How to Get Sound from a Monitor without Speakers

Did you recently get a high-end monitor for your gaming console?

Maybe you did that because you want to connect it with your gaming console to have a larger view of your gaming screen.

If that is the case and, you don’t want to get an external speaker to the setup due to the extra cost then you are at the right place.

Figuring out how to get sound from a monitor without speakers usually comes as a result of the added cost and unavailability of a speaker.

To get sound from your monitor, you can either decide to use the inbuilt speaker of the monitor or use other alternative electronics that can give an audio output.

And unless your monitor doesn’t come with an inbuilt speaker which in most cases sounds odd, there are alternatives you can try out without using speakers.

In this article, I will be walking you through what you should do if you are looking to figure out how to get sound from a monitor without speakers

But first, let’s break down how you can enable the speaker on your monitor in case yours is disabled.

How to Enable Speaker for Windows 7

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers

If you are using windows 7 or Vista the approach is usually the same since these 2 Operating Systems have a lot in common. 

Due to that, the process that will be listed below works just fine for any of these OS on how you can enable its speaker

  • Right-click on the speaker icon near the clock.
  • Now, select Playback Devices. The SOUND window should open.
  • On the window right-click a blank space. You will see a pop-up option saying Show Disabled Devices, check that.
  • The speaker you couldn’t see will appear
  • Now right-click on the device and Enable it. After doing this set it to default and click on Done

 How to Enable Speaker for Windows 8 and Above

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers

If your monitor is running on windows 8, 8.1,10 or 11 here is how you can enable the speaker on it if it is not producing any sound

Firstly, turn on your computer and wait for the system to load up all programs.

After doing this click on the “Start” button located in the left-hand corner of your computer screen.

On the start menu program list, locate and click on Control Panel

On the control panel window, locate the “Sound & Audio Devices” menu and click on it

Now, locate the “balance” section. It is located under the sound function. Over here, you will see some audio adjustments like “Volume wavesynth, simply move all of it to the middle of the vertical bar.

While doing that, ensure that you turn up the gauge on both the volume control and the PC beep volume since they have a major effect on the picture of the audio coming from the monitor.

If none of these is working, it means your Monitor doesn’t come with an inbuilt speaker or the speaker has technical issues.

In that case, there are alternative devices you can use without having to use an external speaker

How to get Sound from a Monitor without Speakers

Below I will be walking you through some easy setup alternatives to get sound from a monitor without an external speaker

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Using an HDMI Audio Extractor 

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers

If you’ve figured out that your monitor doesn’t come with an inbuilt speaker, you can make use of an alternative device such as an HDMI extractor to split the audio from your HDMI cable to analogue audio output.

A handful of HDMI extractors allow you to transfer audio from the HDMI cable while connecting it to a monitor or a speaker.

For example, if you have a laptop or desktop PC and you plan to use an HDMI audio extractor but if you have multiple devices, you need to use an HDMI splitter

that being said, here is how to make a connection using HDMI

  • Firstly, restart your monitor while the HDMI cable is connected to it
  • Once it loads up, you will see a pop-up telling you to select the appropriate output device
  • Select the audio output to which your HDMI cable is connected.
  • If you are using connecting multiple devices with it, you need to use an HDMI splitter to connect each port after which you will now enable the sound

After connecting it reboot your device to be double sure that the sound is coming out.

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Using Audio Output Jack

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers

This alternative requires you to buy a stereo audio cable. Connect the first part to your monitor or PC and the second point to the audio device.

Once you connect these stereo cables, you will be prompted to change the audio settings on your system. If nothing comes up you can restart it and accept the settings

NB: In most cases, it is usually automatic just like an Earpiece.

After connecting try, to play some audio on your computer and see if you get good output from your monitor.

Get Audio Output Jack

Using Audio Connector From Primary Devices

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers

Another alternative you can use is if you have a PlayStation that you want to test on your computer to get just an audio signal, but you don’t want to attach much to your video.

Most games console comes with digital audio communication ports for stereo sounds including PS4 and XBOX.

And since that is the case, you can allow the use of it, by integrating it with the console.

This approach will work you don’t need to add anything to your monitor.

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How to Troubleshoot the Sound if it doesn’t work

While connecting your gaming console to a monitor or other third parties audio device, you might be faced with issues such as getting the sound to work. 

If that is the case, simply go through these troubleshooting procedures below.

Let the driver load up

Ensure that your Monitor is turned on for at least 30 minutes before connecting it doing this will let all the drivers load up to pick up the audio output when it is connected

Ensure your computer is connected

In some scenarios, you might need to connect your system to the internet if you are loading the game from your Computer to the monitor. You can make use of an ethernet cable or wifi.

Configure video software

Depending on the video software you are using. Videos media player or VLC, ensure that you have configured it to use the correct audio output device (your speakers). You can configure the window media player by going to your Control Panel and navigating to ‘Hardware & Sound’ > ‘Manage Audio Devices

If you are using the VLC media player on the other hand, here is how you can configure the audio output into your Control Panel and navigate to ‘Hardware & Sound’ > ‘Manage Audio Devices. Over here you should be able to set the audio output

Restart your Computer and Monitor

If after trying all these you are having an issue with getting your monitor to work, simply restart the monitor.

figuring out How to get sound from a monitor without speakers can seem daunting if you don’t have one but then, you can always make use of a wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth.


By now, you should have figured out How to get sound from a monitor without speakers. If you are facing any challenges with it feel free to drop your comments below.

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