CouchTuner Free Movies Site Users Guide

Counchtuner is a popular movies websites to streaming paid contents from legal websites such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and the rest of them. With Couchtuner streaming site, all contents from legal movies streaming sites are accessible without even a registration not talk about paying to watch.

Over the past years, Couch tuner has pulled a lot of visitors to their website proxies and mirrors, streaming and downloading paid and free content for free. This has created and curate attention toward the existence of the popular free movies streaming site.

Do you think using Couch tuner is safe? Is Couch tuner free from malware and safe to use at all time? How legal is Couch tuner?

These questions about the giant free movies streaming site, Couchtuner is a million questions with an answer to stop your breath.

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Here is a quote to start your day with a magic

Whatever you get for free could mar your existence without your knowledge


Is CouchTuner a Legal Website?

Saying Couchtuner is a legal website is far from the truth. When you go to Google search engine to search for either Couchtuner or Couch tuner and navigate the page to the bottom line of the search result, you will see that there is a lot of complaints against the giant as against when you search for Netflix or Hulu using the same search engine.

To start with, this revealed that Couch tuner has a lot to deal with to be tagged a legal movies websites. Although, Couch tuner could be legal in some nation while illegal in another part of the world depending on your location.

However, Couch tuner claimed they don’t host content on their server though and do not allow users to upload contents directly to their server. This seems to be one of the reasons why Couch tuner is still in existence, simp,y because it’d not be easy to file a lawsuit against an organization that does not host your content directly on their server.

Now, how did those contents come to Couchtuner if they didn’t upload them directly and how come users are able to stream and download movies from the site?

How did Couchtuner Scrap Videos

Couchtuner uses a process called CyberLocker to pull files and contents from other websites to their website automatically without having to upload the same contents on their website. Yes, Couch tuner do not upload contents yet they get the latest contents available on the platform.

This is how it works.

The CyberLocker accessed the list of properly movies website as instructed, some of which could include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many others to embed available contents on their own site without uploading it. So, with this, Couchtuner do not need to upload the same contents as well and that is what makes it difficult to combat Couch tuner for pirates.

These contents are actually hosted on the official websites while the video links are embedded into the website without the content. This is the same like copying YouTube video and paste it in another website for others to stream. This doesn’t mean that website hosts it yet other users can access it and enjoy the same quality others that have access to the official contents will enjoy.

Do you Think CouchTuner Contains Malware?

Saying Couchtuner contains malware such as a virus that can affect your computer or smartphone is close to saying the truth. When you visit Couch tuner to search and watch a movie on the site.

You will enjoy it for a moment not until you start seeing some popups or popunders prompting you to download or install certain program to clean up your computer. Sometimes, most of these popups is a virus, and in fact, the bridge computer privacy easily and disable computer antivirus when they enter in a computer.

The best way to stay from contracting virus when using Couchtuner is never to download a single software promising to clean your smartphone or computer. When downloaded, the popup antivirus will take control of your computer, change your computer search engine, change your homepage, and even disable your computer antivirus feature.

So, when using Couchtuner be watchful of what you download and installed on your device so that you will not install Malware such as Trojan, virus etc., on your computer for being a novice.

Download CouchTuner Videos App

This is yet another tempting part of Couchtuner if you have media players like Roku, Kodi, Smart TV, Apple TV, and others that will let you enjoy Couchtuner on a larger screen compared to streaming just on laptop or smartphone.

From our experience, most APK app for CouchTuner are fake and are capable of installing a virus on your computer. In fact, it’s good to say you should not install any CouchTuner app when you choose Couch tuner as your favorite streaming site.

There is a possibility that popups and pop-unders from Couch tuner are a virus, if coupled with the APK app virus, it may ruin an entire household.

It’s advised to only stream CouchTuner contents on the browser instead of installing the APK app which will steal all your content on your media player. Always put in mind that it’s easy to contract a virus, yet, extremely difficult to remove and control them when the contract.

Final Verdict on CouchTuner

A candid advice is that you should not risk your privacy streaming a pirated content without a permission. If, however, you need to streaming latest videos and trailers for free without spending a dime you can subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime first-month free subscription. This implies that for a whole month you will not pay a dime. You can cancel your subscription at any time and no charges will occur on your credit card.

In most cases, these legal movies streaming websites charge less than $9.99/mon for a premium account. This implies that you can stream all contents on all your devices with the same login information.

This isn’t preaching to you to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu or other legal movies streaming site but we are talking about the benefits you will enjoy when your privacy is taken as a priority.

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