How to Clear Android System Cache Using Google File Go

Google File Go provides the easiest and fastest approach to clear Android app caches without accessing the phone settings. The Android caches that are piled up to eat up some spaces on Android phone and sometimes makes your phone behave abnormal can be easily cleared using the new Google File Go app for Android phones that is currently available for download in play store.

The Google File Go have a lot of features that will do Android phone users better than harm if there is any. Except the fact that the app portrays a good feature to help access and clear phone cache once and for all, it can also be used to remove duplicate files, transfer files between two phone without an internet connection or data, and also can be used to free more space on your phone which is the core value of the new Google app.

However, I have personally found the feature to clear Android app caches more important than others. A lot of people struggle to clear browsers and phone caches accessing each app and click clear caches feature. However, the Google File Go app collected all Android app caches and provide a single click solution to clear all caches.

How to Clear Android App Caches Using Google File Go

To clear your Android phone app caches using the new Google app, File Go kindly follow the procedure below and you will be done in less than 5 minutes. This is probably the shortest article you will be reading on this blog regarding how to solve any Android phone.

1. Download and Install “Google File Go” on your Android phone from Google Play Store

2. Click the File Go app icon from your Android app menu

How to Clear Android App Caches Using Google File Go

3. Click “Files” on your File Go homepage

4. Select “Apps” from the options

How to Clear Android App Caches Using Google File Go

5. Click on the drop menu in front of your app and click select

6. Select all apps by clicking on “select all” when you click on the 3 dot at the upper right

How to Clear Android App Caches Using Google File Go

7. Click the 3 dot to the upper right¬† and click “clear Cache”

How to Clear Android App Caches Using Google File Go

This will clear all available caches on your phone. Here I used this File Go app to clear over 50 apps caches at once.

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