Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

Are you considering getting a pocket-friendly Bluetooth speaker yet having all the basic fantastic features that provide great sound quality? Then, you are in the right place as this post will walk you through the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 that you can get, especially if you are a Music lover who loves bringing audio outdoors.

The best Bluetooth speakers are a great option for users who love listening to podcasts, music, and audiobooks from their smart devices. All Bluetooth-compatible speakers don’t depend on an internet connection to stream audio, unlike the speakers with Wi-Fi, which makes them a bit more portable.

Read on as we unveil amazing features of the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 that can perform optimally and give you what you want.

How to Select the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

If you are a lover of Music and you love to hear portable, solid sounds from your Bluetooth speaker without having to go bankrupt. Then, here are features to look out for when selecting the best Bluetooth speaker under $100.

Before you begin the selection process for the best Bluetooth speakers under $100, you must have personal favourites and check out the technical specs and possibly previous user reviews on other models.

Here are features to look out for before you select the best Bluetooth speaker under $100:

  • Sound quality.
  • Battery life that lasts for at least 10 hours.
  • Connectivity of a range over 20 feet ensures that these affordable options offer an exceptional listening experience.
  • Extra portability.
  • Waterproof ratings.
  • Stereo pairing.
  • Voice assistant compatibility.

All the above-mentioned features should help you select the best Bluetooth speaker under $100.

If you want to save some money and still get a top-notch Bluetooth speaker without sacrificing quality, then you need to look out for the following basic features since $100 goes a long way.

The Bluetooth speaker tech has been growing rapidly, especially in the last couple of years. The most recent models are designed with features that enable your Bluetooth speaker to blast out room-filling sound despite its portability. Check out the features of the best Bluetooth speaker under $100:


The first thing to consider is the speaker’s size, so you can carry it wherever you want without complaining of heavy weight, and it should also be flexible. You should be able to plug it into mains, like an Amazon Echo. The best portable Bluetooth speakers under $100 will be durable in such a way that they can be taken outside without fear of damage.

Once you set out to shop for a Bluetooth speaker under $100, it’s essential to consider where and when you will be rocking this device the most. Even though most wire-free speakers are designed to be carried around with you, not every speaker has this portability feature.

There are several portable Bluetooth speakers that weigh under 1 pound; therefore, you don’t need to worry about being slowed down. We recommend you get a lightweight model with a built-in strap for an easy outdoor experience.

Additional Accessories

Another feature you should consider is microphones which allow you to use your Bluetooth speaker for mobile calls and also support virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Once you get your speaker and it’s portable, ensure you check its weatherproof rating.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Most speakers usually feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity, while some have an aux input that allows you to plug in a good old analog cable and play music from any source. Most Bluetooth speakers charge via USB-C sockets these days, even though you normally can’t listen to audio via them. However, some have sockets for charging your phone utilizing the speaker’s built-in power bank.

IP rating 

Most Bluetooth speakers have an IP rating which is usually stated in the product description or concealed under additional specs. IP denotes “Ingress Protection,” which reveals just how fortified an electronic device like the Bluetooth speaker is against dust, dirt, and water.

In case you are looking for a speaker that can sit in your car or on your bookshelf, then having a high IP rating might not be a very important feature to look out for when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker.

However, if you are searching for a speaker you can take to the beach, bathtub perch, or park, ensure it’s protected from the elements and has the IP ratings.

Sound quality 

With $100, excellent sound quality is quite difficult to find in a Bluetooth speaker. Basically, Bluetooth speakers are not known for audiophile-quality sound reproduction. Therefore, you don’t need to get yourself worked up if your new unit doesn’t sound just like your high-end studio monitors.

Even with that said, you don’t have to settle for muffled, distorted, or limited audio necessarily. Always consider the size, decibels, and frequency response to find the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 that can give out solid bass, maintain clarity, and support excess genres and instruments.

Battery Life

The duration a battery can last for most portable speakers is usually between 8 to 12 hours. You should always note that whatever number is stated in the specs on a manufacturer’s website is likely the best result you should expect, implying that you can listen up for such a long hour, but your results will differ.

However, if you love to play your music loud, your battery life will almost definitely be lower than the number mentioned by the manufacturer.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

If you want the best Bluetooth speaker for your boat ride, bathroom, balcony, or beach, you will always find something that suits your budget in the list provided below.

You can always buy these speakers with confidence since Hi-Fi’s audio experts have tested them. Check out the list of the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 below:

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

The ultimate is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. It is small and lightweight, which makes it very easy to hold in your hand. It has a small built-in strap that can be attached to your bag or suspended from a hook.

The overall sound profile is balanced, making it suited for listening to a vast variety of audio content. There is also an ‘Outdoor Mode’ EQ preset promoted to help boost its bass. This Bluetooth speaker also has exceptional directivity because of its 360-degree design, resulting in an ample and realistic-sounding soundstage.

The ultimate ears Wonderboom 2 has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance that permits it to be dust-tight and submersible in water for up to a meter for 30 minutes. It can also float in water, so it’s amazing if you decide to carry your favourite music along with you to the pool or in the shower.

Its battery life lasts up to nearly 13 hours from a single charge, which is fantastic for long days of listening outdoors. Although, this varies depending on your preferred volume levels. It’s also Bluetooth compatible. It costs $77.99.

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Anker Soundcore Flare 2

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

Although the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 doesn’t get as deafening as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, you can easily customize this speaker’s sound to your taste because of the graphic EQ and presets featured in its Soundcore companion app. It’s well-built and has a portable design.

It also supports voice assistants via your smartphone, although its output is not that great. Once its ‘BassUp’ feature is enabled, it has a balanced mid-range that guarantees vocals and lead instruments to reproduce distinctly and with detail in the mix; they may occasionally sound a bit veiled.

Just like most 360-degree speakers, the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 has excellent directivity, which implies that you can hear your audio clearly from different angles. It also has an IPX7 rating for water resistance that permits it to be immersible in up to a meter of water for about 30 minutes, indicating that you can carry it outside with you without the fear of getting it a bit wet from some light rain or falling it in a pool of water. It costs $79.00.

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Oontz Angle 3

best Bluetooth speaker under $100

This is another best Bluetooth speaker under $100. It has an excellent price point and good battery life with the IPX5 rating for water resistance. It has impressive bass for its size.

Although Oontz Angle 3 is tiny yet it’s mighty and delivers wireless stereo sound at a crazy-low price. This speaker was designed for those who need a wireless speaker for chump change.

Oontz Angle 3 has decent sound quality considering its cheap price and amazing size. The Angle 3 has about 12 to 15-hour battery life, an excellent wireless range, and also has speakerphone compatibility. It also has an IPX5 rating for water resistance, which enables you to take it out near water like pools or beaches. It guards against splashes, and you can easily rinse it off.

The Oontz Angle 3 has rubberized end caps, which enables it to stand up to some abuse due to its ruggedness which is not its direct mission. Its subtle footprint offers explicit and surprisingly loud audio quality, which is perfect for circumstances where your phone or tablet’s internal speaker is not available to share music or YouTube videos.

Although Oontz Angle 3 is not a champ in the bass department, if you stand this speaker on its end, you will give the languid bass radiator on the bottom some perimeter to work with, and it will give you a richer and fuller sound. It costs $39.99.

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JBL Flip 5

best Bluetooth speaker under $100

The JBL Flip 5 has terminated the analog Aux-in port for wired listening, which is not a big issue; wireless is clearly the way forward, but JBL has also discontinued the microphone that was used for voice control and hands-free calls.

That makes the JBL Flip 5 basically just a Bluetooth (4.2) speaker but one with a USB-C charging port and cable. This charging port permits lowering the charging time to just two and half hours from flat to fully charged. This is an hour faster than the Flip 4, even though the Flip 5’s battery is much bigger (4800mAh compared to 3000mAh).

The JBL Flip 5 is slightly bigger and heavier than its older versions, but the difference is hardly noticed. The new racetrack-shaped driver concealing under its jacket is 4mm wider in diameter (44mm from 40mm). The Flip 5 also features 20W of amplification, enabling you to get an extra 4W power over the Flip 4.

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JBL says that Flip 5 is waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This implies that you can submerge your speaker in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. JBL Flip 5 does not have a cover on the USB-C charging port, and though it is waterproofed, it’s not tested against salt or sand ingress at the beach.

The Flip 5 is known for its portability as it can rest in your palm. It has a wrist strap that can slip comfortably over your hand, and the buttons are easily accessible.

Apart from a light indicator that denotes charging next to the Flip 5’s only port, there are also light-up power and Bluetooth buttons across its rubberized spine, a play/pause button, volume controls, and a PartyBoost button for stereo pairing on top of the casing. It has solid bass and timing with a great sense of acoustics. It costs $98.99.

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Tribit StormBox Micro

best Bluetooth speaker under $100

Tribit Stormbox Micro is another best Bluetooth speaker under $100. Although the Tribit Audio is new to the Bluetooth speaker game, it has already scored a hit with this ultra-portable model. It is roughly the size of a stack of drinks coasters and provides a deep amount of sound for around sixty bucks.

It’s a great travel buddy, too. The Tribit Stormbox Micro has the IP67 rating, which implies that it can be dropped in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, and it comes with a useful rubberized strap. You can easily pair two of them in stereo mode or access your connected device’s voice assistant.

Despite the fact that a speaker with such dimensions is apparently limited in terms of bass weight, the Tribit Micro does quite well; you can close your eyes while listening, and you will picture a bigger product. Well, this wireless wonder is a device you would want to buy as the best Bluetooth speaker under $100. It costs $60.00.

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Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

best Bluetooth speaker under $100

The Amazon Echo Dot (4) is identical to the HomePod Mini in measurement. The two speakers are almost the same in form when placed side by side. The charcoal Echo Dot sample is a similar shade to the black Mini, and the power cable is mounted at the exact angle, although Dot’s cable is detachable rather than fixed and surrounded by a 3.5mm audio line out for wired listening.

The Amazon Echo Dot (fourth-generation) speaker assumes the sound quality and smart home hub capacities of the Echo Plus and places it in a new round package.

Similar to the larger Echo (4th Generation), Dot’s spherical design is trimmed off at the bottom to deliver a base, and it’s here that you will locate the Amazon Echo range’s trademark blue ring of light. 

The four physical buttons on Amazon Echo Dot are for the mic on/off, action and volume buttons are still present, cancelled from the apex of the Dot, and there is also a ‘tap to snooze’ feature, which enables you to use your Dot for alarms and reminders.

One unique thing about the new design is the elliptical band of plastic that increases to its highest around the power port behind the unit, which implies that you shouldn’t expect the same omnidirectional sound production as in the earlier iteration.

It has a premium design with an expansive sound as powerful as the Echo Plus. It also has a strong bass for its size with a built-in smart home hub. It costs $99.99.
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Sony SRS-XB13

best Bluetooth speaker under $100

The Sony SRS -XB13 is an outdoor-friendly speaker that is also waterproof built, probably its best selling point. Its audio performance is around what you’d expect from a speaker of its size. It gets loud for its subtle size. It’s sturdy, and it costs $48.00.

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This is the list of best Bluetooth speakers under $100 you can invest your money on without any regret. Have you picked your choice among the above-listed Bluetooth speakers? If yes, let’s know your preference in the comment section below and why you chose this option.

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