How to Watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime Video Possible?

So, I have got the “can I watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime” question after I published an article on how to activate Fox Nation on smart TVs. If you miss out on the article consider checking it out here.

Fox Nation is available for Amazon Fire TV while the Prime TV is an app for streaming on Smart TV and streaming devices such as Roku and Firestick.

However, since Fox Nation releases its app for Fire TV, all Amazon Fire TV owners can now watch Fox Nation on their devices.

Therefore in this guide, we will discuss how to watch Fox Nation on Amazon TVs such as Amazon Prime and Fire TV.

Install Fox Nation on Amazon Fire TV

The first step to take if you want to watch Fox Nation on Amazon prime video or Fire TV is to first download and install the Fox Nation app on the device. Therefore, before we answer the question about this guide that says “can I watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime”, let us quickly consider how to download and add the Fox Nation app to the Amazon apps store.

  • Switch on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Use your Fire TV main menu to search for “Fox Nation.” At the same time, you can also use the TV remote voice search to search for the app.
  • Select the “App” from the search result or suggestions and click on the “Get” button to download the app.
  • Wait for the app to download and be added to your Fire TV app.

Once you have downloaded the Fox Nation app on your Fire TV then follow the next steps to activate the Fox Nation app on your Fire TV.

Activate Fox Nation on Fire TV

Here, we will get the Fox Nation app activation code for Fire TV and proceed to to activate the app with the code on the Amazon Fire TV.can I watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime

  • Open the Fox Nation app on your Fire TV [follow the steps above to install it on your Fire TV].
  • Select “Link Provider” under “Sign in.”
  • Take note of the Fox Nation activation code for Fire TV display on the TV screen and the instruction to go to
  • Go to on your phone or PC browser.
  • Enter or type the activation code on your TV screen and select “Submit.”
  • Select and sign in to your TV provider if you haven’t done so.

Wait for some seconds or minutes for to validate the code and your TV provider to confirm your login. Upon confirmation, the activation code and screen will refresh and unlock Fox Nation on the device.

Can I Watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime?

No, you can’t watch Fox Nation on Amazon Prime. Why? Because Amazon Prime is a streaming platform just like Fox Nation or Fox Now or Fox News.

So, since there is no way to install the Fox Nation app on Amazon Prime the only possible solution is to search for similar content on Amazon Prime.

Activate Amazon Prime Video Fire TV

The steps to activate Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV are simple and direct, however, you’ll need an Amazon account.

  • Launch the “Amazon Prime” video streaming app on your Fire TV.
  • Select “Sign in” with code.
  • Go to or on a browser on either your phone or PC.
  • Enter the Amazon Prime activation code display on your Fire TV screen.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account with your username and password.

After the code has been validated, the TV screen with the Amazon Prime video activation code and will refresh and load Amazon Prime content.

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