Best Desktop Computers you can Buy

Technology has served us better with modern, advanced, and sophisticated creation of gadgets to fit our everyday life. Proof to that is the introduction of the newest laptops or tablets to combat the olden day desktop systems. But, even with the advanced state of laptops in the technology world, there is still some computing comfort derived from purchasing a desktop. It’s not only logical but factual to say that desktops deliver where laptops and tablets can’t, a reason why we have composed the best desktop computers list for you.

Desktop computers are the way to go if you need that high performance for certain areas. Whether it’s for gaming, video editing, or maybe an all-in-one purpose, desktop computers are highly preferred to laptops, thanks to the heavier tasks one can perform effectively. It is safe to say then that desktop computers have got more value than ever.

From the Dell XPS 8930 SE to the Apple iMac 5K, a list has been provided for the best desktop computers for certain purposes. We then leave you to decide and choose which one fits and suits your fancy.

1. Dell XPS 8930 SE

Budget-conscious buyers can hop into a PC that gives so much value for a considerable amount of money. The Dell XPS 8930 SE is a classic definition of conservative. It contains a six-core Core i5 processor. A vital feature is a 256GB SSD M.2 boot drive and a 1TB HDD for quick-loading apps and plenty of hard storage.

There is always a chance of an upgrade. If you want a better video editing experience, you can jump to the Core i9-9900K processor for extra cores. It is possible to upgrade to an RTX 2080 Super as well if you want a better gaming experience. And you can keep upgrading all you want to meet up with your computer tastes.

Shows HP Omen Obelisk suitable for gaming

2. HP Omen Obelisk; top best desktop computer for gaming

It is a huge success when you have a PC that can enable you to view the virtual world like it is reality. Never missing all action and giving them in quality and sound graphics. The HP Omen Obelisk is for PC gamers who can’t build their own system.

This desktop package is easy to upgrade, and it gives a full load of configurations for your special experience. Try to configure the HP Omen Obelisk, and you are likely to have the most powerful gaming PC with up to the Core i9-9900K and an RTX 2070 Super.

Apple iMac 5Kdesktop for homeusers and professionals

3. Apple iMac 5K (2019) best all in one desktop computer

Category: The best all-in-one desktop: Home users and professionals looking for a powerful all-in-one computer should have the Apple iMac 5K in their books.

Apple’s updated iMac 5K is laced with an eight-core Intel 9th-Generation Core i9-9900K processor. This Apple design is adequate enough for tasks like video editing, photo editing, office tasks, and any other medium work. The 2019 iMac 5K is an almost perfect all-in-one. It delivers fast performance and makes content creation and consumption much easier. It might be just what you need.

Shows Adamant Ryzen, the best desktop computer for video editing
4. Adamant Ryzen Threadripper Professional PC

Expensive but definitely worth it, the Adamant Ryzen Threadripper Professional PC is the ideal cutting edge if you seek great video editing performance. This desktop contains the latest high-powered AMD Threadripper 3000 CPUs, including the 3960X and 3970X, with up to 32 cores and a processing unit of up to 256GB of high-speed memory.

Seeing that heavy video editing could come with some pressure and demands all-round usage of the computer, the Adamant Ryzen Threadripper has a built-in water-cooling system that makes the system cool and quiet when in use.

Shows dell G5 desktop computer suitable for Student works and gaming

5. Dell G5 Gaming Desktop computer

Of course, you cannot possibly neglect students when picking the best desktop. The need to take some break after studying hard might come, and games could be the best option.

A no-fuss system with a superbly compact design, the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop is a solid PC that includes a GTX 1650 and a quad-core Core i3 processor, which just about solves every problem a student could have. It may not come in cheap though, but at the moment – there are recent price cuts – it is a good time to purchase one.

Shows Apple Mac Mini compact desktop computer

6. Apple Mac Mini best desktop computer

Tiny and powerful is the Apple Mac Mini. This Mac Mini features an 8th-Generation six-core Intel CPU and has up to 64GB of memory. You may also want to consider the few drawbacks the Mac Mini has. It lacks discrete graphics support, and you cannot upgrade the RAM, which happens to be the stumbling block for game lovers. Oops.

Still, the Apple Mac Mini is fast and capable and able to perform office tasks effectively, making it one of the best desktops for that category.

With our review on the best desktop computers, you should be able to make an informed decision when getting yourself one. Are you a Student? Office worker or a game lover? What is your choice of desktops? Do let us know in the comment section.

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