How to Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

This post will offer a helping hand to help you cancel SEOprofiler free trial before 30 days. The SEOprofiler service is alternative to Semrush and other SEO websites to analyze website backlinks, monitor your website’s ranking, monitoring new website backlink, identify links that are hurting your website ranking, analyze competitive backlinks, monitor your ranking keywords, and lot more.

The SEOprofiler has a good review about monitoring website ranking, whether a website has been hit by Google panda updates or algorithm update. However, SEOprofiler offers a 30 days free trial for just $1 called the “Smart” plan. The smart plan offers the privilege to monitor your website ranking for 30 days before you will be charged a full plan price.

The SEOprofiler pricing is affordable and the site offers value for your money. The website uses information from Google analytics, Semrush, Moz, and other giant SEO company to analyze your website ranking.

In addition to all these, SEOprofiler sends a weekly report on your new links, newly demoted links, new ranking keywords, and many others. However, if you have successfully subscribed to SEOprofiler free trial for a month for $1 and you don’t want the SEO company to charge you for subsequent months you need to cancel your free trial.

The purpose of this article is to help you cancel SEOprofiler free trail plan before the expiring time otherwise you’ll be charged after 30 days.

How to Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

Just follow this process to cancel your SEOprofiler smart free trial period before 30 days…

1. Open any browser and visit “SEOprofiler

2. Click on “Your Account” under “Smart” and click on “Account Settings”

Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

3. Scroll down to “Billing History” in your SEOprofiler smart and click “Cancel subscription”

How to Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

4. Scroll down the “Subscription” page and click on “Cancel your Subscription” and click  “I understand that by canceling”. After that, click on”Go to this page”

How to Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

5. You will be taken to FastSpring website to cancel your subscription and click on “Cancel Subscription”

How to Cancel SEOProfiler Free Trial

6. Click “Confirm” to confirm your SEOprofiler smart free trail cancelation

6. Click  on the “Confirm” button to confirm that you want to cancel your free trail subscription from SEOprofiler


Always remember to cancel your SEOprofiler subscription free trial so that you will not be charged after the $1 first month subscription.


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