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How to Check “Traffic to Work” or “Home” on Google Map

With Google Map “Traffic to Work” feature, you can see ahead of you whether there is congested traffic on your chosen route or not.

Sometimes, after a hectic day at work, it will be funny to end up in traffic that is not building up as expected when going home when you have to prepare for a load of assignments at work the next day.

Or, while you think you are rushing to work from home and got caught unaware by a traffic jam.

No way forward and no way backward. The possible solution is to follow the flowing trend of the traffic jam you found yourself using Google Map direction or Google Earth Map app.

You admit that the day is a waste already because you are late for work or getting home later at night will demand you to explain in details to your spouse that it was huge traffic that caused the delay on your way home.

Meanwhile, there is a way to boycott all traffic with the Google Maps Satellite “Traffic to Work” feature in for smartphones to monitor traffic direction during the rush hour in the morning or in the after when returning home.

You don’t even need a computer to use Google map to trace your way out of traffic ahead of you. All you need is a “direction to work” app like Google map.

The awkward moment is when you leave office while it was still shinning and couldn’t get home before the sunset. Bad enough right?

Well, there is a solution to this bad omen and that is the Google map traffic app which foretells traffic issue you’d like to get yourself in without knowing what to expect in the route you are about to follow.

Nevertheless, once bitten twice shy is what I called it. With this guide, I will show you how to use traffic to work from my current location to determine whether the route is best for you or you should look for an alternative.

Sometimes ago, I shared with you how to track the nearest ATM center with Google map on your Android phone and also, the easiest way to track the nearest restaurant and hotel in your area so that you will not be stranded.

And today, we are taking a look at how to use Google traffic direction map to foretells traffic to home or traffic to work to reduce stress where necessary.

How to Check “Traffic to Work” or “Home” on Android

With your Android phone, Google Map, and an internet connection you can check whether you will meet traffic on your way to work or back home. Meanwhile, Google needs to have access to the location feature on your phone to make this work.

Tap on “Google Map” app on your phone app menu and click on “Go”. Scroll down the page and select your “Work Address” or Add your “location and destination

Traffic to Work

Whim, Google Map will popup the traffic level in each direction. The colors in the direction lines indicate the level of traffic in each root. Check the bottom of this post to see what each color means and how to handle the movement.

Traffic to Work

When you click on more option you will have access to a different shortcut to your destination. Choose your desired route to work and click on start to let Google Map give reports of what you will meet ahead and direct you if you are new to the route.

How to Check “Traffic to Work” or “Home” on Desktop

Google “Traffic to Work” is also accessible on a desktop or laptop computer without Google Map to foretell the traffic situation ahead on your way to work or back home.

Visit “Google Map” URL on your computer and “Login” to your Gmail account. Type “Work” in the “Search Google Map”  and set your workplace location if you have not done that or click on “set Location”

Traffic to Work

Make sure you enter the correct address so that Google Map will be able to locate it and add it to your work address and used it across all your gadgets.

To view “Traffic” click on the “three horizontal lines” and click on “Traffic”. The level of traffic in each route is defined with a color indicating the level of possible traffic ahead of you.

Traffic to Work

The colors in the traffic direction mean:

  • Green = Light traffic.
  • Orange = Moderate traffic.
  • Red = Congested

Therefore when you see the red color indication while preparing for work in the morning or returning from work, it indicates that the traffic in the direction is high, orange color indicates the traffic is moderate and motorist are moving while the green color indicates the best root for the day with minimal or no traffic at all.

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