How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android Apps in Play Store

When you subscribe a data plan on your Android phone, you expect the data to lapse for a particular period depending on your subscription expiry date. However, when apps on your phone are set to automatic updates without you knowing, while all your Android apps are up-to-date to enjoy a new feature and a super-fast Android phone you will be in a shortage of data and exceed your data limit before the expiry date. This is mostly caused when Android apps are set to updates automatically. And to save you from this huge lost and perhaps unannounced data disappointment here you will learn how to turn off automatic updates Android apps using Google play store feature.

Google Play store is built in such a way that you can turn off automatic updates via settings and update your Android apps manually. You can also set your apps to update over a Wi-Fi, which is considered best option because of unlimited data cap of some Wi-Fi network. However, if you are connected to a friend via Wi-Fi, enjoy the wireless connection and you set your Android apps to automatic updates, there is going to be a commotion as the subscription will lapse before the allotted time.

This is not to say that there is no way to turn off automatic updates Android app from play store but, it’s advisable to check play store app manually if there is a need to update to the latest version. Take for instance, if you want to enjoy the latest WhatsApp features you need a constant update and the only way to enjoy constant update is not to turn off automatic updates of your WhatsApp mobile chat.

However, since there is no way to separate apps that need constant updates and set it to automatic update when an update available, you should consider disabling the app automatic update feature on Google play store.

Meanwhile, in my latest post, I shared how to get the latest updates and version of any app including WhatsApp. With the post, even when you turn off automatic updates of Android apps feature in Google play store app you will still be able to get the latest updates and news.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android

1. Open Google Play store app on your Android phone [You can access it via app list or on your phone desktop under Google if you use a launcher that creates folders automatically].

2. On Google Play store interface click on the Hamburger on the same column with the search box where Google play is faintly written.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android

3. Scroll down the left swipe that appears and clicks settings with the gear icon almost to the bottom of the page.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android

4. Under settings, there are series of options including parental control, clear local search history, auto-update apps, notifications and device certification.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android

5. Click on Auto-update apps and select do not auto-update apps from the list of options. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to stress yourself much, instead of turn off automatic updates you can select auto-update only over Wi-Fi.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android

Note: This option will not auto-update your Android apps over phone connection and will only update your phone automatically when you are connected to a Wi-Fi, whether phone Wi-Fi or Hotel Wi-Fi or School W-Fi or NGO Wi-Fi or broadband Wi-Fi.

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