Best Cheap Pedometer Step Counter Apps for Android Phone

Pedometer Android app is one of the most valuable pre-installed apps on one of my Samsung Galaxy S5 app to count steps and calories burned while I walk. Meanwhile, outside the Samsung Galaxy pre-installed step counter app there are numerous best cheap pedometers to count your steps on daily exercise.

Also, if you don’t have an Android phone to use pedometer step counters on, there is a step counter bracelet that works with Android phones to help count steps and burn body calories in the long run.

So, if you are searching for best step counter for Android phone and iPhone (step counter app iPhone) here is a perfect post for you. Here in this post, you will get to know best and cheap pedometer step counter app for Android phone, windows phone, iOS (iPhone) including the one for a bracelet to help count steps and burn calories at the same time.

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Best Cheap Step Counter for Android Phone

This section is mainly for Android phone users that would love to lay their hands on the best pedometer that counts steps and measure the number of body calories burned. Here we share both free and paid step counter apps but cheap to afford and most importantly, user-friendly and doesn’t occupy too much of phone memory.

1. Runtastic Pedometer Step Count

To begin with the cheap pedometer app for Android phone, our first choice is Runtastic pedometer Android app. What it does is very simple but crucial in burning and walking 10,000 daily steps without mixing just a step out of it.

As it were, Runtastic is a beginner app to keep you fit, and, it’s one of the best apps to count steps and calories burned on your Android phone you need to install. Runtastic is a free pedometer app for Android phone to help calculate the number of steps, calories burned and total kilometer you walk a day.

If you love this cheap and best pedometer step counter for Android phones you can get it directly from Google play store (Runtastic).

2. Pedometer Step Counter & Weight Loss Coach

On our list of best cheap pedometer app for Android phones is pedometer and weight loss coach app. It does nothing other than taking cognizance of your daily steps and how far you were able to move per day and the numbers of calories burned per day.

Once you downloaded and install pedometer and weight loss coach, all you need to is navigate to the preference and set it accordingly, and if you have a bracelet you would love to use the app with Bluetooth connection, it is very easy to make it happen.

You simply needs to go ahead and enable it and that it turn turns bracelet step counter one and start monitoring your steps per day and it’s solely depend on your settings and preference.

With 4.5 user rating, you can consider pedometer and weight loss coach and must have step counter apps for Android phones to counts and monitor calories burned. You can get the app directly from Google play store (Pedometer and weight loss coach)

3. Pedometer

The pedometer is 3rd on the list of our compiled best and cheap pedometer set the counter for Android phones to counts the number of steps you have walked and the amount of calories burned per day and display them right on your app screen.

Once you are done setting your pedometer step counters for Android phone and you hits the start button it will start counting your steps and also calculated the total calories burned within the stipulated time our hours of the day.

The step walked for the day can as well be displayed graphically depending on your settings and how exactly you want it to display. If you prefer to go for pedometer as your Android phone app step counter you can get it directly from Google play store (Pedometer).

4. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

This app can be simply called track my step app for Android phone and without bothering to look for any alternative. As it were, its helps to track your daily steps and put into the record the number of steps made for the day and calories burned as instructed from the app preference.

With Google fits you can be rest assured that as you journey the whole day cycling, walking and playing around all record will be taken with both Android watch pedometer and bracelet app enabled pedometer device.

If you have a daily fitness goal you need to meet, you can always count on Google fit step counter to know how far you have been able to accomplish your goal within the stipulated time. If you care for Google fitness app you can get it directly from Google store.

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