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CineCalidad is a website dedicated to download quality movies online and watch movies in 360p and 720p. The Cine Calidad brings together different movies from different movies sites with a download button to either download the movie from a third-party website or download directly from the CineCalidad website. CineCalidad website is fast to load and easy to download movies online.

The site navigation is well placed so that you will be able to sort and filter movies. With the search button on CineCalidad, you can easily search for movies to download or stream online and click on the download button to download the movie instantly.

CineCalidad movies streaming buffers fast with good internet connection both on smartphone and on PC/laptop. CineCalidad is one of the best movies site alternatives you can check to download latest movies online and streaming movies online.

The way the CineCalidad movies site is designed, all latest and new release movies and uploaded regularly to keep visitors coming back for new movies that are available for download and streaming for those that love to stream movies online.

CineCalidad Postive Remarks

Remarks across the internet and from what I have seen since I started using the CineCalidad free movies site the following remarks cannot be overlooked. They make Cine Calidad a better movies site over its competitors and alternatives.

1. When it comes to navigation, CineCalidad has no competition in that as all movies are sectioned into different categories with a link to each movie’s section and the navigate are numbered. So, whether you are using CineCalidad plus or not, with the navigation menu you can quickly search your favourite movies.

2. CineCalidad website is for both download and streaming. Instead of streaming movies only on movies sites without an integrated button to download it offline you should turn to CineCalidad. It gives both options and let you decide what to do. Whether you’d love to just stream the movie online and go or download to your device or you want to do both.

3. Movies are arranged in categories. There is no single missed up of the movies that are uploaded to CineCalidad. They are arranged in such a way that it will be easy to search and download. Take, for instance, if you want to download action movies, you just have to click on action movies’ category to search for the movie.

4. You have tons of options to search for movies on the platform. You can use the film title, producers, director, year of production, and you can even use the combined information to filter your search result.

5. Another reason to consider CineCalidad free movies download website is that the website does not contain excessive ads. Unlike other free movies websites where you will see a lot of pop up or pop-under ads. If you are looking for online movies site without ads you should consider CineCalidad.

CineCalidad Movies Download

CineCalidad linked to a third-party website for movies download. While you can stream your favourite movies on Cine Calidad you will be redirected to the site hosting the content for download. However, if you do not want to download the movies (you will not be taken to a third-party website).

The reason why movies are hosted on third-party websites on CineCalidad is to be able to render a fast and easy to navigate website. Due to the size of the movies and to avoid slow site speed and slow buffering, the Cine-Calidad movies download are then hosted on other servers.

CineCalidad uses JavaScript to create the web page where the movie streaming will pop up and start buffering rather than take you to another web page to stream. To make it extremely easy, the JavaScript has a close button to close the movie if you are streaming a different movie you are not interested in.

CineCalidad Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are cloned sites that are sharing the same contents with the official web portal. However, from our research, you will always come across some proxy sites portraying themselves as CineCalidad free movies download site. However, we do not vouch for them.

But for the same of this tutorial, we will use the most popular link to explain this guide. Other proxy sites may not have the same approach to download your favourite movies but the link that we’ll be sharing with you will.

CineCalidad Categories

Here are some of the popular categories on CineCalidad.

  • 4k UHD
  • Action
  • Childish
  • Comedy
  • Terror
  • Science Fiction
  • Adventure
  • Suspense
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Mystery
  • Films per year

For more categories click on the “Menu” option at the top right corner.

Download CineCalidad Movies

This is the general approach to download CineCalidad movies outside Spain.

1. Go to on your web browser [Laptop/PC/smartphone].

2. Type the “Title” of the movie you want to download in the search box and click on the “Enter” button. If you know the category that the movie belongs to, click on the category and then enter the “Title” in the search box to search for the movie”.

3. To the right side, you will see the movie’s information such as the trailer description, title, quality, director, cast, etc.CineCalidad

4. Scroll down the movie information and go to the “Watch Online” and ” To Download” section.Cine Calidad Movies Download

5. You have the following file-hosting sites to download the movie: you downloadTurboit, Bittorent, Mega, etc. The link to “download CineCalidad movies” will take you to another web page. To stream the movie online, turn to “Watch Online”, and click on the “link” to enable the movie streaming. At this point, a pop up will appear on the same page buffering. Within seconds, you will start streaming. However, for download, read further.

6. Click on the download link. Preferably, click on the “Bittorent or Mega” link and a new page will open. 

7. Click on the “MEGA” blue button and you will be redirected to the main “MEGA” download site. Wait for some seconds for “MEGA” to complete the download link.CineCalidad MEGA download

8. Click on the “Download” button to start downloading. If you have a MEGA desktop app toggle the “Transfer with MEGA Desktop App” to transfer the movie download from the web to the desktop app on your computer.Click Download

The movie will start downloading. Once the movie is done downloading you can then close the web page. Transfer the movies to your phone if you downloaded it on your laptop or PC. You can also share the movies you download with your friends.

Download Cine Calidad Movies in Spain

The previous approach explained how to download CineCalidad movies in Latin America. However, if you are trying to download movies from Cine-Calidad website in Spain here is a guide for you.

  • Go to on your web browser. 
  • Click “Go to Cinecalidad Spain” to the top right of the screen.CineCalidad
  • The page will be translated from the official “English Language” to the “Spanish Language”.

Now, begin to search for the movies you want to download and stream online. If you are not using a browser with a translator (Chrome browser for instance), the page will be written in Spanish.

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