Alexi Ashe’s Net Worth, Husband, Career, Age, and Bio

Alexi Ashe Meyers is a leading attorney and an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, and sex trafficking. Also, she is a celebrity wife. Her husband is a popular comedian whose name is Seth Meyers. Seth Meyer is a producer, writer and television host who is best known for hosting a late-night talk show called “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. 

However, he has hosted other popular shows such as New Year’s Eve, A.P. Bio, The Awesomes etc. Presently Alexi works full time as a career woman. However, she isn’t very active on social media since she has less than 1k followers on her Instagram profile.

Alexi Ashe net worth is under review, while her husband Seth Meyer’s net worth is $26 million.


Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe was born in New Mexico, United States of America on April 1, 1983. Where she was also raised with her older siblings. The name of her father was Tom Ashe while her mom is Joan Ashe.

While her elder sibling is Ariel. She comes from a family who are financially okay since it was reported that her dad Tom Ashe used to be a Popular photographer while her mom Joanne was an activist, educator and film director.

Early Life & Education

There have been little to no details about how Alexi’s early childhood went. However, she was raised with her elder sister Ariel and brother Tolba who both grew up in New Mexico America where she was born. 

During her childhood, she attended a local high school that she completed in 2002. After graduating from high school she enrolled herself in Occidental College where she got a BA in Political Science and Government in 2006. 

However, she didn’t stop schooling since most people who are known to rise to stardom usually stop schooling after their first degree, however, since her aim was on her career she proceeded with her studies at the university school of law where she graduated with a Juris Doctor in International Human rights.


She began to deal with different associations as she got a chance to work for little to no money as an Assistant DA in King’s County in 2011. Also while she was in new york she got the opportunity to work as a criminal examiner for sex trafficking cases.

Afterwards, Ashe went on to intern at a legal firm called  Human Rights First. Her experience in this firm gave her the knowledge of legal terms details and she also got to know about people’s experience with the asylum process in the USA.

Some years after she became a legal advisor to an investment company which was situated in New York. After staying for a while she went back to the company she left. Before her job as a Pro Bono assistant.

During her stay there, she was mainly involved in helping victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. While still in the firm, she left her DA position to join the attorney for sanctuary for families. 

Presently her experience in the field has made her a co-chairman of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. Surprisingly her rise through the legal ranks hasn’t stopped her from advocating for victims since it was revealed that her efforts against human trafficking and domestic violence have given her the title “New Abolitionist”

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Alexi Ashe Net Worth

Alexi Ashe isn’t a celebrity but a career woman so she makes most of her income as a salary earner or from her attorney gig. Since she works in the USA as an Attorney and it was revealed that a district attorney in the USA earns $83,000 on an average. She makes around that amount yearly. However Alexi Ashe net worth hasn’t been reviewed as of today, but, her husband, Seth Meyer net worth is said to worth of $26 Million.

Alexi Ashe Family

Alexi Ashe

There haven’t been so many details about Alexi Ashe’s family however She comes from a Monogamous family since her dad Tom Ashe got married to her Mom Joanne Ashe.

It was revealed that her dad used to be a popular photographer in his youthful years which was back in the days, while her mom was reported to have been an activist educator and a founder of a Film Project. 

Alexi also has a sibling who is older than her. Her name is Ariel and it was revealed that Ariel is the co-founder of an interior design firm. She also owns an e-commerce website where she sells items like jewellery.

Meanwhile, she has a brother named Tolya who is a chef and owns a restaurant in New York called Little Gem.

Alexi Ashe sister: Ariel Ashe

Alexi Ashe
Ariel Ashe

Alexis Ashe has a pretty good relationship with her sister Ariel Ashe, she has been seen numerous times with her sisters. In one of her sister’s businesses, she possed with her sister on a chair to act as a popular brand image for her e-commerce website, Among others, Ariel Ahe is also known to be an interior designer.

Alexi Ashe’s brother: Tolya Ashe

Alexi Ashe
Alexi Ashe brother

Tolya Ashe is a pretty successful chef since it was revealed that he has a restaurant in New York named Little Gem. However, he isn’t a celebrity of any such he lives a private and modest life with his wife. However, he is on Instagram and he has a pretty decent amount of followers. 

Alexi Ashe Husband: Seth Meyer

Both Seth Meyer and Alexi Ashe had their first contact at the wedding of Chris Kattan who was part of the cast for the Saturday Night Live show. Since Alexi’s sister, Ariel worked as an interior designer for the wedding. This made Alexi go there as a Wedding visitor.

After their first contact, Seth stated that she was the nearest he had at any point met to somebody who he could see himself with.

Their attraction from the onset kickstarted their likeness fro each other. After some period of courtship, they eventually tied the Knot in 2013 at Chickemmoo Farm in Martha’s Vineyard, an island in Massachusetts.

Since that period they’ve been together till today. Presently they have three kids, their names are; Ashe Olsen Meyers who was born on 27th March 2016 while her next child is Axel Strahl Meyer who was born on April 8th 2018. Her last child is Adelaide Meyers who was born on November 21 2021

Alexi Ashe age

Since Alexi Ashe was born on April 1, 1983. The present age of the leading new York Attorney (Alexi Ashe) will be 39 in 2022. She celebrates her birthday on the 1st of April every year.

Alexi Ashe Height & Weight

Alexi has a pretty decent height however she isn’t as tall as Seth Meyer. However, she stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167cm

Alexi Ashe birthday

The well-accomplished attorney who advocates for sex trafficking issues celebrates her birthday on the 1st of April every year. 

Alexi Ashe Children

Alexi Ashe

As a female lawyer who is married to a man, there was some hard decision she had to go with such as the incidence of naming her first child. Since it is a normal custom for the child to bear the husband’s name, she decided to give her first child her name which resulted in naming her first child Ashe Olsen Meyers, however, things seems to die down when she gave birth to her second child who was named Axel Strahl Meyer.

Ashe Olsen Meyers was born on 27th March 2016 while her next child Axel Strahl Meyer was born on April 8th 2018.

Lately, they had a daughter On November 24, 2021, her name is Adelaide Meyers.

Alexi Ashe Social Media

She isn’t a social media person. She rarely posts on her Instagram page plus she has placed her account on private. since she prefers to keep her personal life discreet. You can get through to her social media page here.

Alexi’s case scenario is similar to the wife of Copper Mannings who is also a legal practitioner and an accomplished one. You can read more about it over here.

Alexi Ashe Wikipedia

Alexi Ashe isn’t very popular since popular individuals are mostly written about on Wikipedia. Probably she might be added there soon however her husband Seth Meyer has a Wikipedia page.

Alexi Ashe Instagram

She isn’t a social media person. But you can find her on Instagram over here. her account is private Probably, she prefers to keep her personal life discreet. You can get through to her social media page here.

How old is Alexi Ashe?

The Celebrity wife Alexi Ashe who is an Accomplished attorney in New York was born on April 1 1983, making her present age as of May 2022 39 years. She celebrates her birthday on April 1 every month

How did Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers meet?

They both met at the wedding of Chris Kattan who was part of Seth Meyer’s host in the Night show that he hosts. Alexi attended because her sister Ariel was one of the interior designers employed for the wedding.

How old is Alexi Ashe Meyers?

The Celebrity wife Alexi Ashe who is an Accomplished attorney in New York was born on April 1 1983, making her present age as of May 2022 39 years. She celebrates her birthday on April 1 every month.

How did Seth Meyers meet Alexi Ashe?

Seth Meyer got to meet Alexis at the wedding of Chris Kattan. Alexi attended because her sister Ariel was one of the interior designers employed for the wedding.

Is Alexi Jewish?

Yes, Seth Meyer once revealed that he isn’t Jewish but his wife Alexi Ashe is  Jewish.

Full Real NameAlexi Ashe
Stage NameAlexi
ProfessionAttorney, Criminal Prosecutor, and Assistant District Attorney.
Famously Known asWife of Seth Meyers, who is an American comedian, writer, and actor).
BirthdayApril 01, 1983.
Age (as of 2020)37 years old.
Zodiac SignAries.
Place of BirthNew Mexico, The United States of America.
Current ResidenceNew York, United States.
Father Tom Ashe.
MotherJoan Ashe
SiblingAriel Ashe(Sister)
Tolby Ashe(Brother)
ChildrenAshe Olsen Meyers – 27th March 2016
Axel strahl meyer – April 8th 2018
Adelaide Meyers – November 24, 2021, 

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