Best BT Notification Apps for Smartphones

BT notification apps popularly called BT notifier is an app that connects your smartphone to a smartwatch or a smartwatch to a PC or desktop computer. The notifier app makes it easy to leave your phone in either your parlor or room or even in your car and receive notifications on your phone to your smartwatch if you are within the coverage of the Bluetooth connection.

Before you can think about the notification apps you should first think which smartwatch is best? Is it the Samsung Smartwatch or the Apple smartwatch? What about non-Samsung and non-Apple smartwatch? Can I use these apps with them?

As a matter of fact, you can use these BT notification apps with smartwatches like

  • DZ09 Smartwatch – Generic
  • S928 Sports Watch – Affordable.
  • Pebble Time Smartwatch – Cheap and Simple.
  • Samsung Gear S3 – Modern with Lots of Features.
  • Motorola Moto 360 Sport.
  • Xiaomi Amazfit – Budget-Friendly with Great Battery Life.
  • Huawei Watch 2 – Lightweight.
  • ASUS ZenWatch 3 – Great Build Quality.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 – Great for Fitness.

If you have any of the above smartwatches you will be able to use these BT notifier apps to connect your phone to your smartwatch.

Free BT Notification Apps for Android

If you are struggling with the best apps to connect your smartphone to your smartwatch here are some of our recommendations.

1. BTNotification

BT Notification apps

BTNotification has a voice command that makes it an exceptional BT notifier app for your smartphone. It works with all sort of Smartphones and Smartwatches such as Huawei, Samsung, and Apple watches including the series S.

The BTNotification app syncs your phone contacts, SMS, call logs, notifications, and WhatsApp messages to your watch. With this BT notifier app, everything happens right on your wrist.

To pair this app with your phone see the image and you will be able to connect your phone to your wristwatch. This notification app also brings email notification to your wrist. It brings whatever happens on the connected smartphone to the user’s smartwatch within the Bluetooth connected range.

Download BTNotification App

2. BT Notifier

BT Notification apps

BT notifier app is another app to connect your smartphone, be it Android or iOS to your smartwatch and receive all phone notifications on your wrist or on the app.

This could be a limited edition app you wouldn’t want to miss when it comes to the best BT notifier app to receive notifications on your smartwatch from your phone.

This app offers an auto-connected feature to connect your smartphone to your smartwatch without having to initiate the connection once you have connected it to your phone before.

The Bluetooth feature is auto-connect and it covers a wide range compared to other BT notification apps.

Download BT Notifier App

3. Woo Partner

BT Notification apps

If you are looking for a perfect tool to connect a smartphone to a smartwatch such as M8 or Huawei or DZ09 smartwatch, the woo partner is the right  Bluetooth notification app.

The feature of the woo partner including receiving incoming calls notifications, messages, missed calls, access call logs on a smartwatch, read and send messages to all your phone contacts, access and create a new phone contact, etc.

Download Woo Partner BT Notification App

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