What is cdn-af.feednews.com

What is cdn-af.feednews.com and how does it affect you when you. In this guide, we will discuss explicitly everything you need to know about the feednews address, how it works and whether it is safe to use.

If you are familiar with aggregate websites where other websites content are pulled automatically and later redirect visitors to the main source this should open your eyes to the power of the internet and how these aggregator websites open at the speed of light.

This is a sign that your application to be included in the Opera newsfeed has been accepted and you can now earn from the platform. However, Opera feed has a minimum requirement that must be met before a website can be accepted into the feed just like Google news feed.

news-af.feednews.com is similar to cdn-af.feednews.com. However, the only difference is that; the cdn-af.feednews.com is powered by a content delivery network to improve the site speed and performance while the news-af.feednews.com is a sub-category in the Opera newsfeed.

What news-af.feednews.com?

news-af.feednews.com is an aggregator website that displays content from other websites on Operanews that are duly verified before they are included in the newsfeed.

Opera newsfeed is mainly for content management organisations or bloggers to include their website on the Opera mini news to gain more traffic rather than solely depending on Google traffic sources.

However, CDN-af.feednews.com is a redirection link that refers visitors from the Opera mini-feed news articles sources from the Opera newsfeed.

Meanwhile, you need to know this…

CDN.af.feednews.com is an aggregate news delivery address or URL for Africans. It uses CDN (Content Deliver Network) and that is why you see the feednews domain starting with CDN which is a network distribution to make content available across the globe quickly irrespective of the user’s location. This helps with content delivery speed across the globe so that all users can access the same content at the same time and speed whether you are close to the source or not.

Role of cdn-af.feednews.com?

If you are not a developer you will find it difficult to understand the role of this aggregator site. For this, I am going to highlight all you need to know below.

Content Cache

The primary function of CDN is to help cache content to make it easilly accessible. That is what cdn-af.feednews.com does. It cache content from the feednews source so that when a user search for an article or video a copy of the search will be stored in the form of a byte which will make the content available for subsequent users in the same region faster rather than supply the request from the main server.

Content Optimization

With the CND (Content Delivery Network) helps to make the content load very fast without deliver using different techniques such as image optimization using lazy load, compressing the size of the content and make sure that the hosting bandwith is controlled and monitored.


CDN all protect the aggregator feednews site with high security level to protect attackers from syphoning users information using security feature such as DDoS protection, web application firewall and protect users data from malicious attack.

Load Distribution Across Regions

CDN-af.feednews.com helps the server to balance the load across the globe using previous users cache to relay users request when search for information on the server and deliver it fast. This not only deliver content faster, it also ensures better user experience and smooth suffing. It also allow the serve to handle high-traffic.

cdn af feednews com

CDN-af.feednews.com vs news-af.feeds.com vs cdn-af.op-mobile.com vs news-af-dailyadvent.com

Both cdn-af.feednews.com, news-af.feeds.com, cdn-af.op-mobile.opera.com and news-af.dailyadvent.com are all referral links from Opera mini newsfeed.

Just like the way you see search results from Google and referral links from Bing, Yahoo News, ask search engines and others so also is cdn-af.feednews.com and cdn-af.op-mobile.opera.com [from mobile users] as the Opera mini newsfeed referral link.

However, in most cases, cdn-af.feednews.com offers quick access to the content from the content delivery network which later redirects users on browsers to the original content source. While for mobile users, you should see cdn-af.op.mobile.opera.com.

So, whenever a user comes to a portal or sees the cdn-af-feednews.com on a webpage or portal it simply implies that the visitors are coming from the Opera newsfeed and perhaps, the visitor is using a desktop or laptop computer from CDN.

Is CDN-AF.Feednews.com Safe?

Yes, cdn-af.feednews.com is safe. It’s a link from the Opera mini newsfeed that redirects visitors to the article source [your website in this scenario].

You will likely see news.af.dailyadvent.com as well as a traffic source on your dashboard under refer. Mobile users refer link is cdn-af.op-mobile.opera.com. All are still coming from the opera newsfeed.

Whenever you see the cdn-af.feednews.com or news-af.feednews.com it means that the traffic is coming or the visitor got to know about your article from the Opera news either on Opera mini browser newsfeed or on your smartphone quick access where you have access to what is trending.

Is CDN-AF.Feednews.com a Virus?

No! The cdn-af.feednews.com website is not a virus. It’s a link from the Opera newsfeed to the site or blog whether the article is aggregated. However, before a website is allowed to be part of the Opera newsfeed, it would have to undergo a thorough investigation to make sure that the website is free from viruses.

Should you Block CDN-AF.Feednews.com?

Is there a way to block the cdn-af.feednews.com news or news-af.feednews.com? The answer is No. It cannot be blocked. The URL is generated by Opera mini newsfeed and the universal resource locator is unique. 

To block the CDN af.feednews.com you will have to request that your website be deleted from the Opera mini newsfeed. It may take a while to get a response from the Opera news feed team that the cdn af.feednews.com has been removed or blocked from accessing your website and they may choose not to respond to the email by approving your request without a response.

Meanwhile, there is no reason to remove your website from the Opera newsfeed since it brings unique traffic to your website.

Note: It’s possible to block cdn-af.feednews.com on your computer, Android, and iPhone.

If find this as a threat you can block it completely. Therefore, we will consider how to block the feednews from Opera below.

How to Block Cdn-af.feednews.com on Computer

This method can be used to block an unwanted website on your computer. Once the website is blocked you will not be able to access the website again on the computer.

  • Sign in to your PC or laptop as an administrator.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\cdn-af.feednews.com
  • Right-click on the “host” file and open with a “NotePad.”Choose host >> notepad
  • Scroll to the end of the host file line and type cdn-af.feednews.com127.0.0.1 cdn-af.feednews.com
  • Save the changes.
  • Done.

The cdn-af.feednews.com website will be blocked on your computer. Meanwhile, you can add as many as possible websites to the host files to block them but it must be one IP address per line.

How to Block CDN-af.feedsnews.com on Mac

For Mac users, the approach is a bit different. Therefore, I am going to walk you through the steps to block cdn-af feednews.com on your macOS device.

  • Sign in to your Mac device as an administrator.
  • Go to “Applications/Utilities/Terminal.”
  • Type Sudo nano /etc/hosts and click on the “Enter” button.
  • Sign in when you are prompted to do so.
  • The file editor will open in file /etc/hosts
  • Scroll down to the last line and type cdn-af.feednews.com
  • Save the “Changes.”
  • Flush your DNS or restart the Mac computer to fix all logs and make sure it works perfectly.

How to Block cdn-af.feednews.com on Android

It is easier to block a website on a rooted Android phone but a bit complex on a phone that is not rooted. Root access makes it easy to edit the host file directly and block the said website or IP address. However, in this case, we will make use of a file manager, called “ES File Explorer.”

  • Go to the Google Play store to download and install the ES File Explorer. Skip this step if you have the app installed already.
  • Launch the ES File Explorer and tap on the app menu at the top right.
  • Click on “Local >> Device >> System >> etc.
  • Tap “Host” >> “Text ” >> “ES File Editor.”
  • Click on the “Edit” tab at the top.
  • Type “ cdn-af.feednews.com” without the quotes.
  • Done.

Reboot your system and the cdn af feednews com website DNS will be redirected and blocked on your Android phone.

How to Block cdn.af.feednews.com on iPhone

With Apple parental control you can easily block cdn af feednews com on your iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

  • Go to your iPhone settings >> general >> restrictions.
  • Click on “Enable Restriction.”
  • Input your restriction passcode.
  • Scroll down and click on “Website.”
  • Input the website to block.

Use parental control to set what website your children will have access to. Meanwhile, the restriction passcode should be different from the code to unlock your iPhone.

In this guide, we have detailed all you need to know about cdn-af.feednews.com and how to block the website on all your devices.

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