How to Hide IP Address on Android Phones

Do you have the idea that with browsers and VPN apps you can hide IP address on Android phones and appear anonymous online? Fiverr guys will love this post to their bone marrow.

It’s very easy to hide IP address on PCs using different VPN servers. It cost a token to buy VPN to remain anonymous online. When you hide your IP address it simply means you mask your online identity when accessing an online content. Please, do not call this a dark web!

However, despite the fact that it’s quite easy to hide IP address and remain anonymous online you must be mindful of the VPN service provider you subscribed to. Some VPN service providers are a waste of time as they offer little or no security on your online access.

However, from research, we come in conclusion to share some amazing ways to hide your IP address on Android phones and remain untraced on a school network, community network, a government network, and other restricted public networks.

A successful way to access blocked website on a network is masking your IP address to another location address. Therefore, we dedicated this post to all Android phone users that would love to hide IP address on their Android phone with either browser or Android phones’ VPN app.

These VPN apps are tested and trusted in 2018. Your 100% anonymity is sure…

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone with Browser

I have passions for more than 6 Android browsers but often, my favorite is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera-mini. These browsers have been my favorites for ages. However, when it comes to remaining anonymous online, these browsers lack VPN feature. Those that have built-in VPN retire the service [Opera VPN].

None of these browsers has the built-in VPN server to hide IP address on Android phones for free without additional VPN app for Android phone or additional settings.

These apps are good for reducing the internet data consumption, for save web page directly from the browser built-n download feature, save online passwords, import and export password between browsers, and the feature to download a large file within a limited time.

Which browser is best to hide IP address on Android phones? Tor Browser is the best browser to hide IP address on Android phone without VPN apps for Android phones. However, here is a simple trick to hide IP address with Tor browser.

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Tor is the best browser for Android to hide IP address without an additional app to hide IP. However, your online activities are fully secure on Android when they are carried out in Tor browser.

With that being said, below is a step by step procedure to hide your IP address on Android device with the aid of Tor browser. Firstly, download and install Tor Orbot browser for Android devices.

When you launch the Tor Orbot browser you will see the screen below

Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Click on the IP country drop menu to select the country to mask your IP with

Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Click on the Orbot Settings Gear icon to all apps to be in a VPN Mode with Tor Browser

Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Toggle the VPN Mode to start the Orbot VPN service

Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Now, click on start Orbot VPN with your internet connection. Swipe down your phone notification settings to check Tor Orbot buffering both the download and the upload speed.

Hide IP Address on Android Phones with Tor Browser

Best Android Apps to Hide IP Address

There are a hundred of Android apps to hide IP address on your Android phone. In fact, I have used a lot of them but only a few of them worth it. However, here in this article, I will share with you the best Android apps to hide IP address on my Android phone.

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield app is popular among Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac users to hide and escalate their level of anonymity online.

The hotspot shield app grants a direct access to all blocked website including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular websites that have been blocked by a certain IP address.

The Android virtual private network app mask different IP location to your current IP making it appears as if you are browsing from another location. Take for instance, the app can mask Nigeria IP to an India IP or US or UK IP and vice versa. With the Hotspot shield app, you are fully secured from an online hacker who hacks your information through your IP address.

With the hotspot shield virtual private network app, you can remain anonymous online without a single trace of your online activities.

2. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bear is another popular Android app to hide your IP address online with a 100% online privacy. The VPN for Android works just like Hotspot shield to maintain your online privacy based on your settings.

Before you started surfing the net you should launch the VPN app and toggle to enable the VPN feature so that all browsers will be put behind the firewall and you will appear anonymous online without a trace.

Apart from the default IP on Tunnel bear to erase your online activity you can change your current IP address to another IP address directly from within the app. However, if you are not interested in Hotspot shield to hide your IP address online you should go for Tunnel bear app to hide your online activities on Android phones and remain anonymous for as long as you are online.

3. Tiger VPN

Tiger virtual private network for Android phone is another favorite VPN app for Android phone to remain 100% anonymous online.

Although this VPN app only lasts for just 3 days for a free version but the truth must be told, the premium tiger VPN premium version offers the best online maximum security to maintain your online anonymity without leaving a trace.

The tiger VPN is available for Android phones, iOS devices, Windows and Mac OS.

4. VyrpVPN

VyrpVPN is a VPN service by Golden Frog, one of the best online privacy website. This VPN app runs without dependents on third-parties and does not share your data with anyone. However, the VyrpVPN app keeps browsing history, log, caches, and cookies for 30 days before wiping it off on your smartphone.

The VPN app provides an easy access to hide IP on Android devices with a single click to find and connect to a local server. However, if you have a specific location IP you want to mask you can choose from over 72 free location server to tap from.

While thia app isn’t free, a $10 charge a month can go a long way to help maintain your anonymity online on your Android phone. Visit here for more information.

There are some other popular VPN apps for an Android phone but most are paid. However, with these VPN apps for Android and through the use of Tor Orbot you should be able to remain untraced online on your Android phone.

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