Best Calendar Apps for Lawyers

As a lawyer, it is very important to make a good first impression. You don’t want to be late for your first meeting with a customer, or appear without preparation. A good calendar app or planning application for lawyers can be useful here. Here we present some of the best calendar apps for lawyers and other professionals that you can use to count every meeting and stay on top of your game.

Importance of Calendar Apps for Lawyers

Best Calendar Apps for Lawyers

With a calendar application, you can schedule meetings and appointments. Simply enter the date and time of the meeting or appointment and the time you want to be reminded, and the app will set up a reminder.

If a calendar is properly configured in your calendar application, missing deadlines are in your past. He will also ensure that you are never late for meetings and appointments with customers.

Calendar apps help you organize your workflow as a lawyer and work more productively with clients. There is no possibility to plan two appointments at the same time, which means that you have to choose one and disappoint a customer.

The image is a very important part of a lawyer because a delay in an appointment (or even a hearing appointment) does not make your image cheaper and can even lead to the loss of clients.

Now that you know how a calendar app can work for you as a lawyer, we would like to introduce you to some of the best calendar apps for lawyers and other professionals.

Here are the Best Calendar Apps for Lawyers

This list contains some of the best calendar apps for lawyers and other professionals that may have a tight schedule-oriented type of work.

Best Calendar Apps For Lawyers

Calendar.AI App for Lawyers

It’s not just your traditional calendar app. Calendar.AI is a smart calendar application that syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar (Outlook) and contains information about the people and companies you will meet.

It is one of the best calendar apps for lawyers. Not only do they remind you of your meeting and meeting, but you can also get information about the people or companies you meet.

With this additional but invaluable feature, you can give the best first impression that is invaluable to a lawyer. So make sure you count on every meeting.

Having useful information about your customers beforehand will create trust and help you become (or at least be) a friendly person. You also get weather information.

Calendar.AI provides you with useful information about the people and companies with whom you are planning meetings. The knowledge comes from sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and can be displayed directly in the calendar app.

To keep focus, you can add a calendar to the calendar. You can also take private notes and add meeting minutes in the app.

If your customer prefers a video conference meeting, Calendar.AI can be perfectly integrated into zoom meetings, GoToMeeting, Webex and Skype for Business. This flexibility can make you a privileged lawyer for clients.

The app can also be easily integrated into planning apps such as Calendly, Doodle,, Acuity Scheduling, Setmore Appointments, and Superhuman.

Calendar.AI can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS devices.


Google Calendar App for Lawyers

Compared to Calendar.AI, Google Calendar is a more targeted calendar application. It syncs with Gmail and makes it easy to add events.

When your customer emails you an appointment or hearing appointment on Google Calendar, you can click the dates to add them to your calendar.

The app is pre-installed on Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices. It can be integrated with many other applications (especially productivity applications) like Calendar.AI, making it a must for a lawyer.

Google Calendar App

Office 365 calendar (Outlook)

This calendar was developed from the ground up for companies. A great advantage of Office 365 is that it is synchronized across multiple devices, from cell phones to tablets to PCs.

This means that you can add an appointment to your calendar on your desktop computer and access your entries on your smartphone on the go.

It is another versatile calendar app and, like Google Calendar, can be integrated with many other productivity apps, including Calendar.AI.

The Outlook calendar is ideal for law firms because all public calendar entries are visible to everyone, which makes resource allocation easier.

Office 365 calendar


Accompaniment is very similar to Calendar.AI. As soon as you have planned a meeting with someone in the app, relevant information about him and his company is collected and displayed in the app.

This feature makes it a great solution for lawyers as it ensures that you are always ready before meeting clients. Support is only available for iOS devices.



The timepage application was developed by Moleskine, a company known for its laptops, and offers a nice calendar view. The exclusive iOS app makes entering events quick and easy. Get split-screen support more.

Best Calendar Apps for Lawyers

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