How To Clear Search History in File Explorer

The PC is a very versatile tool, and when I say the PC is very versatile, I mean it can be used to perform various tasks, including that which my old rickety body can’t – To Clear Search History in File Explorer isn’t an option. It’s what must be done always to keep your browser in shape.

One popular thing about PCs is their large storage space, which helps you save files of up to 1TB. But what’s the use of storing them, if you can’t access it? That’s another use of the PC.

It allows you to save, download, and access your files at any time through your FILE EXPLORER, provided its power is on. So, now straight to the point, we’re basically talking about the platform for accessing these saved files, which is the ‘file explorer.’

The file explorer is a section/platform on the PC that allows you to access your PC’s storage menu, media files, and connected devices storage. The file explorer is a crucial part of the PC, that’s why it appears on phones too because it helps you access your files and view storage level, although the version embedded in the PC is more advanced.

Since the computer tends to keep memory log of viewed files, this sometimes tends to be a problem or distraction for people (like me who love games) and others, e.g., those having ADHD (since some of them like orderliness to a fault) and to some others, it might just be fun to do so.

While some processes are successful others, tend to mess up a whole lot of other things, but say no more because I am here to help you correct that!

Now, first of all, most people succeed in clearing their search History either because they learned the hard way or they learned it from articles just like this, and there is much software that allows you to do this. So let’s skip the chit-chat and head on down to business.

How To Clear Search History In File Explorer Using Ccleaner

Developed by Piriform and first launched in 2004, CCleaner is a software used to clean Browser History and damaged Windows Registry entries from a Windows enabled computer. It is one of the oldest system cleaners; it was originally developed for Microsoft Windows only, but in 2012, a macOS version was released.

The CCleaner, as stated above, helps you free up space on your PC, by putting up regular notifications on the bottom-right corner of your PC, showing you how much space can be freed from your storage space. Here’s how to use the Ccleaner:

Clear Search History In File Explorer Using The Ccleaner

Step 1: Download and install Ccleaner software.
Step 2:  After successful download, run Ccleaner.
Step 3: On the left side of the app, you will see an already open window titled custom clean.
Step 4: select everything under headings: system, windows explorer, and file explorer.
Step 5: Click “Analyze”. After it has completed the analyzing process, click it again to ensure no unwanted file is left behind.
Step 6: Once it has finished loading, click the blue “Run cleaner” Icon on the bottom-right corner of the app opposite the “analyze” button.
Step 7: Allow it to clean your PC, and when it’s done, it will alert you.
Step 8: Done!

Please note not CCleaner performs its update once a month to ensure balance and very good user experience.

Clear Search History in File Explorer with Cleaner

Do you need to clear your history cache on your phone? Well, this is just the app for you. One tap cleaner can be found on Google Play Store or by searching for it directly on Google.

The app is created by Sam Liu, a freelance software developer 1 tap cleaner is a must-have for media junkies, and others who think unseen and unwanted files are slowing their phones down. Here’s how to use 1 Tap Cleaner:

1 Tap Cleaner

Step 1: Go to Google play store or your Internet browser (Play Store, preferably).
Step 2: Search 1 tap cleaner. Once located, download, accept all the permissions and Install.
Step 3: Run the app after download.
Step 4: You will notice that the app has a friendly interface and is very easy to use because it allows you to select the amount and type of files you want to clear and delete.
Step 5: After selection Hit the delete button or select the 1 tap option to instantly delete all temporary files, which includes your browser history.
Step 6:  Done!

Using The Windows Method

The windows method is a basic approach to deleting search history, but if you have a thing for adventure or complexity, you might want to try the others, but anyway, let’s get down to the method. Using windows to clear your search history is pretty much as easy as watching a movie. Below are the steps to do so:

How To Clear Search History In File Explorer on windows

Step 1: Open your file explorer by pressing the Windows Key + E or clicking the icon that looks like a folder.
Step 2: In the Options segment on the Search tab, click “Recent searches.”
Step 3: Select “Clear search history.” Your entire File Explorer search history is deleted, and the recent searches button changes its color to gray, showing that you don’t have any search history.
Step 4: Done!

Note that there is no pop-up box alert before the history is deleted.

Remove Search History in Windows 8 and above users

Here is a guide for Windows 8 users and above to remove search history from their Windows 8 to Windows 10 file explorer.

Step 1: Open the File Explorer menu using the shortcut “Win + E.”
Step 2: Once the file explorer has been opened, right-click on the address bar and select the “Delete History” option. There won’t be any alert to confirm that the explorer has been emptied, but you can confirm that by clicking on that little drop-down icon in the address bar.


You can simply open your file explore (Winkey + E), highlight on the search bar, hover your mouse on the items then press the delete key. (Remember ‘delete’ not ‘backspace’).

And that is that on that. I know that with this article’s help, you can now clear files from your file explorer, both manually and using an App. Come around for more tips, tricks, and Ideas.

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