How to Update Samsung Smart TV and Web Browser

I love to update my Samsung smart TV because it makes the TV run smoothly and stay ahead of any bug from the previous update. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to update your TV software and then update your apps separately. However, if you are looking for how to update Samsung smart TV firmware and probably a guide that can lead you through how you can update your Samsung smart TV web browser here is a complete guide for you.

It is worth noting that you can download and update your Samsung smart TV automatically if you set the TV to update to the latest firmware each time you connect the TV to the internet.

Otherwise, you will need to check often whether there is an update available and then update to it. You can only update apps on your Samsung TV if it’s a smart TV. A non-smart TV cannot be updated to the latest version and you cannot install apps or connect the TV to the internet.


You must have run into this argument once or twice before that LCD is better than LED. However, the Samsung TV firmware update for LCD and LED are not the same. Before you think of whether to update your old Samsung TV firmware, the 2009 version to the 2010 version you must first know the model number of your TV.

This is very important otherwise you will not be able to download your TV firmware and you will not be able to update your TV firmware. Therefore, before we talk about how to update Samsung TV firmware or upgrade from a USB flash drive, first, follow the procedure below to find your Samsung TV model number.

How to Find Samsung TV Model Number

This procedure is the same for all Samsung. Whether your own Samsung is 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches or 55 inches. It all follows the same procedure. You need a working Samsung TV remote control to perform this task if your TV is mounted to a wall and you don’t want to unmount it.

  • Grab your Samsung TV remote control and press the menu button
  • Scroll down to support and click on it
  • Scroll down to contact
  • Two pages of information will display
  • On the next page, you will see your TV model number and current software firmware version
  • Get a pen and write it down because you will need it when you want to download its firmware update version


If you don’t have a working remote control or your TV is on a TV stand, then you can just go to the back of the TV beside the USB and cable ports. Find a white paper sticker on the back of the TV and you will find your TV serial number and model number there.

How to Download Samsung TV Firmware

After you have written down your TV model number or series number it’s time to download the firmware that will work with the model. Before you can proceed to the download page you must select the correct TV series and or type the model number otherwise your TV will not detect the firmware when you connect your USB flash drive to your TV USB port.

  • Open your computer browser and visit the Samsung TV software download centre
  • Type your TV model number or select “TVs and Home Theatre” under select your products option

Samsung TV Firmware Download

  • Now, you will be left with 3 options which are TVs, Home Theater, and TV & Home Theater accessories. You will have to select TVs

Samsung TV Firmware Download

  • Under TVs select your TV from the options. You have QLED TVs, The Frame, 4k SUHD TVs, 4k UHD TVs, Full HD TVs, and HD TVs. In my case, I selected HD TVs.

Samsung TV Firmware Download

  • Under HD TVs select your model type of type your TV model number, select TV series, and click  confirm

Samsung TV Firmware Download

  • Accept Samsung’s privacy policy and click on download to start downloading the Samsung TV firmware update software.

Samsung TV Firmware Download

  • You can also download the user manual if you need one for a guide on how to use your Samsung TV.

The firmware update is in a zip format. So, you’ll have to unzip it first before you can use it to upgrade your older Samsung firmware 2009 to the latest 2010.

Unzip the Samsung TV Firmware

You need a WinRar or alternative PC software to unzip the software into a new folder. If you don’t have a WinRar or any software for unzipping files on your computer kindly download WinRar from here.

  • Install the WinRar software on your computer
  • Go to your download folder
  • Right-click on the Samsung TV firmware you downloaded above and select Extract to a folder
  • Create a folder on your desktop name it “Samsung Firmware” and extract the file into it.
  • Plug your USB cable into your computer and copy the extracted firmware to it
  • Right-click on the USB drive and select eject to safely remove the drive from your computer.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV Firmware using a USB

Here is a step-by-step procedure to upgrade your Samsung smart TV firmware from a USB flash drive without an internet connection.

  • Plug the USB you copied the latest firmware version to your Samsung TV
  • Press the menu on your TV remote control
  • Scroll down to support
  • Select software update and select USB from the popup
  • Your TV will search for the latest firmware different from the one installed on your TV
  • If a new firmware is found you will be asked whether to replace the older firmware (firmware version) with the new firmware (firmware version)
  • Select OK

Now, wait for a couple of minutes for your TV to start installing the new firmware. It may take some time. During this process, your TV will shut down automatically and restart itself. Once the installation is completed the TV will come up again and that is all.

Finally, during the upgrading process do not disconnect your TV from the power source and do not touch the USB cable. This may brick your TV and downgrading may not be achievable.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV

You first need to connect your Samsung smart TV to the internet to be able to download the latest update from the cloud before you can install the latest update. You can connect the smart TV to a WiFi or a router depending on what you choose to go with.

To connect your Samsung smart TV to the internet you need to go to your smart TV “Settings” >> “General” >> “Open Network Settings” and select the name of your “Wi-Fi.” If your Wi-Fi is secured then you will be prompted to type in the required password.

Once your smart TV is connected to the internet you then need to follow the steps below to update the smart TV OS to the latest firmware.

  • Press the “Menu” button on your “Remote.”
  • Select “Settings” from the TV menu.
  • Choose “Support” from the menu.
  • Highlight “Software Update.”
  • Choose “Update Now” and press the “Enter” button.

How to Update Browser on Samsung Smart TV

You can update your Samsung smart TV browser via the smart hub. You need to connect to the internet. Once that is done. You need to follow the steps below to update the browser on your Samsung smart TV.

  • Turn on your “WiFi” or “Router” and connect your “Samsung smart TV” to the internet.
  • Point your remote to the TV and press the “Smart Hub” button.
  • Choose “Settings” when you scroll to the bottom left.
  • Select “Supports” >> Software Update.
  • Choose “Update Now.”

If there is an update available hit the update now button to download and install the latest update including the inbuilt app on the smart TV. This includes the smart TV browser and other apps.

How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

If your Samsung smart TV apps are indicating to update them to the latest version then the steps below will help you through. However, you can sometimes check for the latest update even when there is no indication that the apps are outdated.

To update apps on your Samsung smart TV automatically you need to follow the steps below.

  • Press the “Home” button on your Samsung smart TV remote.
  • Choose “Apps” and hit the “Enter” button to select it.
  • Highlight the “Settings Cogwheel” icon at the top right.
  • Choose “Auto” and press the “Enter” button on the remote.

All outdated apps on your Samsung smart TV will be updated automatically when next your TV is connected to the internet.

To update the apps on your Samsung smart TV manually you need to take the following steps.

  • Press the “Home” button.
  • Select “Apps” and press “Enter.”
  • Highlight the “App” and “Press and Hold” the enter button to open the app.
  • Choose the “Update” icon on the app and press enter.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the app to download the latest version from the internet and install it on your TV.

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