Can you Wear Airpods Pro in the Shower

You might be thinking of wearing your AirPods to the shower. But, that might not be a great idea. 

Anyway, let’s find out the answer by answering the question “can you wear Airpods Pro in the shower?

A great number of Airpods come with an iPX4 water resistant rating which is very small.

What this means is that they can only withstand water splashes that’s all.

However, some do come with IPX 5 water resistance rating.

But, does that mean you can wear them in the shower without facing any serious consequences? 

Before we explain that we need to understand what water resistance means and how the rating affects what amount of water it can withstand or if it is safe to say it is waterproof.

What does water resistance means

Some of you might have confused water resistant with waterproof. Well, I am here to debunk that.

They are not the same. Something waterproof can stay in water no matter how deep or long you immerse it but water resistance means, the device has a certain resistance to water affecting it.

It is similar to saying a cup of water won’t do much to it but it can’t withstand a pool. 

Do you get the point right?

Anyway, let me buttress more specifically by defining what water resistance means

It means to be able to resist water to some degree but not entirely

Now that you know what water resistance means let’s break down the questions

Can you wear Airpods Pro in the shower?

Can you wear Airpods Pro in the shower

Airpods comes with different water resistance rating while others simply do not have any water resistance capability 

However, for this post, I will be focusing on those that come with a water resistance rating of either iPX4 or iPX5

Airpods with water resistance of iPX4

Most decent Airpods such as the Apple Airpods or Airpods pro come with an IPX4 water-resistant rating. 

What this rating means is that it can withstand splashing of water from any direction, not immersion.

So with this, can we say it is enough to take it with you for an early morning shower? It is not advisable, except you will be careful enough not to directly run water on the AirPods.

Airpods with water resistance of IPX5

IPX5 is resistant to a sustained low-pressure water spray. Now, this is better as it can resist water spray provided it is a low-pressure one.

Looking at that description, it is a decent option when going to the pool or when taking a shower as the IPX5 Airpods can withstand strong water jets.

The only thing it cannot withstand is immersion

Airpods with water resistance of IPX6

IPX6 is higher than iPX5 and with all guarantees, you are rest assured to face no issue when you take it to the showers as it can withstand a higher water pressure when compared to an IPX5 AirPods, but it can’t survive an immersion. For those, you have to get an AirPods that is either IPX7 or IPX8

What Should I Do If My AirPods Pro Get Wet

what to do when airpods get wet

If your AirPods Pro get wet, you don’t need to be panicked about it unless it doesn’t come with any water resistance rating.

But if it comes with an iPX4 or above ratings, the first thing you should do is dry them before thinking of plugging them.

In fact don’t even try placing the buds into the casing while it is still wet as this move would affect the case, so don’t do that. Instead, dry both Airpods under the sun or immerse them in silica Gel.

While some might be quick to say – Immerse it inside the rice, You do not want to do that as rice could enter the holes of your Airpods. 

That’s not all, Rice also has dust particles and these alone can corrode your Airpods, so you do not want to immerse your wet AirPods inside rice as it is a bad idea.

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Instead of doing that, get a desiccant such as silica gel and inert both Airpods into a cup of it

Aside from that, you can also use a dry cloth to wipe the Airpods but to be double sure that all the water is gone you’re better off drying it in the sun or immersing it in a desiccant to clear off all the water.

What if your Airpods Don’t work 

If you are stuck with your Airpods not working after trying the above steps then you might need to contact apple support or get a replacement Airpods. As that is one of your close options at this junction.

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Now that you are more informed on that here are the situations you should avoid if your Airpods come with iPX4 water resistance ratings

Situations to avoid with your IPX4 Airpods

Some situations to avoid include:

  • Being submerged in water
  • High moisture areas like saunas and steam rooms
  • Showering
  • Running water
  • High-velocity water

Now that you are well aware of the question “Can you wear Airpods Pro in the shower”? let’s delve into some frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Are AirPods Pros waterproof

AirPods pro comes with a water-resistant rating of IPX4. what does that tell you? It can only withstand water at splash level, not even low-pressure water that is running on it. Since that is the case they are not waterproof

Can you shower with Airpods 3?

If you can afford replacement Airpods, you can shower with the Airpods pro 3, the worst that can happen is to spend on replacement Airpods right? But, you are better off using at least an IPX5 water resistance Airpods. 

Does AppleCare cover AirPods’ water damage?

The warranty of Apple AirPods covers the user for two accidental damage scenarios.

Airpods that are not intentionally exposed to water might still be repaired by Apple. But then, you should ensure to always contact apple support any time your Airpods get wets and it isn’t coming on as this saves you the cost of getting a replacement or an entirely new case.

Dropped Airpods Pro in Water

If you dropped your Airpods pro in water. Sorry to hear that I feel this post: Dropped Airpods in Water will be of great help to you. But if you feel going through that stress is not worth it or the AirPods has sunk too deep to survive then you should go for a replacement Airpods

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Are AirPods pro waterproof washing machine

They aren’t.

You shouldn’t put your Airpods pro in a washing machine. But if you are unlucky, all you have to do is insert both AirPods in silica gel or dry them under the sun and hope it comes back to life once the water dries out

What to do if AirPods get wet

If your Airpods get wet, You should dry them.

But if after drying the Airpods, it is not functioning as it is supposed to, then you have to get a replacement AirPods

Are AirPods water resistant

Yes, they are.

IPX4, IPX5 or higher means water resistance rating and that signifies that they can resist water to a certain level.

They are not waterproof as many tend to mistake them.

However, if you have an AirPods with an IPX7 or IPX8 rating. It means it can be submerged in water without any underlying issues.


By now, you should have gotten an answer to the question “can you wear Airpods pro in the Shower”? if after following the steps above, yours isn’t coming on then you need to contact apple support for a solution or a replacement depending on the issue.

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