How to Register, Activate and Stream Amazon Primevideo on Smart TVs

Let’s talk about Amazon’s activation code. If you have a valid Amazon primevideo account with an active subscription this post will guide you through the enter code on enter code [codigo].

What is PrimeVideo?

PrimeVideo is one of Amazon’s services that allow subscribers to stream movies online on a smart TV using the primevideo app with the Primevideo mytv activate on the primevideo app on your smart TV.

The Primevideo app provides an activation code for registered devices to stream all content on the platform through

The implication is that when you register a device on with the primevideo activation code you will be able to stream Amazon primevideo content on the device pending the time your subscription will expire. is an Amazon web portal to register a device with the activation code that is generated by the Primevideo ap on your TV screen to watch Primevideo contents on the device that generated the Primevideo app activation code.

The primevideo activation code links the device to the streaming service and registers the device to stream the service when you click on the primevideo app on the device.

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www.primevideo/mytv Activation Code

www.primevideo/mytv activation code is a 5 – 6-digit code containing both numbers and alphabets. The Primevideo activation code always appears to the left of the TV screen when you click on “Register on the prime website” to register your device on mytv

This www.primevideo/myTV activation code is valid for the moment as it expires with time. However, if the www.primevideo/myTV activation code display on the screen expires or didn’t work when you typed it on you are allowed to generate a new code to complete the activation process. Activation Code Canada

If you want to complete the activation code Canada you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to on your device with a Canadian IP address.
  • Type or enter the prime video activation code on your TV or device.
  • Click on “Register Device” to grant access to the device.

Note: There is no need to use a VPN in this case once your country of residence is Canada. However, if it’s otherwise, you may need to connect to a VPN to proceed.

Enable Amazon Prime Video 2FA

2FA is called two-step authentication which creates a second layer of security on your Prime Video account.

To fully secure your Amazon Prime account with a unique code every time you want to access your account follow the procedures below to enable 2FA on your account.

  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Click on “Advance security settings.”
  • Click on “Get Started”.Get Started
  • Select the phone number under “Enroll a 2SV authenticator” and enter the phone number you want Amazon to send your unique 2FA, select “Text Messages (SMS) and click on “Continue”.Amazon Prime video 2FA
  • Enter the “Puzzle” character and click on the “Continue” mytv
  • Enter the OTP code sent to your phone and click “Continue”.Enter OTP
  • Scroll down and click on “Got it, turn on two-step verification.Prime video mytv

Some browsers may not allow you to enter the OTP code sent to your phone due to a large screen or JavaScript error, In that scenario, append the OTP code at the end of your Amazon Prime Video password and click on sign in. mytv Supported Devices

Here is the list of smart devices you can activate Amazon prime video on to stream your membership content.

  1. Sony TV
  2. Samsung TV
  3. Game consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360)
  4. Android TV
  5. Roku TV
  6. Apple TV
  7. Chromecast
  8. Xfinity X1
  9. Firestick

Other devices include Android and iPhone/iPad.

www.primevideo/mytv Enter Code Samsung

Specifically, I first use the Primevideo app on my Samsung TV. The Samsung is a TizenOS device and the Primevideo app was preinstalled on the device. So, I no longer need to download and install the app manually.

But, if your case is different you’ll need to go to the PlayStore on the device if it’s running on Android OS to download and install the Primevideo app.

Meanwhile, the www.primevideo/mytv enter code Samsung is autogenerated on the Primevideo app once you launch the app and choose to sign in on the web rather than using your Primevideo username and password.

While this article will focus on the myTV guide including how Samsung users can use www.primevideo/mytv enter code Samsung.

But, before then, let’s examine what you need to know about Primevideo myTV código.

Primevideo MYTV Código

primevideo mytv código is an activation code for prime video TV. The código is generated from the primevideo app when you are done installing the app on your smart device.

After that, you need to launch the app to view the primevideo mytv código and type the code on mytv activate web portal and follow the instruction on the screen to activate.

Create Primevideo Free Trial Account

Here is to create a primevideo free trial account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start your free trial”.
  3. Click on “create your Amazon account” or sign in to an existing account.
  4. Enter your name, email address, and password, and click “create your Amazon account”.
  5. Amazon will send a verification link to your email address. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.

You can cancel the subscription anytime. However, for new customers, Amazon charges $2.99/month for the first 6 months after the free trial after which it’ll be back to the normal charge of $5.99/month.

Find Primevideo Activation Code

Here is where to find your Prime video activation code.

  • Open the Primevideo app on your TV or device.
  • Select “Register on the Prime website.”
  • Your registration code appears on the left of the screen.
  • Finished.

It’s this activation code on your TV screen you will use on the mytv portal. video/mytv

I’d take this as a wrong representative of the Prime video app activation portal displayed on your TV screen when you choose the option to sign in to your Primevideo account on the web.

The Prime video activation webpage is written instead of video/mytv.

Note: video/mytv will always redirect you to a Google search engine with results related to what you have in mind. Entrer Code

Follow the steps below to complete your enter code online.

  • Visit on your mobile or PC.
  • Log into your “Amazon Prime” account.
  • Enter the Primevideo activation code on your TV screen on the column and click “Register Device” entrer code
  • Done.

The primevideo/mytv enter code screen on your TV will refresh automatically and you will be granted access to start streaming your favourite shows/movies/series on your TV.

Note: If you don’t want to go through the entire article on how to enter the Prime video activation code on kindly take your time to watch the video process below.

How to Activate Primevideo on Sony

Here is how to activate Prime Video on Sony TV on

  1. Switch on your Sony TV and press the home button.
  2. Go to feature apps >> select Amazon video icon.
  3. Select register on the Amazon website.
  4. The Prime Video app will display the Prime Video registration code.
  5. Go to on your computer.
  6. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  7. Type the my TV activation code on your TV screen.
  8. Click “register device”.
  9. Done

Now, wait for a couple of seconds for Amazon Prime video to sync your device with the service using the activation code.

How to Activate mytv on LG

Here is how to activate Prime Video on LG smart TV on primevideo/mytv

  1. Switch on your LG smart TV and press the smart button on your remote.
  2. Click the “More” icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Click on “x” on the edge of “Prime Video Video App”.
  4. Go to LG store >> search for Prime video app >> Install the app.
  5. Click on register on the Amazon website.
  6. Prime video activation code will appear on the left side of the screen.
  7. Go to on your computer browser.
  8. Sign in to your Amazon account with your username and password.
  9. Enter the Amazon Prime video activation code on your TV screen.
  10. Click “register device”.
  11. Done

Now you have to wait for some seconds for to sync the code with the device that generated it to start streaming prime video content. mytv Samsung TV

Here is how to activate on a smart Samsung TV.

  1. Switch on your Samsung TV.
  2. Navigate to the app section on your smart TV.
  3. Search and install the “Amazon Prime video app”.
  4. Click on “register on Amazon website” or register my “Samsung”.
  5. Go to on your phone or computer internet browser.
  6. Sign in to your Amazon account or create a new account to subscribe.
  7. Enter the prime video activation code on your Samsung TV screen.
  8. Click “register device”.

Amazon Prime Video will sync your Samsung device with your Amazon Prime via activation code and you will be able to stream Prime Video movies, episodes, live TV, etc. mytv Apple TV

Here is how to install and activate prime video on Apple TV using the code.

  1. Switch on your Apple TV
  2. Navigate to the main menu on your remote control
  3. Click on “Apple Store” and search for “Prime video app” or Amazon video app”
  4. Install the app on your Apple TV
  5. Click on the “Prime video app” to view the activation code
  6. Go to on your computer or laptop or phone browser.
  7. Sign in to your Primevideo account.
  8. On enter the code on the TV screen.
  9. Click “register device”.

Now relax and do not disconnect your internet access. Amazon Prime Video will sync your Apple TV via enter the code to activate your device. Android TV

Here is a quick approach to activating Prime Video on Android TV.

  1. Switch on your Android TV
  2. Press the home button on your remote control
  3. Navigate to the app section and search for “Prime video app”
  4. Install the “Prime video app” and click on “register on Amazon website”.
  5. Go to and the code to enter will appear on the screen.
  6. Open your computer and visit
  7. Sign in to your Primevideo account.
  8. Enter the prime video activation code.
  9. Click “register device”.
  10. Done.

Once the Android TV prime video activation code is valid you will be able to stream prime video movies on your device.

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Here is how to activate your Prime Video membership or free trial on Roku TV.

  1. Switch on your Roku TV
  2. Press the home button on your Roku’s remote control
  3. Navigate to the app section and find and install Amazon Prime video app
  4. Click on “register on Amazon site” to view the Prime video activation code
  5. Visit on your computer or smartphone browser
  6. Register or sign in to your Amazon Prime account
  7. Type the Amazon Prime video activation code on the left side of your TV screen
  8. Click “register device”

Wait for some seconds and your Roku TV will be synced with your Amazon Prime membership account. Whenever you want o to watch Amazon Prime video on Roku just launch the Prime Video app and browse through to watch your favourite movie.

Activate Amazon Primevideo on Xbox 

Here is how to install and activate Amazon Prime on Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles.

  1. Switch on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 and connect it to your TV.
  2. Go to the Xbox app section and install the Amazon Prime video app.
  3. To activate Xbox off the console click on “Register on Amazon website”.
  4. The Prime video app will display an activation code to the left of the screen.
  5. Visit or on a web browser
  6. Sign in to your Primevideo account.
  7. Enter the prime video activation code on your TV screen.
  8. Click “register device”.
  9. Done

That is all. Your Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be synced with the enter code. mytv on Xfinity X1

Here is a walkaround on how to activate Amazon Prime video membership on Xfinity X1.

  1. Switch on your Xfinity X1
  2. Download and install the Primevideo app on your Xfinity X1
  3. Enable voice command on your Xfinity 1
  4. Say “show me Prime Video” into your remote control
  5. Search for “Streaming online services”
  6. Enter your “Amazon username and password” to start watching
  7. You can also “Register Xfinity X1 on the Amazon website” to enter the Prime video activation code on your TV screen.
  8. Open on your computer.
  9. Sign in to your Primevideo account.
  10. Type the prime video registration code.
  11. Click “register device”

That is all you need to do to activate enter the code on Xfinity X1.

To keep watching Amazon Prime video always keep your membership active otherwise you’d have to go through the whole process again to enjoy Amazon Prime video on your smart device and to enter the Amazon Prime registration code on

Prime code Mi TV

This approach to activate prime code Mi TV is rather simple compared to when you want to download and activate the streaming app on Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS and LG with LG WebOS.

 It’s quite easy to complete the prime code Mi TV since the Mi TV supports the installation of 3rd party apps.

However, we would consider a general approach to install 3rd-party apps on the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 following the procedure below.

  • Download Aptoide APK to either your phone or a USB.
  • Connect the device to your Xiaomi Mi TV.
  • Navigate to the Mi “Security Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Press the Home button and go back to the connected device.
  • Click on the “Aptoide.apk” app to install the app downloaded on your Mi TV.
  • Navigate back to install apps and launch the Aptoide app under “Downloadable” apps.
  • Search for “Prime Video Android TV” in the “APK” download app.
  • Select “Prime Video – Android TV” and select “other versions.”
  • From the least of the other versions select the “4.8.69” version.
  • Download and install the selected version and click “Done” when the download is completed.
  • To open Amazon Prime on my TV [Xiaomi Mi] navigate to the apps launcher.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the “Amazon Prime Video” app.
  • Sign in with your Prime video username and password.
  • Done.

And now you are good to go.

Henceforth, you will be able to access and watch the Amazon Prime video on your Xiaomi Mi TV.

How to Cancel Primevideo Subscription

Here is how to cancel your Primevideo subscription.

  • Log in to your “Prime video” account.
  • Go to “Account & settings”.
  • Navigate to “Your account” >> Membership.
  • Click “End Membership” to cancel.
  • Click “Confirm”.
  • Done.

So simple. That is how to turn off your Prime video subscription.

Primevideo Activate FAQ

How do I activate Amazon Prime on my TV?

Using the remote supplied with the Internet device, press the Home button.
Select the Amazon Video icon located under Featured apps.
From the Amazon Video app, select Register on the Amazon website.
Sign in with an active e-mail address and password or click Create your Amazon account.
Type your activation code
Click Continue

How do I activate Amazon Prime with MetroPCS?

Activation. Submit your information to using the offer code SMPAP. Within a week you’ll get an email with a link to get your year of Amazon Prime On MetroPCS. You’ll then be able to visit the Amazon Prime website where you can enter your code and activate the service.

What TVs are compatible with Amazon Prime?

Smart TVs.
Blu-ray players.
Set-top boxes (Roku, Google TV, TiVo, Nvidia Shield)
Amazon Fire TV.
Fire TV Stick.
Game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii)
Android devices (Prime Video app for Android phones and tablets)
iOS devices (Prime Video app for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)

How do I download the Amazon Prime app on my TV?

Smart TV, Blu-ray player
Open the app store to download, install, and open the Prime Video app. 2. Register your device—here are two ways: (1) Select “Sign in and start watching” and enter your Amazon account information.

How do I cancel Amazon Prime?

To end your Amazon Prime membership, log in to your account, then select “YourPrime Membership” from the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see “End Membership and Benefits” as an option. Click the link, and then confirm that you want to cancel your membership.

How do I get Amazon Prime?

You’ll be enrolled in the free trial of Amazon Prime and have access to FREE Two Day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial:
Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial.
Click Start your free trial.
Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime on the app?

Open Safari and navigate to from your iPhone, iPad, or computer.
Sign in to your account.
Select the profile icon in the banner at the top of the page.
Scroll down and select Prime membership.
Tap or click “Start your free trial.”

How do I get Amazon Prime free again?

Step 1: Open a new email account. You’ve likely already used your everyday email address on a Prime trial in the past, which means you can’t use it again to get a new free trial.
Step 2: Get a password manager. This is a crucial part of the game.
Step 3: Start your trial.
Step 4: End your trial.
Step 5: Live your life.

How do I hack Amazon Prime membership?

Open Amazon App
Search for Amazon Prime Membership
Click on the Join Prime Today link that comes up.
Click login to Join Prime Button.
Register for prime.
Click check out.
Select Netbanking as a payment option
Select HDFC bank
Continue – This will take you to HDFC payment gateway.
Type 123456789 as a user ID
Click login
The transaction will fail immediately.
Now press the back button to reach your app.
Congrats you have availed Amazon Prime Membership

Can you cancel Amazon Prime at any time?

You can cancel Amazon Prime at any time. You can also get back your full membership fee if you meet certain conditions.

Just like all other subscriptions offered by Amazon, you can cancel your Prime membership any time you want.

How do I get my free 30 days of Amazon Prime?

Just sign in to your Amazon account and visit the Prime membership landing page. If you see a button that says Start your 30-day free trial, click it to sign up. If the button says Get started, then you’ve been to the well one too many times recently, and you’ll have to wait to get a free trial again.

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