How to Delete YouTube Account Permanently Now

You probably know or heard YouTube channel generate tons of money for YouTubers. But it’s not as easy as you read on the internet. Think of if this way…. Before you think of how to delete YouTube account permanently, you’d have either created a YouTube channel that does not generate traffic, no single YouTube subscriber, poor earning which you are planning to increase, or you don’t even know what to post on YouTube.

While trying to find out why your YouTube channel is not generating enough traffic and earning, there is possibility to have created more YouTube channel, and now you are bothered on how to delete the channel wrongly created. Or because you are planning to start a new YouTube channel, you deem it fit to delete old YouTube account and start from the scratch.

Which ever ways, here you will learn how to delete your YouTube channel account but before we share with you the step by step procedure on how to delete your YouTube account or channel, below are the possible consequences when you deleted either your channel or account.

YouTube Videos Associated with the Account Will Be Deleted

Whether you delete your YouTube channel or account intentional or not, once you delete your account on YouTube, the entire videos associated with the said account will be brought down and all associated videos will be deleted with.

If you are earning cents with the uploaded videos on your YouTube account before you deleted it, your earning will stampede and it will stop earning. You will no longer generate views on the video.

Would I Be Able to Delete YouTube Account on Any Device?

This is a great question to provide solution to. Without lost of generality, this post teaches you how to delete YouTube channel account on PC but the same procedure can be used to delete YouTube channel on the follow devices.

1. iPhone

2. Android

3. Blackberry

4. Windows Phone

5. iPad

5. Other internet enabled phone

Nevertheless, you can follow suit the same procedure shared in this article to delete your YouTube channel or account on your phone.

How to Delete YouTube Account or Channel

Note that you should be able to remember your Gmail login details to have access to your channels on YouTube. It’s also wise to note that you can have more than a channel on your YouTube account. However, deleting single channel doesn’t delete the entire channel on your YouTube account except you choose to delete your YouTube account itself.

However, below is the exact procedure to delete your created channel on your YouTube account.

1. Login to your YouTube account using the associated Gmail account and click on gear icon option to the right of your profile

Delete YouTube Channel

2. You will be taken to your YouTube dashboard, click on the Advance  in overview section

Delete YouTube Account

3. Click on Delete channel to the bottom of the page once a new page opens under Advance section. A new window will pops up prompting for confirmation.

Delete YouTube Channel

4. YouTube will prompt two options when you clicked on delete tab which are “I want to hide my content” and “I want to permanently delete my channel”.  To delete your YouTube channel and its contents, click on I want to permanently delete my content otherwise I want to hide my content.

Delete YouTube channel

5. Enter your Gmail password in the new pops up and click on delete button that say delete your content on YouTube channel permanently.

How to delete YouTube Chanel on Phone

Congratulations, you have successfully delete your YouTube channel from your YouTube account. Also, note that other service like Google plus, Gmail, Google AdSense, Admob, GTalk, etc are still available in your account to use but you’ll no longer be able to access or retrieve your deleted YouTube Channel.

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