3/1.15.2 (Crafting Recipes)

Roughly Enough mod 1.16.3 / 1.15.2 elements. If you’re a seasoned Minecraft gamer and use mods, you’ve probably heard of two famous mods: Enough Items and Not Enough Items. These are the two legendary mods mainly used for viewing recipes, managing inventory, generating items, and many other features and utilities. In later versions, Not Enough Items will become the Just Enough Items plug-in.

These mods become almost inevitable when playing Modded Minecraft and include Vanilla Minecraft as well. For now, however, “Enough Items Only” and “Not Enough Items” have not been updated to the latest versions (1.13 and 1.14) which makes Modded Minecraft quite difficult as it will be hard to find. Get the recipe for the item. But don’t worry that you have enough items!

How To Download And Install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft

This article is our step-by-step guide on how to download and install about enough items in Minecraft 1.13.2. Roughly Enough Items is version 1.13.2 of TooManyItems, the fantastic 1.8 mod that hasn’t been updated in years. So, if you want TooManyItems in Minecraft 1.13.2, you can get enough items! So let’s install a few things in Minecraft 1.13.2.

Steps to How To Download And Install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft:

  • Download and install Forge
  • Download Roughly Enough Items
  • Download Roughly Enough Items
  • Open Minecraft Launcher and select the “Forge” profile

1. Download and install Forge

As with most mods these days, Roughly Enough Items is installed with the Forge Mod Loader.
Forge is very easy to install and we have a tutorial for that! You can check it out for yourself by clicking here. This tutorial will walk you through each step of installing Forge. Once you’ve installed and started Forge, there are enough items you can move on to launching.

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2. Download Roughly Enough Items

Before we can install Roughly Enough Items, we need to download it. So let’s get started. You can download Roughly Enough Items by clicking here. This brings you to CurseForge. Once on this site, click the Files tab, then select the version of Roughly Enough Items that you want to install. If you want to play with pretty rough elements in Minecraft 1.13.2, then you should choose version 1.13.2. When you’ve found the approximate version of the item you want, click the small download arrow next to the version name. This will start the download. You may need to keep or save the file. It’s 100% Safe!

How To Download And Install Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft

3. Install Roughly Enough Items

So some things have already been downloaded, but how do you install them? Well, it is very simple. Just press the Windows key on your keyboard and “R” at the same time. This will open the Run program. Enter “% appdata%” in the search field. This will open the Roaming folder on your computer. At the top of this folder, you will see a program called “.minecraft”. Open that folder and inside you should have a folder called “mods”.
Otherwise, create one.

Once you’ve found or created your Mods folder, installing Roughly Enough Items is easy. Just take them, drag them and put them in this “Mods” folder. Once that’s done, the changes will be installed. We’re not done yet, however. We always need to make sure we choose the right version of Forge.

4. Open Minecraft Launcher and select the “Forge” profile

To choose the right version of Forge we need to open the normal Minecraft launcher that we will let you know and love. From there we can click the up arrow next to the “Play” button. From there you can find the profile titled “Forging”. Click on it, then click the big green “Play” button. Minecraft should start with Forge and Roughly Enough Items.

Roughly Enough Items in Minecraft is now installed!
Have fun, build things or install other mods.

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